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  1. I agree with you about Midway not closing, but there will be definite cuts that will greatly impact many people.
  2. Seeing as how the school has not asked for money in 20 years with the exception of when Harriman came back in the county maybe we also need to look at the county budget and some of the waste there. If the county knew the school was going to need money why did they not look at their budget. Both sides need to make cuts and find a way to reach an agreement. Jetpride the raises you keep talking about on every website were state mandated. It's not like school board just up and decided to give everyone a raise. By the time you factor in the rise in insurance costs most teachers actually lost money. Why do you have such a hate for teachers?
  3. Baseball is slowly killing football, at least in east tn. Kids at a young age are choosing not to play football in the fall because they are told they must play with their travel team in the fall if they want to be on it in the spring. Most of the good athletes in my sons school do not play football for this reason. Just this year I have spoken to the parents of at least 6 kids in one grade that are good football players that have decided to play fall baseball. Baseball is becoming a year round sport and I'm afraid football will start feeling the effects in the upcoming years. I do not think 8-11 yr olds should have to choose a sport. I do agree that basketball is ridiculous. They play an entire season of games in June at camp.
  4. I am also not asking for sympathy by any means. Simply stating I hope the community will stand behind the team and letting the other poster know why the boards may be a little more quiet than normal. Last week was very respectable. It was 14 to 7 with OS about to score to start the 4th. The interception changed everything. However I also think Greenback is WAY better than Kingston. Let's hope for an injury free night of football tomorrow. And I agree rcpatriot. Everyone I know would make that trade.
  5. I think the Greenback fans are talking enough for everyone. The OS coaching staff, players, and community have been faced with more adversity in the past 4 months than most people go through in years. The loss of a very gifted and loved returning player, injuries and illness sidelining key players, and then the near fatal injury to a the senior this past weekend. Not to mention this is a team that lost 22 seniors. I hope the OS community will support these players and coaches just as much as they did in the semi finals last year because win or lose this season I guarantee they are working just as hard if not harder.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving. OS Bobcats are happy to be practicing on Thanksgiving Day!!!!
  7. Please don't think I am upset or mad because I am not. I just our names not be brought up without knowing for sure. If you would like to call me I can explain to you how I know for a fact ask_me is not my brother. 865-414-5499. I hope you have a great evening. Thank you for your time and have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  8. I don't know who you are or if you have a bone to pick with my brother. I know for a fact ask_me is not my brother. I have seen the comments of watchdog or whatever that screen-name is and I haven't been able to narrow the field as to who it is or who it isn't. I would ask you please leave my brother and me out of any conversation you have on here unless you have solid proof it is him.

  9. Congrats to the Bobcat players, coaches, and fans! That was a great game last night! Crow you said it right when you said it is a PRIVILEGE to practice on Thanksgiving. People dream of doing what these players are able to do this week. I know you will be the underdog, but if you all will play with the same heart you played with last night you can do it. I also want to thank the former OS players that were there last night. You guys are a big part of this too. You all hung in there when times were tough and helped to build what we have right now. I want to see a capacity crowd Friday, because a home semifinal game just does not happen around here. Support these players and coaches. They have been through so much and have worked so hard. As for the game it was a good clean game between two evenly matched teams. The bobcat defense looked great and I think that was the best play calling I have seen all year. Those boys came out after halftime determined to win this game. I was worried after Oneida scored to make it 13 to 10, but we came right back and drove it down the field. My hat is also off to Oneida. You all are the classiest bunch we play. You all will be something to be reckoned with next year, so keep your heads up.I hope to see some orange in the stands Friday night.
  10. Discipline???????? Really??????? Pankey??????
  11. Are you still sick of hearing about Sunbrights offense?
  12. Oh its 29 seniors now. They picked up 7 this week huh Stiltner. I thought you only had a speech problem didn't know that affected your counting too. Is the we you speak about in this topic Oneida because they don't claim you either?
  13. Hey Stiltner, back again huh? You were silent for a week after OS beat your Indians. Now you wanna start running that trap again. I'm not sure what you have against the OS coaching staff other than the fact that they never let you coach, but you were long gone before this staff was there so why don't you lay off. No one like you in OS or Oneida. Go back to coaching city league girls basketball where you belong.
  14. I agree completely. Oneida's coaching staff, fans, and players are a very classy bunch. That was a great game. Trust me we know how hard it is to lose one like that, we've done it twice already this year. I would like you all even more if you would kick ask_me (Stiltner) outta town.lol
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