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  1. I'll be interested to see who all applies for this job.
  2. I wonder if it has anything to do with the whole Battle Ground Academy game cancellation ordeal. This is one of the better jobs in Metro along with Pearl-Cohn, Cane Ridge, and Hillsboro. There will be some interesting applicants in the pool for this vacancy. Metro traditionally likes to hire from within. Jobs within MNPS are a constant revolving door where the same names jump from school to school.
  3. I hate to hear that Wes will not be coaching but I'm certainly happy for him and his wife on their new addition. The Cubs will really improve as the season progresses. They end the season with region contests against Sycamore and Harpeth in what should be big games for all three of those schools.
  4. Congrats to Sycamore on winning the district tournament and regular season titles and 19 of 20 overall.
  5. Region 6-AA Tournament Bracket 11-AA #1: Fairview 12-AA #4: Forrest 12-AA #2: Nolensville 11-AA #3: Creek Wood 12-AA #1: Community 11-AA #4: Stewart County 11-AA #2: Hickman County 12-AA #3: Murfreesboro Central Magnet
  6. howdoitknow


    Central Magnet beats Forrest in the Consolation Game 58-42. Forrest travels to Fairview on Saturday night in the satellite game. Central Magnet travels to Hickman County on Saturday night in the satellite game. It's almost time to set the Region 6-AA bracket. One game to go.
  7. They are scrimmaging Stewart County in the spring. I spoke with Coach Smithson last week at the basketball tournament. He also has a couple of very experienced assistants who will be helping him next season. I also heard that Coach Harrison will be coaching at Columbia Academy. That will be a great fit for him.
  8. You're right. Jeff does a great job at promoting the student-athletes at CCCHS. Every program needs a guy who will go all out to try to get the kids to the next level. I also think that hiring Jon Offutt to come on staff and run the defense was an excellent hire. Between Gary Halstead calling the offense and Jon Offutt calling the defense the Cubs will have 25-30 years of experience directing both sides of the football in 2020. Another guy that has coached at Cheatham County (and at Sycamore with Halstead) before is Wes Proctor. He was a great high school player and is a great coach. I'd imagine he could also be a candidate to coach on the Cubs staff next season.
  9. Stewart County went 0-6 in 6 games against Creek Wood and Hickman County. 5 of those 6 games were highly competitive. They split the season series against Fairview. In 2 of the 3 games against Creek Wood they had second half leads of 20 and 12 and lost both games. They are one of the better coached teams that you'd ever find. The District MVP is on their roster. They are a very scary #4 seed for anyone in the Regionals. Creek Wood is a nightmare matchup as the #3 seed. They won the regular season title and have a loaded roster with lots of depth and experience. They are good enough to beat anyone in the Regionals. They will have a chip on their shoulder after not winning the District Tournament. Tough draw for a higher seeded team on Saturday night. Hickman County has won more games on the season than any other team in the district. They are a very VERY good defensive basketball team and offensively they have a big man who is good around the rim. They are extremely well coached. Playing at home as the #2 seed is a huge advantage for them.
  10. Sycamore is obviously a strong basketball team from all that I've heard about them this season. Coach Josh Stuart and the Cheatham County Cubs may be the Cinderella Story of the entire postseason so far this year. The Championship Game is Tuesday night in Ashland City. It will be an awesome atmosphere.
  11. District 11-AA Final Results 1.) Fairview Yellow Jackets (18-11) 2.) Hickman County Bulldogs (21-8) 3.) Creek Wood Red Hawks (20-6) 4.) Stewart County Rebels (16-13) District 12-AA Final Results 1.) Community/Nolensville WINNER 2.) Community/Nolensville LOSER 3.) Murfreesboro Central Magnet/Forrest WINNER 4.) Murfreesboro Central Magnet/Forrest LOSER
  12. There are 4 very evenly matched teams in District 11-AA. I've told people that all season long. Fairview won the District Championship for the 3rd Consecutive Year. They've lost players to injury and illness throughout major portions of the season. Coach McCoy, Coach Joe, and the young men on this basketball team stayed the course all year long and really came off the mat this weekend when everyone had counted them down and out. They've continued to battle and the last two days they showed why Hall of Fame wrestler Ric Flair was right when he said "to be THE MAN, brother you've got to beat THE MAN." If that isn't good enough for you then I'll phrase what NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal once famously said, "the champs are the champs til they ain't the champs no more" 3-PEAT! District 11-AA Final Results Heading Into the Region 6-AA Tournament 1.) Fairview Yellow Jackets (18-11) 2.) Hickman County Bulldogs (21-8) 3.) Creek Wood Red Hawks (20-6) 4.) Stewart County Rebels (16-13)
  13. Semifinals are tomorrow and Championship/Consolation games are Satuday. The tip times on both days will be 4:00 and 7:00 and the games will be at Fairview HS. Tomorrow's games are as follows: Creek Wood/Hickman County Fairview/Stewart County
  14. Semifinals are tomorrow at Fairview HS. Championship and Consolation games are Saturday. Tip off on each day will be at 5:30 and 8:30. Tomorrow's games are: Fairview/Creek Wood Stewart County/Hickman County
  15. Fairview will be sending a lot of individual wrestlers to the state championships next weekend. Go Jackets
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