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  1. Pearl-Cohn is going to remain in 4A. They like that class.
  2. The Fairview at Waverly game at the end of the season will decide the region championship. White House looks like a solid third place team in the region. The final playoff spot in the region will likely be determined next week when Cheatham County travels to Sycamore.
  3. Fairview’s schedule has been difficult this year and they have really improved throughout the season. They dropped the opener against Page. They beat a very good Creek Wood team. They rallied in the second half and honestly should have beaten a very good Westview team but got a raw deal in the closing stages of the contest. Last night they clobbered a White House team that will probably end the season as the 3rd seed from the region. The only “knock” on Fairview this year has been that they sometimes go through lulls where they play down to inferior opponents. The games against Stewart, Cheatham, White House-Heritage, and even in the early stages last night against White House all showed this. Fairview is a 5-2 football team and they’ve still yet to put a complete game together. If they are ever able to do that consistently they’ll be a difficult “out” in November.
  4. Ayden Brooks is another player who was an all region performer for Waverly last year.
  5. You’re talking about those guys but what about the guys who Waverly had on the field last year? Jacob Dooley, Emerick Houston, Ethan McCann, Kade Anderson, Ryan Edwards. Those guys were difference making ball players. White House wasn’t the only team in the region that lost players from their 2021 team.
  6. I just hope that Stewart County makes it past BYE without too many injuries to where they don’t have to cancel the remaining 6 games on the schedule.
  7. That's why they beat MBA the previous two times that they'd played one another.
  8. I'm seeing the same thing I've always seen on this site since it got really big two decades ago. Maryville is great. Maryville is really great. When you look at the all time barometer they are #2 when it comes to championships (behind Alcoa). When you look at the landscape of 6A football they are #2 when it comes to powerhouses today (behind Oakland). Maryville has some fans on CoachT though who go into serious depression mode whenever they lose a game. It's always the case. "Hunt is great but GQ...." "Oakland gets away with.....because the TSSAA....." "Alcoa plays smaller schools and we play bigger schools...." "Our passing game is costing us....." "The pregame meal wasn't good enough and we should've eaten....." Here's some good advice: SHUT UP! YOU LOST! Stop being a bunch of keyboard philosophers and encourage your coaches and your kids. Know that the season doesn't end on September 9th and you have almost 3 more months to make things better. Stop griping about what other teams have and who other teams play and start worrying about your own team. Support your team in a constructive manner.
  9. Michael Conner and the York defense continue to do great things this year.
  10. Matt McConnell revived the football program at Waverly at a time when it had hit rock bottom. That’s not directed at Trey Graves either because he had some good moments as head coach at Waverly as well. In 2014 when McConnell took it over and got the basketball guys out it was a game changer. 2015-2018 when they had the guys like Stanfield, Bradley, Dixon, Etc. they were one of the best 2A teams in the state. They had some great battles with Huntingdon and Fairview those years. The program that Boldin inherited in 2019 and the program that McConnell inherited in 2014 were not on the same level. Boldin has continued to make Waverly competitive at a high level but Waverly football learned to win under Matt McConnell & Co.
  11. I was being sarcastic because of the other posts made about the game.
  12. I always heard that when teams go to White House they aren’t going to be able to get a call. Whatever White House feeds those guys and entertains them with upon arrival must be very expensive. Maybe Greenbrier will do the same when they are at home hosting their next game. Maybe their radio analyst can get some pointers from the White House guys.
  13. I’m listening to the radio broadcast of this game and it sounds like Greenbrier is getting the short end of the stick tonight at White House. The color analyst on the radio network is “must hear” for anyone looking for a laugh.
  14. East Nashville looked good for a team that could potentially finish 2nd at best in Region 5 this year. Smith County and Stratford both looked very good in Week 1.
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