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  1. DII-A: Davidson Academy (Middle) DII-AA: ECS (West) DII-AAA: McCallie (East) 1A: Lake County (West) 2A: 3A: 4A: 5A: 6A:
  2. Congrats to Josh Puckett and the Lake County Falcons on winning the Class 1A State Championship.
  3. Congrats to former Cheatham County Cubs assistant football & head baseball coach Josh Puckett on leading the Lake County Falcons to the Class 1A State Championship.
  4. They could have beaten Hillsboro that year in the Quarters I'll grant you. They weren't capable of beating Maryville for the Gold Ball that year. That particular Maryville team was absolutely loaded. They destroyed Hillsboro in the title game.
  5. Camden at Waverly in Week One next year is going to be one hot ticket.
  6. You're absolutely correct that's my mistake. Bubba was the DC at Sycamore prior to joining the staff at Springfield. John Harrison (who played at Cheatham County) is also a Former Cub. I know he was coaching at Springfield. I'm not sure if he still is or not.
  7. For anything close to that "vision" you would have to go back to the fall of 1997 and the years that preceded. Cheatham County Central High School had around 1,500 kids in the school house in those years and they were playing and beating some schools that have either been to/won state championships in recent years (i.e. Beech, Smyrna, Hendersonville, Pearl-Cohn, Maplewood, Springfield, Etc.).
  8. They won the region at Springfield in 2006. He also took Claksville-Northwest to the playoffs in 2009. He also took Macon County to the playoffs in the 1990s. He also was the DC at Oakland once upon a time and they were also highly successful. I believe Offutt would be a great hire for the Cubs.
  9. Last night I was watching MBA play on television and their HC Marty Euverard was once upon a time an assistant coach at Cheatham County. Lake County is playing right now and their HC Josh Puckett was once upon a time an assistant coach at Cheatham County. Pearl-Cohn will be playing later this evening and their HC Tony Brunetti was also an assistant coach at Cheatham County. Springfield will play tomorrow and their DC Bubba Chandler was also an assistant coach at Cheatham County. There are some Cheatham County coaching ties on the big stage in Cookeville this weekend.
  10. I'm happy for Coach McConnell and his family. It's always great to coach against him and his teams always play with great effort and intensity. I look forward to seeing them next season.
  11. Jon Offutt applied for the opening and would be a good hire for the Cubs. He's been a head coach at many places including Macon County, Springfield, Northwest, and West Creek. I would like to see him have a chance to lead the Cubs football program.
  12. You are the guru of the off-season "silly season" as coaches move from place to place.
  13. Absolutely! No question about it. Camden is "the team to beat" in Region 6-3A in 2020.
  14. Since opening in 1998 Sycamore High School has had 5 different head coaches (Tommy Tharp, Gary Halstead, Tyler Williams, Al Pelligrino, and Justin Robison). Harpeth High School has had 2 head coaches since 1994 (Marshall Winkler and Doug Loope). You're a Pearl-Cohn guy. Since 1990 Pearl-Cohn has had 2 head football coaches. Maurice Fitzgerald (1990-2005) and Tony Brunetti (2006-Present). It's definitely been one of the more stable programs you'll find in regards to coaching turnover.
  15. I saw Austin-East on film against Alcoa. Pearl-Cohn is better than them. They are more physical and have played and beaten teams that are better as well. I believe Alcoa is the favorite and it's much deserved given their track record. I've seen Alcoa on film several times this year as well. They will get in the I-Formation and run Power & Toss Sweep and they will go play-action and throw the Post (off of Power action). Their best plays are when they are in Two Back Gun running Counter Trey and when they are in Deuce Gun running Inverted Veer off of Jet Sweep action. I also like how they roll the QB and throw the Smash and the Snag to the 2WR look. They'll have to do that more as opposed to running Verticals and throwing the Backside Fade to #s 12 and 5 against Pearl-Cohn's secondary.
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