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  1. Watburg wins girls by 12. And Rush Strong wins by 2 on a layup with under 10 seconds to go
  2. Wartburg girls lead 37 to 19 4 min left
  3. Northview vs Wartburg for girls and Rush Strong versus New Center for boys.
  4. Any thoughts on the boys side ? New Center vs Colonial Heights and Rush Strong vs Holston
  5. 1 New Center 2 Rush Strong 3 Pigeon Forge New Center undefeated on the Year . Rush Strong with 3 losses all to New Center
  6. i see the key to this game is if seymour can capitalize on turnovers and turn them into td;s and not all field goals. seymours defense is good d-line is always good. at anytime there 3 d-linemen may b blocked by 4 or even 5 offensive linemen they have very quick first steps and u have to beath them mentally and beat them to there first step
  7. seymour by 7 their offense is clicking better than earlier in the season plus they have 1 stout defense
  8. 2lo


    seymour has the team to advance over whoever they play and they have the advantage of playing for coaach householder since he is retiring . i think whoever they play it will come down to jus a few big plays and not a total lopsided game
  9. i agree they have a great quarterback in paul longmire i think it'd be close no matter what seymours defense comes from anywhere and everywhere hard to figure out where and who is coming
  10. i wouldn't overlook seymour to much they should have beat ae last year and was up 10 -0 at halftime and they have one of the best defenses in 3a, and don't forget that got a lil edge in this being coach householders last year and that can go along way. From what i saw at the fulton anderson county game look for ac to try and run in all night long if they play seymour but look for seymour to make them pay for running that much should be a hard hitting game.
  11. bradon dockery defensive end seymour high school was named the knoxville quarterback club player of the week after a huge performance against carter in a key region matchup game he has totaled 32 tackles averaging 7.5 a game 7 sacks for a 174 yards lost 2 fumble recoveries and a blocked punt he also gets it done on offensive side of the ball with 61 carries for 227 yards and 8 td's
  12. carter followed by seymour and who knows 3 and 4th
  13. i don't think seymour will have a prob scoring on carter should be a really close game though over rutledge by 14
  14. it will be a straight up dogfight till the end
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