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  1. Justin Palmer is a name that could surface here.
  2. Hunters Lane John Overton Maplewood Hillsboro Will the Metro cycle of coaching changes continue?
  3. DCA has a team that could win the state this year. They return a strong core. I don't see Wade walking away from that.
  4. Fairview will have turf at the start of the 2021 season. They’ll join other WCS schools Nolensville, Brentwood, Franklin, and Page.
  5. Stratford has had players the last 3 years. They ended up in the semifinals in 2018 and the second round in 2019 and should have been in the second round in 2020 had it not been for a major late game collapse.
  6. Maplewood, Hunters Lane, Whites Creek.....AND.......Hillwood, Glencliff, Antioch, McGavock, Overton Pearl-Cohn, Cane Ridge, East Nashville, Stratford, Hillsboro have players
  7. If you remember around 1999 and 2000 Maplewood was 0-20 or 1-19 there for a 2 year period and had no players. Less than 10 years later they were playing Maryville tooth and nail in the state finals (2007). I promise you it’s not a bleak as you initially think.
  8. Maplewood was very close when they played Maryville in 2007. That was Simpson’s senior year I believe. They were loaded. RT did such a great job at Maplewood. AB had some great years at Maplewood also. They too made it to the state final but Greeneville destroyed them in 2011.
  9. Pearl-Cohn and Alcoa are not playing on equal ground. You can’t seriously compare the resources that both have at their disposal and say that you’re comparing apples to apples. That argument goes FAR BEYOND a Tony Brunetti vs Gary Rankin thing or a PCHS Coaching Staff vs AHS Coaching Staff thing.
  10. If the mini sweeper plays at Overton they’ll be a playoff team next year.
  11. I agree. Chris would be a great hire to lead his alma mater as they enter a new region/class and try to get back to their winning ways. Thompson and Broome both led Maplewood to the State Championship Game. You can win there.
  12. Overton and Hunters Lane are now open
  13. If Waverly adds a 10th Game to the schedule please let me know. It is going to be a great region full of highly competitive matchups the next 2 years.
  14. *****2021 & 2022 REGION 6-3A FOOTBALL SCHEDULE***** Friday August 20, 2021 (Week One) HOME Page AWAY Fairview HOME Sycamore AWAY Montgomery Central HOME Cheatham County AWAY Glencliff HOME Clarksville-Northwest AWAY Stewart County HOME Camden AWAY Waverly HOME Allen County, KY AWAY White House-Heritage HOME White House AWAY Station Camp Friday August 27, 2021 (Week Two) HOME Fairview AWAY Creek Wood HOME Sycamore AWAY Hunters Lane HOME Harpeth AWAY Cheatham County HOME Stewart County AWAY Gibson County HOME Columbia Academy AWAY Waverly HOME East Robertson AWAY White House-Heritage HOME Greenbrier AWAY White House Friday September 3, 2021 (Week Three) HOME Fairview AWAY Stewart County HOME Waverly AWAY Sycamore HOME White House AWAY Cheatham County HOME White House-Heritage AWAY Franklin-Simpson, KY Friday September 10, 2021 (Week Four) HOME Fairview AWAY Martin-Westview HOME Sycamore AWAY Harpeth HOME Cheatham County AWAY East Robertson HOME Stewart County AWAY East Hickman HOME Waverly AWAY McNairy Central HOME White House-Heritage AWAY DCA HOME White House AWAY Portland Friday September 17, 2021 (Week Five) HOME Cheatham County AWAY Fairview HOME White House-Heritage AWAY Sycamore HOME Waverly AWAY White House BYE WEEK: Stewart County Friday September 24, 2021 (Week Six) HOME White House-Heritage AWAY Fairview HOME Sycamore AWAY White House HOME Waverly AWAY Stewart County HOME Cheatham County AWAY Whites Creek Friday October 1, 2021 (Week Seven) HOME White House AWAY Fairview HOME Sycamore AWAY Stewart County HOME White House-Heritage AWAY Cheatham County BYE WEEK: Waverly Friday October 8, 2021 (Week Eight) HOME Cheatham County AWAY Sycamore HOME Waverly AWAY White House-Heritage HOME Camden AWAY Fairview HOME Houston County AWAY Stewart County BYE WEEK: White House Friday October 15, 2021 (Week Nine) HOME Stewart County AWAY White House BYE WEEK: Fairview; Waverly; White House-Heritage; Sycamore; Cheatham County Friday October 22, 2021 (Week Ten) HOME Fairview AWAY Sycamore HOME Cheatham County AWAY Waverly HOME Stewart County AWAY White House-Heritage HOME Westmoreland AWAY White House Friday October 29, 2021 (Week Eleven) HOME Fairview AWAY Waverly HOME White House AWAY White House-Heritage HOME Stewart County AWAY Cheatham County HOME Jo Byrns AWAY Sycamore
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