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  1. I'm not saying run off anyone. Just need to get things in line. Our QB club isn't on par with other surrounding areas. We can improve in MANY areas that's the truth.
  2. My mind don't need easin! Like I said I have no dog in the fight but this is not nail saloon talk or red eye gossip. Apparently it sounds some wheels are in motion. Whether it happens or not idk. Take it for what it's worth
  3. Everyone else around the area are making changes and willing to go get big time coaches. Where do we stand to get things right here in the mountain? How long will we just accept mediocrity? I don't understand. With the right program we could be very competitive.
  4. Hey guys, I don't have a ton of sources but the ones I have are usually spot on. I was told today one candidate is dragging his feet. Just not sure if he wants it however attention is turning to another candidate that has risen quickly. I'm told Marion isn't settling and willing to keep spending the money necessary to get their guy especially if it's someone viewed that will invest in the program for the long haul. I know SP people are laughing at the loss of Ross but they would hate for one of their own to come in and the invade their waters.
  5. Up here on the mountain the word is spreading fast that coach Mathis hasn't given indication he wants it and the powers that be have their eye toward a former SP coach now at Boyd. I think that would be about the worst case scenario possible for the Pirates. If anyone could pluck players from South Pittsburg to come North it's him. The guy is notorious for getting kids and parents to buy in early through little leagues. I have no dog in this fight but, talk about adding to the rivalry. Personally I would love to see this happen just for pure entertainment.
  6. Us mountain fans should wave the white flag early in this matchup.
  7. What advantages do the TSSAA give to schools and how long has it governed state high schools? We are like the majority here in GC, to actually contend for a state championship hasn't ever happened and won't in football.
  8. I was wondering, why do schools belong to TSSAA and what advantages do schools get?
  9. Big loss losing him, seen him at the little league game. At least he is still involved locally.
  10. Two teams struggling for winning season
  11. To be honest, I have not heard of the little league financially supporting high school coaches salaries or bonuses. There are some up here that would support a raising money for moving vans thou. I don't care if Grundy coaches leave or stay.
  12. You can not ever count out Pirate squad. They have always been tough. I think the mtn boys have a good shot at getting the win. The talent is down in SP but looks like there is help on the way in 2-3 years. That group of 10-12 year olds are good in football and baseball. Of courseI am partial to the baseball section because the mtn has a little bit to do with that success.
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