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    • Crockett will have to value the ball better to win a loser leave town match. Can't turn it over a bunch and stay alive. 
    • I agree with their injuries but I still think they have a good shot to get to Murfreesboro. Crockett or South Gibson one will be in Murfreesboro, IMO. Will be an interesting Monday Night. 
    • Yeah the 2-3 zone is lethal up there when shooting seems very difficult. Same teams have been up there and struggled with his zone. Wouldn't surprise me if it causes a bunch more problems. I think they will have a shot to win it again because of the 2-3 zone. They will be opposite Gibson County or Peabody. I do think Gibson County has done well with it this year but I think other teams may not be as fortunate. Gibson County has played them 11 times in 3 years and opponents in Murfreesboro maybe 1 or 2 or 0. 
    • Not a knock on them at all. A lot of respect for the program. Just saying in their current form the lack of depth will hurt. At the same time, I will not be shocked if SGC/Crockett meet and the winner goes on to Murfreesboro. 
    • The Bucky 2-3 is capable of keeping a good team under 30 points… that’s only 10 3 pointers for Westview. They’ll be right in the mix. 
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