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  1. BoroRef

    2017-2021 Classifications

    With the excetpion of Creekwood going into the region with the Cheatham County teams I think you have it.
  2. BoroRef

    Girls Tournaments 2016-2017

    McGavock had a girls division last year as well. they were in mid December
  3. BoroRef

    Blackman Preseason Nov 19

    Oldblazedad69....do not remember asking you Coach Bray...that is very disappointing.....but not surprising
  4. BoroRef

    Blackman Preseason Nov 19

    is there a girls division?
  5. BoroRef

    2016-2017 jv tournaments

    Coach Pelkey Will the tournament on 1/13 have a girls division? The GP West does not/will not have one and I know your tournament on 12/3 has one.
  6. BoroRef

    JV State 2017 and Girls West Regionals

    Pummelking I believe it is limited to West TN girls (including Mid TN). It is the TSSAA state tournament qualifier for them.
  7. BoroRef

    JV State 2017 and Girls West Regionals

    Coach Peck...I know Siegel will be there
  8. BoroRef

    Smyrna's coach should be ashamed

    Do we not create a ethical dilemma by rewarding a "superior" wrestler with a victory after injuring an opponent with an illegal move causing the "inferior" wrestler to not be able to continue competing? The rules allow for the injured wrestler the victory due to an ILLEGAL hold. I agree with Coach Kramer and his opinion. The Smyrna coach owes no one a apology. He, I am certain, did what he felt was best for his wrestler and made the decision to not continue wrestling. Russo responded in order and continued to wrestle for 3rd and completed the tournament in a honorable fashion. Kudos to him for not going down the wrong path as some others on this thread obviously would have. The move contrary to some opinions was an illegal slam. The correct call was made IMO.Had the rule not been broken the dilemma does not exist. Normally an injury resulting from an otherwise legal move does not penalize the non-injured wrestler by rule. Would have restarting the match in order to allow the offending wrestler a chance to move forward in the tournament despite injuring and therefore denying the injured wrestler the opportunity to move forward been a class move? No IMO, rewarding that becomes a slippery slope and denies the intent of the rule to be fulfilled.
  9. BoroRef

    Summer Opportunities

    will there be a girls division?
  10. BoroRef

    Tennessee High wins Ed Cressel Classic

    nice article
  11. BoroRef

    Female wrestling regulation

    Hair slickers? If you are referring to hair covers the rule for females is the same as male regarding required hair covers if the hair is longer than allowed by regulation in its natural state.
  12. BoroRef

    Looking for updated list of girls events

    What is the cost to bring one girl Coach? Will they be doing weight certifications?
  13. BoroRef

    Looking for updated list of girls events

    Are all of those tournaments (McGavock, Hendersonville,Creekwood) having girls divisions? Is 1/30 the girls regional qualifier?
  14. Is there any web sites listing TN tournaments that will have a girls division? Is the TSSAA rule not allowing girls to compete limited to varsity matches or all matches including exhibitions?
  15. BoroRef

    Blackman Preseason Nov 21

    Is there a girls division there?