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  1. East Nashville, Pearl-Cohn, and Stratford (along with Giles County) will play in 6 highly competitive games to decide the Region 5-3A playoff seedlings from 1-4. They all have a chance to be very good this year.
  2. 1 Cane Ridge 2 Hillsboro 3 Pearl Cohn 4 East Nashville 5 Stratford 6 Overton 7 McGavock 8 Maplewood 9 Hillwood 10 Hunters Lane 11 Antioch 12 Glencliff 13 Whites Creek 14 RePublic Those Top 6-7 schools will all be competitive and have good seasons. Teams 8-14 will struggle tremendously.
  3. Spring Hill wasn’t a fit for him and I’m sure Page is happy to have him back. They were 10-2 last year and he still adds a dynamic to their team that wasn’t there previously.
  4. I saw on the news there was an altercation in the parking lot. I hope it wasn’t too serious and that nobody was injured.
  5. Page looked like a serious threat in their scrimmage vs Franklin last week. The QB is a stud. They have receivers and backs who can make plays. Defensively they fly to the football and play fast and aggressive.
  6. They looked awfully impressive in their scrimmage against Franklin last week.
  7. I hear the powers that be may have tried to get EastNasty a pass last November but he never claimed it. Since all of Fairview’s “good players” come from everywhere not named “Fairview” perhaps giving season passes out to visiting fans can also be an accommodation.
  8. Fairview opens at home vs Page who will be one of the favorites to win 5A this year.
  9. This region is going to be a battle week in and week out. Pearl-Cohn apparently looked very impressive against Clarksville-NE yesterday. East Nashville was said to have looked very strong against Springfield. Giles County has looked great in their scrimmages as well I have been told. Stratford is coming off of a state semifinal appearance and they have a very strong group returning.
  10. Does anyone have the complete Metro Jamboree Schedule?
  11. I was behind. I just saw that Pearl-Cohn vs Cane Ridge and Hillsboro vs Maplewood was a Week One Doubleheader. Will those games be played at The Hole?
  12. Is Orangecountry related to bulldog1970? I actually liked that guy. Those posts were legendary.
  13. Marshall County looked very impressive last night. Coach Osteen, his staff, and their players were very hospitable. I’d definitely love to hear how others looked. Camden/McKenzie, Cheatham/Montgomery Central, Stewart/Greenfield?
  14. Region 5 is and always will be a monster with 4 of the Top 10-12 teams in 3A football. Stratford definitely was better than Fairview on the field last year in the playoffs. Fairview led the game going into the 4th and Stratford was the better team in the final quarter. They were also better than Pearl-Cohn the previous week. That game was a blowout at PCHS until PC scored a couple of times late to make the score more respectable. It took Double OT for them to lose in the semifinals at Covington. Covington played Alcoa even into the final minute of the game in the finals. I am a Notre Dame fan but I have never pretended to be Knute Rockne.
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