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District 11-AA Tournament

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North Bracket:  Games at Waverly  

1.). Waverly 

4.). East Hickman 


2.). Fairview 

3.). Stewart County 



South Bracket:  Games @ Lewis County 

1.). Lewis County 

4.). Camden


2.). Creek Wood 

3.). Hickman County 




Waverly beat East Hickman 2-1.

Stewart County beat Fairview 16-4.

Lewis County beat Camden 7-6.

Creek Wood beat Hickman County 2-1.


Fairview beat East Hickman 5-2.

Camden beat Hickman County 8-6.

Stewart County beat Waverly 2-1.

Creek Wood beat Lewis County 13-1.  



Fairview plays Waverly on Monday at 4:30

Winner plays Stewart County at 7:00


Camden plays Lewis County on Monday at 4:30

Winner plays Creek Wood at 7:00

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2018 All-District Regular Season Awards 

North MVP:  Logan Beecham (Stewart County); Trey Tidwell (Waverly)

North Pitcher of the Year:  Andrew Lindsey (Waverly); Drew McEllwain (Waverly)

South MVP:  Gage Dotson (Hickman County)

South Pitcher of the Year:  Cameron Cotham (Lewis County)


Team Awards

Waverly:  Gavin Stanfield; Mason Malone; Ethan Clapp; Joseph Rumsey

Creek Wood:  Dylan Berry; Luke Hinson; Will Secker

Stewart County:  Thorne Gray; Will Crain; Brandt Bramlett 

Camden:  Dalton Kelly 

Lewis County:  Peyton Crowell; Mikey Ortiz; Denton Webb; Nathan Priddy

Fairview:  Braden Brackeem; Connor Collins; Cooper Randolph

Hickman County:  Griffin Brewer; Andrew Conley

East Hickman:  Lane Cole


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Last night 

Waverly beat Fairview 10-0

Stewart beat Waverly 6-5


Lewis beat Camden 4-3

Creek Wood beat Lewis 19-6


 Wednesday is the district championship game at 6:00 at Creek Wood 

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On 5/14/2018 at 3:56 PM, ksgovols said:

How in the heck do ya'll figure who's north and south, cuz it ain't by a map.


Stewart Co. 

Creek Wood





East Hickman





last time I looked at a map this was correct.

Tournament hosted by each division winner

1 and 3 from North and 2 and 4 from South and vice versa

Edited by Gerry Bertier

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I think the bracket breakdown threw him off, did me too for a moment. This has got to be the largest area covered for a district in the state. It's got to be a 2+ hour drive from Lewis to Stewart.

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