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  1. sshsfan, I do agree that the kickers are able to kick with precision. That is not my concern. Fulton grain feeds their future speed merchants on special teams. They will have some major developing warp speed return men learning their craft and waiting in the wings for their chance. I know the coaches know this as last year it was kept in check. I'm sure if the Fulton people chime-in we will hear of such. My concern is between the tackles. Last year that real estate was locked down...much in part to a Rebel now departed. Granted, Fulton won the game on the outside edge. But we both know why that happened late in the game. If you tell me you disagree then I will stand behind you in observation and hope you are the one who is correct. And if you are correct and we play D to last years standards...then we have a game.
  2. Photoman or FHSalumn12, are the corners the same as last year? Or did they move on leaving you with new corners? Rebel Nation
  3. I'm a Souther. But realistically, the Rebels have 3 crucial issues. 1. Weak special teams. 2. Predictable play calling. 3. A D not as strong as last year. The offense has speed. But getting the ball in the air will be a challenge. Overall, the Rebels are not as strong as last year. Crucial notes: Play selection, and field position. If the Rebels find success in the air it will be a game. Last years Rebel D line and linebackers were maybe the best ever. This years corp is challenged to step up. The Rebels are peaking at the crucial moment. Fulton will get Souths best effort of the season. Rebel Nation
  4. Let me start by saying that UT has a real QB now. Lookout for a "Muzzura Boat Ride." A leetel Clint Eastwood for you younguns. And by the way, in the '60's, it was called "Mizz-Yo"...not MizzU. And regarding South being badmouthed by Niswonger High...well, that goes back aways. You think its bad now wait 'till next year when we are in the same conference! South graduates everything so rebuild is the concensus. As far as Fulton is concerned, they handle the fame and fortune of Champions quite admirably I must say. Greeneville...well, they are not finished thumping their chest yet. It takes a few more Gold Balls before you can "walk softly, and carry a big stick". Which brings us to South vs Fulton. Southers have an emence amount of respect for the North Knoxvillians. Last year was a classic REAL football game...until 5 minutes left in the game. And then...all HADES broke loose. No underestimations in the HEIGHTS! I look forward to (again) seeing the best team in the state...regardless of classifications, show how this game is played. Southers will be honored once again to try and provide the Falcons with some good ole Rebel competition. Rebel Nation
  5. The witching hour, well in hand and creeping ominously through the land inspires the wretched train of doom to settle in its rest of gloom. That wretched train that all know well seeks dark inheritance much overdue, As fate would rest on this cold wintry eve, in the land of Greene now turned soot black with cries of grieve. For it is said, and all know well, its wintry curse by sound of bell, Said clanging bell of midnight grieve is handed down to those who grieve. Ahh grief it shall be to those who must feast this night on the wretched curse, said bird of doom on the Black Devil Train as it travels in darkness to the land of Greene. So feast on failure in the land of Greene for the putred bird turned Black from greene, is your prize posession and rightfully so, as failure you endure for a year to go.
  6. I did not see Alcoa play this season so I cannot comment on their speed. But, the speed in 4A was heads and shoulders above the rest of the state...except for (possibly Alcoa). Maryville wins by superior coaching...as usual. However, I don't think Maryville got to play the best team in 6A. I can't disrespect Maryville, Alcoa, or...for that matter...Knox West, but for all the superlatives in the state the speed...and I do mean SPEED, is in 4A. Rollins is NFL fast and he did not touch the ball after the 2nd round. From what I saw Maryville nor the rest of the state could compete with the speed in 4A this season. Again, Alcoa not withstanding. Congratulations Fulton.
  7. Here's the link again. http://www.livestream.com/eplustv6
  8. Here's the stream if the other doesn't work. http://www.livestream.com/eplustv6
  9. Here's the stream...sorry so late. http://www.livestream.com/eplustv6
  10. Can anyone tell me how to stream the Maryville game without an act of divinity?
  11. Incredible...Rollins would have been good for 2 or 3 TD's more! Hope his infuries sustained in round 2 don't hamper his college career. Looks like in 4A the East is trully dominant. Was Knox West evenly matched with Henry County or did the rain play to even the odds?
  12. Just got on the 'puter. Been working. So Rollins didn't play? Did he dress?
  13. Can someone give a scoring timeline breakdown for the game. TIA.
  14. What is Catholic's offensive bread and butter?
  15. Fulton has some trump cards but Rollins is the Rook.
  16. And obviously, at the time, I , like everyone else, thought Fulton was untouchable. SS was up 2 TD's on 'Betsy and lost their RB/CB...the same one we lost at Fulton. And then South started getting sloppy. Next thing you know 'Betsy has the lead. And yes, all wanted to play Greeneville. But I can't help but think that the pre-game antics towards Fulton struck a nerve...a nerve turned into a presidence. Remeber Fulton was without 2 starters. But we all support Fulton all the way.
  17. I don't know...but I think this Fulton fans' roots run deep. Take it for what you will.
  18. What is interesting is that Greeneville did not have to deal with two players. One was Rollins who was hands down faster than Hawkins. And one of their defensive front was out due to the game with SS as well. If these two players had been healthy then it would have been a massacre' compared to what it was. I picked Greeneville to win because I felt they were more balanced after seeing both play. SS shut down Fulton's inside rushing game. And limited their passing game to short tosses. Meanwhile, SS ran effectively up the gut on Fulton. Regardless of how good you think Hawkins was, Rollins was 2 TD's better. If those 2 players played it would have been worse. And was one of the reasons I picked Greeneville to win.
  19. I've asked once and Crawdad has asked once so I will ask again and let it go. Fulton fans, who was the more formidable opponent...Sullivan South or Greeneville?
  20. What? I thought Greeneville worshipped the ground he walked on? Maybe I don't recognize sarcasm the way I used to. If you are being sincere then I guess that explains the disrespectful pre-game garbage. And people think I'm bad.
  21. Sounds like the Greeneville corners were weak.
  22. Did the Fulton yardage come in the middle on or outside?
  23. Fulton, against SS you showed speed. What did you show tonight? Power, or finess?
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