Saturday, September 19, 2020

2020 CoachT Big Ones Contest- Leader after Week Five is still PiRaTe._.MiKe (53-14= 79.10%)

You have until 6PM CDT on each game day to make your picks in our 2020 Big Ones Contest. If games are officially cancelled they will be removed at that time.

You must be logged into our free message boards in order for you to make your picks and for us to track those picks.

As usual, for the first two weeks of the season we use teams' preceding seasons' (in this case, 2019) winning percentage. In order to help you make your picks I suggest you use the teams' 2019 schedules and results as a rough guide.

All picks are FINAL. I do not have a way to change them so pick wisely.

Here it is: CoachT's 2020 Week One Big Ones' Contest

As you have been repeatedly reminded, a lot of things are uncertain about this season. So, we are ready to adjust as are you and the players. Here's to a successful, competitive, and virus-free 2020 season.