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    • Carson-Newman just fired their head football coach today which is located in George Quarles home town of Jefferson City. Hopefully Carson-Newman knows one man's trash can be another man's treasure.
    • I have to say Upperman will be the underdogs again. Everyone outside the Uppercumberland is picking PC. We are going to need to play our best game ever and that may not be enough. 
    • I will have to admit I have enjoyed reading BCsportsfans posts. Here it is his team is getting ready to win another State Title. But! The fact that his Tornadoes lost to the worst Maryville team in 27 years drives him insane.  Of course Maryville has drove us crazy most of the year.  
    • TSSAA the reinstatement the player the first year they were on it which was 2021 and he played all year long and then they won the Gold Ball. So apparently there wasn’t too much to it.  Bottom line is every parent recruits other parents and kids  friends to play with their kids. It has always been that way and it always will.  Maybe you should probably make more friends kinfolk before it’s too late. With the upcoming transfer rule changes the rich will only get richer. I am just keeping it real
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