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    • I feel like Haywood, Milan, and South Gibson will fight it out for 1-3, while Crockett Co, North Side, and Obion Co. will battle for 4th.  Of course, that’s nothing new.  That was the consensus before scrimmages.  It’s hard to say.  Teams use different scrimmage formats.  Most coaches aren’t going to show a lot, they hold out, or restrain, key players to avoid injury, and as you can see in this thread… it’s like squeezing blood out of a turnip to get any detailed information about results. It might be a little early for this, but here’s the week 1 schedule for 7-4A along with each team’s preseason power rating. Aug. 18 Peabody 122.47 at Milan 120.20 Aug. 19 North Side 100.05 at Hardin Co. 124.64 Dyer Co. 102.43 at Crockett Co. 90.35 South Gibson 114.52 at Lexington 111.99 Gibson Co. 78.29 at Obion Central 93.56 Haywood 124.97 is open The Peabody-Milan and South Gibson-Lexington games look to be close.  Obion seems to be a definite favorite while North Side and Crockett appear to be definite underdogs. Any thoughts on the toss-ups or North Side’s and Crockett’s chances of pulling an upset?  As for me, I believe Milan will end their 4 game losing streak to Peabody, and I think South Gibson and Obion will win.  I don’t see North Side pulling an upset at Hardin County.  Crockett Co. is a complete mystery to me.  The Cavs seemed to have performed well against Peabody and Westview, but I don’t know the details.
    • Can I get a MHS / OR scrimmage summary? I heard that they were using rowboats and jet skis.
    • Hayood south Gibson/ milan crockett northside obion 
    • Did Gibson Co scrimmage anyone last Friday?  If so how did it go. If not, when was their last scrimmage. 
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