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  1. If they do that then they'll reach the Class 3A State Playoffs and depending on Harpeth's success against Cheatham, Stewart, and Sycamore they could potentially be hosting a First Round Playoff Game. Take your region for instance, I believe the Waverly/Riverside winner will finish 1st and the other will wind up 2nd. They'll both be playing at home come November. Houston County is realistically the 3rd team out of your region and should finish there despite that forfeit "loss" to Scotts Hill. The #4 spot will probably be decided in a county battle when Hickman County/East Hickman play one another.
  2. Like the one you received from Brentwood a few weeks ago lol!
  3. Camden is not the same team that lost to Waverly 40-6 back on August 21st. Creek Wood shut them out the following week 35-0 but if you look at the scores you can see that Creek Wood has been shutting out a lot of people this year.
  4. Some of these score projections are funny. Camden has gotten better already this year and defensively the last 3 weeks they have played hard. They lost 13-6 to Harpeth in a game they wished they had over. They lost 32-6 to Huntingdon however that game was 8-6 in the 3rd Quarter (Huntingdon is better than Riverside). They beat Cheatham County 29-0 and I believe only allowed one First Down for the entire game. I'm not saying Riverside won't win or that Camden won't lose. I am saying that Riverside will be lucky to score 28 (or even 21) points against Camden's defense with the way they've played lately.
  5. Or perhaps another team on the schedule? He is not a Region 6-3A coach.
  6. Zach Mettenberger: calling offense with Hillsboro vs Tony Brunetti: calling defense with Pearl-Cohn This game was a SHOOTOUT last year at Tennessee State. It looked like Hillsboro had the game all but won and then Pearl-Cohn rallied late. This will be a great battle. I'm thinking about riding over to PC next Friday night to watch the contest in person once again. I'm glad Metro gets to play again.
  7. He was talking about the QB from Page who transferred to them from Lipscomb Academy. Traditionally, Lebanon was not always a playoff team but if you look at the numbers since their current crop of players have been in school then you'd see that they've been a playoff team annually. Lebanon 2020: 2-3 (0-2 in Region): Remaining Region Games are Station Camp, Wilson Central, Rossview their losses are to Gallatin, Mt. Juliet, and Hendersonville (not exactly "cupcakes") they also beat an 'at present' 4-2 LaVergne team that has a chance to win 7 Games 2019: 5-5 (lost 1st Round of 6A Playoffs to Oakland) 2018: 8-2 (lost 1st Round of 6A Playoffs to Blackman) 2017: 5-5 (lost 1st Round of 6A Playoffs to Oakland)
  8. Meet in the middle and play at a neutral location.
  9. I think that was a joke that Tate was making to Coach Hughes during that interview the following morning. Fairview is playing with a very upperclassman heavy team and several young ones who will be stars in 2021 and beyond. They are the #3 or #4 winningest program in 3A football statewide over the last 11 years (95-29) and the players from the area are the ones who deserve the credit for that run of success. Coach Hughes is now 101-34 as head coach at Fairview since taking over the program in 2009. I'm just glad Fairview gets a chance to play next week against a playoff level Class 6A opponent. It will be a huge challenge.
  10. Looking forward to it. Lebanon is a playoff level class 6A football team. The Jackets will have to play well in order to compete with them.
  11. In my opinion this region finishes: 1.) Peabody 2.) McKenzie 3.) Union City 4.) Gibson County/Adamsville WINNER 5.) Gibson County/Adamsville LOSER 6.) Halls
  12. McEwen is now playing Houston County on that date.
  13. It sounds like we need to play McEwen if Waverly is unable to play. What about it?
  14. Let's talk about games next week because 2 teams in particular have me confused still. Pearl-Cohn/Hillsboro Stratford/Hunters Lane Cane Ridge/Overton McGavock/Hillwood Whites Creek/Glencliff Antioch/Smyrna Who is East Nashville playing? I've heard Lebanon and I've heard Maplewood. Who is Maplewood playing? I've heard Mt. Juliet, Spring Hill, and East Nashville? (I've also heard MJ and SH are playing each other next week)
  15. Brunetti was the DC under Fitzgerald before he became the head coach. He will do a good job with that title.
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