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  1. howdoitknow

    Ensworth Job open again

    I’ll give you another name that wouldn’t be a bad choice for Ensworth. Tony Brunetti from Pearl-Cohn. A very successful head coach who played at the next level and has sent loads of players on to play at the next level.
  2. howdoitknow

    2019 District 11-AA Thread

    The District 11-AA Tournament Bracket is Set: @ Creek Wood High School 1.). Creek Wood 4.). East Hickman 2.). Hickman County 3.). Stewart County @ Lewis County Hugh School 1.). Lewis County 4.). Waverly 2.). Camden 3.). Fairview
  3. howdoitknow

    Ensworth Job open again

    The Front-Runner: Ingle Martin The Wild Card: George Quarles
  4. howdoitknow

    Head Coaching Vacancies

    You forgot to list Collierville’s coach. That job is no longer vacant I don’t believe.
  5. howdoitknow

    R'dale ?, ?, ?.............

    I’d say he turned out better than BA. More state championships than anyone. More wins than anyone. Those D2 privates, the headmasters, and all of the backers in the world cannot change that fact. You’re clearly just salty because he left Riverdale for a better situation at Alcoa. I guarantee you if Gary Rankin were the coach at Riverdale from 2006-2009 that they would have won another state championship or two (minimum). Now you get to be like the rest of us and live out your days on CoachT watching Rankin pile up wins and championships. Riverdale was a lot better off in the 90s through 2005 with Gary Rankin in charge of the football program than they’ve been since he went to Blount County.
  6. howdoitknow

    2019 District 11-AA Thread

    Creek Wood (6-0): 2-0 vs the North Stewart County (5-1): 1-1 vs the North Waverly (3-3): 1-1 vs the North Camden (2-3): 0-2 vs the North Lewis County (4-2): 2-0 vs the South Hickman County (2-4): 1-1 vs the South Fairview (1-4): 1-1 vs the South East Hickman (0-6): 0-2 vs the South Fairview still has to play Camden in a cross division game within the district. That could ultimately decide a tiebreaker for tournament seeding at the end of the season. Besides that here’s the schedule for the next 2 weeks: Creek Wood: Stewart (x2) & Waverly (x2) Stewart: Creek Wood (x2) & Camden (x2) Waverly: Camden (x2) & Creek Wood (x2) Camden: Waverly (x2) & Stewart (x2) Lewis: Hickman (x2) & Fairview (x2) Hickman: Lewis (x2) & East Hickman (x2) Fairview: East Hickman (x2) & Lewis (x2) East Hickman: Fairview (x2) & Hickman (x2)
  7. howdoitknow

    2019 District 11-AA Thread

    Stewart (4-0) -beat Fairview -beat Hickman -beat Lewis -beat East Hickman Creek Wood (4-0) -beat East Hickman -beat Fairview -beat Hickman -beat Lewis Camden (2-1) -lost to Lewis -beat East Hickman -beat Hickman Waverly (2-2) -lost to Hickman -lost to Lewis -beat East Hickman -beat Fairview ———————— Lewis (2-2) -beat Waverly -beat Camden -lost to Stewart -lost to Creek Wood Hickman (1-3) -beat Waverly -lost to Stewart -lost to Creek Wood -lost to Camden Fairview (0-3) -lost to Stewart -lost to Creek Wood -lost to Waverly East Hickman (0-4) -lost to Camden -lost to Creek Wood -lost to Waverly -lost to Stewart
  8. howdoitknow

    Clarksville/Montgomery County

    Leander Peters is an energetic coach who had a strong rapport with the student athletes while at Kenwood who would do a great job.
  9. howdoitknow

    Clarksville/Montgomery County

    I would like to see them hire Vernon Wright. He has head coaching experience, knows the area, and graduated from KHS.
  10. howdoitknow

    Metro Rumors

    All of the Metro jobs have been filled. Spring practice is one month away. Let’s play some football.
  11. howdoitknow

    Metro Rumors

    It’s easier for some to get chances and it’s easier where those chances are given based on the area. Look at MNPS for instance and look at the current ratio of head football coaches. That’s not accidental or coincidental. I can tell you from experience that there are some “leaders” in Metro schools that believe it’s much easier for some to relate to the students as oppose to others. I have been told this same thing by other highly qualified coaches/educators who applied for jobs there and were passed on because of the same reason.
  12. howdoitknow

    R'dale ?, ?, ?.............

  13. howdoitknow

    Metro Rumors

    Who did they hire
  14. howdoitknow

    Head Coaching Vacancies

    The list is now at 57 since the end of the 2018 season. I expected it to reach 75-80 at one point however it has lost a lot of steam in recent weeks.
  15. howdoitknow

    Metro Rumors

    Erik Davis who played at Ezell and then at Vanderbilt?