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TN Coach's Polls for 24 January


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In my experience, if schools don't do it matside, it's usually whichever coach gets to it first. One will enter it in then the other has a chance to approve or change it. Doesn't matter if it's visiting or home team. Obviously some coaches don't care about putting in results while others are pretty good about it. Is there strategy involved? Maybe, who knows. 

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On 1/27/2022 at 1:26 PM, FRHSIrishVol said:

106: WC

113: Ryan 

120: WC Forfeit

126: Ryan 

132: Ryan 

138: Ryan 

145: WC 

152: WC 

160: WC 

170: Ryan 

182: WC 

195: Ryan 

220: WC 

285: Ryan 


It was a fun mid week late in the season dual at Wilson Central last night! Ryan was missing three starters (two state finalists at 120 & 182), and WC could have been missing one guy too, but I will let someone with more knowledge of their team and roster confirm. Some really good matches!!! Best of luck to WC in the post season!


Abraham Cromartie (Father Ryan) over Tanner Hansen (Wilson Central) (Fall 5:00)

James Hicks (Wilson Central) over Ethan Lampert (Father Ryan) (Dec 9-4)

Brody Gobbell (Father Ryan) over Unknown (Fall 1:15)

nicholas mercante (Wilson Central) over Unknown (For.)

Cason Roark (Father Ryan) over Connor Warnock (Wilson Central) (Dec 9-3)

Chancery Deane (Father Ryan) over Chad York (Wilson Central) (Fall 1:49)

Sawyer Rutherford (Father Ryan) over Wendell Myers (Wilson Central) (Dec 3-1)

Riley Fort (Wilson Central) over Ben Stigamier (Father Ryan) (Dec 9-4)

Steven Fisak (Wilson Central) over Matt Oberlander (Father Ryan) (Fall 3:04)

Brady Jarvis (Wilson Central) over Joey Terry (Father Ryan) (Dec 3-2)

William Rodgers (Father Ryan) over Nolan Hudson (Wilson Central) (Fall 2:27)

Anthony Glasgow (Wilson Central) over Austin Weaver (Father Ryan) (Fall 3:00)

Tim Brunet (Father Ryan) over Connor Staggs (Wilson Central) (Fall 3:00)

Noah Todd (Wilson Central) over William McGrady (Father Ryan) (MD 13-4)

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