Girls' Basketball
Friday, February 12, 2021

CoachT's Plans To Deal With COVID Games

These plans are up for constant review, as are most things these days.

Update: COVID wins will be counted at tourney time!!

Non-district games that are cancelled for COVID will be deleted or moved if there is an immediate re-schedule date.

District games will be left on the schedules until re-scheduled.

The difference between football games this fall and sports taking place now is that football region games had to have a "winner" since the TSSAA uses region records to schedule their playoff games. Therefore, we granted "COVID wins". In other sports, the district standings are used to determine the pairings but it is left up to the individual districts to decide how they arrive at those. All districts hold tournaments but it is up to the districts to decide if they play double-elimination, have byes in the first round and second round, etc.

So, district games are the ones that need to be re-scheduled if and when possible to give them a way to set their district pairings. I am assuming that major efforts will be used to re-schedule those district games whereas non-district games are pretty much up to the individual schools based on rivalries, travel, etc.

Text me at 615-763-9150 with any pertinent info including final scores, re-schedule info, etc. Please let me know if both girls' and boys' games are cancelled or re-scheduled. COVID sometimes does not affect both games. CoachT Plus members can also edit games, as always.