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  1. Dan Fouts called this a "brilliant" offense in The Waterboy.
  2. The 9/6/2021 Post Week 3 AP Poll Is Out: Westview is this week’s #4 ranked team in 2A. Fairview is this week’s #6 ranked team in 3A.
  3. I just hope we continue to improve and make progress so that we can position ourselves to be in a spot to make a run come playoff time. Thanks for your support as always.
  4. Good Luck the rest of the way. Hoping your community is able to enjoy football season and continue to build back everything that was lost.
  5. That’s funny. Fairview loses a one score game to a Class 5A Top 5 Page Patriots Team and because of that they are “down”. Posters were on here two weeks ago speaking of an 0-3/0-4 start to the season. A 21 point win over Creek Wood and a 14 point win over Stewart County later and they are still going through a “down” year. Westview is a good football program with a couple of big time players. Waverly found this to be true the last couple of years as well (23-31 in 2020 and 25-58 in 2019) if memory serves me correctly. I’m glad that our guys get a chance to play such good competition and know that it makes us better in the long run. Marahall County, Page, Creek Wood, Stewart County, Waverly, White House, White House Heritage, Martin Westview, East Nashville, Stratford, Etc, Etc. Those are the kinds of teams you need to measure yourself against to find out about yourself in the long run. I’m just glad we’ve been fortunate enough to win a couple of games and get some confidence early in the season. So many people were so excited to throw dirt on Fairview’s grave after an 0-1 start and I guess it remains true at 2-1 as well. Here’s to wishing Martin Westview a safe trip to the Jackets Nest on Friday night. I hope we both get some great work out of a tough non region game next week. At this point it’s about staying healthy and building towards a playoff run and positioning one’s self as well as possible to make a playoff run.
  6. Was this game played tonight?
  7. CPA was fortunate to beat them 7-0 in 2014 when they started a first timer at QB in the state title game and were handcuffed offensively. In 2013 and 2015 when they were both playing at full strength Alcoa absolutely boat-raced CPA. CPA is good. They are very good. I've seen that story for several years though and know enough football to know that they aren't on Alcoa's level.
  8. Pearl Cohn knows that their route to a state championship is much easier if it doesn’t include a potential title game meeting with Alcoa. The same holds true for Milan. There is no shame in that thought process. It’s not a level playing field and I applaud both of them for moving on to give themselves a realistic shot the next 2 years. Both of them are great teams with terrific coaching and great athletes but neither of them are beating Alcoa. That’s a statement of fact.
  9. I see Giles County playing Alcoa in the State Semifinals on Thanksgiving Weekend.
  10. Pearl-Cohn is going to win 4A this year. I don't see them losing to anyone and they don't have to play Alcoa when they get to the Finals this time.
  11. Pearl-Cohn made a major statement in Week 1. They beat Cane Ridge, on the road, without their most dynamic player. Stratford had an impressive showing and notched a great win against a long time rival. Congrats to Coach Burnette and the Maplewood Panthers on picking up a good opening win. Antioch, Whites Creek, Glencliff, and Hillwood are probably going to be in store for long seasons. Whites Creek has the best chance to prove me wrong by competing at the 2A ranks.
  12. Week One Has Arrived! Good Luck to everyone with the start of your 2021 campaigns. Here's to hoping for a COVID-Free season.
  13. There are too many Vandy fans on this topic for me to keep up. One of you guys (or ladies) is going to have to become a fan of a new team.
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