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  1. You two old poots take your personal attacks on each other somewhere else.
  2. Call Coach Grider at the school. The number is 423-837-7561. He is looking for games now.
  3. What'chu doin' shuttin' down PowerP's thread. He beat Roy to the punch by 3 minutes. LOL

  4. 2010... State Championship year. We were driving and nether team had stopped the other all night. A fumble was called (even though his knee was down) after a 50+ yard run deep in their territory . We lost by 4... 36-40. We may not have scored but I wish the chance hadn't been taken from us. One of the best HS games I have ever been part of
  5. Congrats the Wayne Co!! Ya'll played a great game and have a classy bunch of kids, coaches and fans. Enjoy being state champs (it's a great feeling) and maybe we will see ya'll again next year
  6. We are as healthy as we have been since the start of the season... not 100% but better. If we play like we did at Gordonsville we have a chance. Wayne Co is a very good football team
  7. Sorry but that was CoachT who paid a visit. I imagine he will be back. This thread won't last long at this rate
  8. Elvisinokc>>> Read Zero Tolerance for Profanity .
  9. Thanks Matt told me he could have played Friday but didn't want to chance it. He is planning on being ready to play Friday. I think Duell is OK. He is David Jones brother... he is a back-up LB and plays some
  10. Trouble maker... Go Pirates!!! And ROLL TIDE!! You going up Friday? I'm looking forward to this year. Now that Travis is not playing I can relax and enjoy the trip.
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