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  1. howdoitknow

    Bryce Wallace Transfers from Marshall to Giles

    The TSSAA may as well just do away with their transfer rule and write a new rule stating "an athlete is eligible at whatever school he is enrolled in from 8/1 of the current year until 5/31 of the following year. If a student athlete transfers from one system to another after the 8/1 date then that student is not allowed to participate in high school athletics for the year. If a student transfers to another school system between 6/1 and 7/31 then that student becomes eligible at his/her new home school beginning on the 8/1 date." The way that the rule is currently written is abused in many instances and creates major tension among coaches in the profession as it relates to "recruiting".
  2. howdoitknow

    Bryce Wallace Transfers from Marshall to Giles

    That would make him ineligible. Let's cut out all of the nonsense here. The reason that Bryce Wallace went to Marshall County and played football is because Giles County already had an established player at the QB position named Jon Bachus. Bachus, who's family is from Athens (AL), just graduated from GCHS this past school year and will be playing college football at UT-Martin this fall. That departure created the perfect opportunity for the Wallace's to be lured back to Pulaski. Oh nevermind, they've lived there the entire time.
  3. howdoitknow

    Bryce Wallace Transfers from Marshall to Giles

    Where they already live according to people from both communities?
  4. howdoitknow

    Bryce Wallace Transfers from Marshall to Giles

    Parents live in Giles County? Now the kid, who played at Marshall County, announces to the state that he's going to play at Giles County because his brother coaches there and he's only eligible if the parents live in Giles County where they've apparently been living the whole time. If that's the case there's no way he can become eligible nor should he have ever been allowed to play at Marshall County in the first place.
  5. howdoitknow

    12 Questions in 3A for 2018

    Wallace was the QB at Marshall County the last three years. They've went to the 4A semifinals the last two years. His older brother is the offensive coordinator at GCHS where he led them to a 4A championship in 2009. Their game against Pearl was a 35-27 contest in the 4th quarter last year before the Firebirds stretched it late. Stratford and East are just wild cards to me. Last year Stratford got a lot better and even made a few additions to their roster right before the playoffs. They played Giles County and Fairview both very close at the end of the year. East Nashville has a ton of talent. If they can put it all together at the right time they can beat anyone. It will be a tough Region.
  6. howdoitknow


    Agreed! What a dumpster fire of a situation. SS has one more state championship than Grundy County will ever have. It's a shame because I remember a few years ago Grundy was competitive in playoff games against Goodpasture, Pearl-Cohn, and Cheatham County.
  7. howdoitknow

    12 Questions in 3A for 2018

    Between Pearl-Cohn, Giles County, Stratford, and East Nashville the whole Region 5-3A will be stacked.
  8. howdoitknow

    12 Questions in 3A for 2018

    Question 13: How large of an impact will Bryce Wallace's addition have on the Giles County football team and could they be a sleeper to knock off Pearl-Cohn this season?
  9. howdoitknow

    Bryce Wallace Transfers from Marshall to Giles

    Can you edit the audio? I'm sure he will be animated.
  10. He plans on leaving Marshall County to play his senior season at Giles County where his brother Bo Wallace is now the Offensive Coordinator. What are the thoughts from the people in Lewisburg and Pulaski over this news from late last night?
  11. howdoitknow

    Alcoa Tornadoes - 2018

    In 3A I believe the gap between 1-2 and/or 3 is significant. Some of it has to do with ability and a lot of it has to do with a mindset. Alcoa expects to win 3A and win each playoff game by a sizable margin. Pearl-Cohn, Covington, Milan, Etc. all hope to survive a gauntlet just to get to Cookeville. In 6A Whitehaven expects to get to Cookeville. Maryville and Oakland probably expect to play one another twice with the game on Thanksgiving deciding who goes to Cookeville. Whoever survives that eventual classic has to turn around the very next week and play a Whitehaven team filled with D-I talent. That's what makes 6A more competitive between 1-2-3 in my opinion. Cane Ridge was a great story last year and I hate to "slight" them but I think Whitehaven will be on a serious mission to get back to the finals this year.
  12. howdoitknow

    Too soon to start football !!

    Lawrence Taylor was a great player. I wouldn't want him coaching my kid. The same holds true for Randy Moss and countless other examples.
  13. howdoitknow

    Too soon to start football !!

    Rankin made Riverdale a powerhouse and Rankin has taken Alcoa to a level of power that they didn't even achieve annually prior to his arrival.
  14. howdoitknow

    Metro Rankings

    Everyone thinks PC is going to "drop off" because of who they graduated in May. The talent that they return is quite a bit and they'll be the prohibited favorite to represent the west in Cookeville again this year. They have to find a way to cure that "semifinal curse" that has plagued them for several years. I think they are now 1-5 in the state semifinals in their last 6 appearances.
  15. howdoitknow

    Alcoa Tornadoes - 2018

    The best question to me as it relates to Alcoa football is whether or not Gary Rankin will coach long enough to reach the 500 victories milestone. If Alcoa wins an average of 13 games per year over the next 7 years that would get him to 500. Of course if they went 15-0 for 6 consecutive years that would also get him to 500. I believe that he will definitely coach for 3 more years and that would probably get him to 450 victories as a head coach. It would be a lot for him to continue to coach for another 7+ years in my opinion.