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  1. The fact is there were several close games in the regular season in which MJ found a way to win. In the playoffs they didn't. Ravenwood had their number this year. This was TP's best chance to advance far into the playoffs. Unless there are several impacting transfers coming in next year, then next year could be a struggle. The O-Line and QB positions????
  2. MJ's OL has improved and they've learned that they must be able to complete a few passes to keep defenses honest since their last meeting. Bears win 27-14.
  3. The Bears have changed their offense up the past couple years. Sometimes it takes awhile to adjust to all these changes. The Bears have continued to get better throughout the year. A solid defense, great special teams, good run game, and now a "keep them honest" passing game makes the Bears a dangerous team. I'll admit that I've been a big doubter of Coach TP but he's turned it around this year and deserves to be congratulated on his success with this team. Go Bears!
  4. ok so I have occasionally read some of what's been going on here but haven't responded in a good while. Congrats you brought me back out. Since you took the time to go back then you would know that the reason why I changed my screen name was because I live in the SC area and my son was playing for them. I'm an alumni of MJ and proud of it. I still attend some MJ games every year and am happy that they won district. Congrats to the Bears and Coach Trey Perry. Bring the Championship to MJ! It's all Good MJGB. You kinda remind me of me several years back.
  5. Both the O-Line and D-line needs to improve and most important the team needs to have an injury free year. Last year was full of injuries. SC really needs upgrades in their strength and conditioning program. Several scat backs are returning. My son has decided not to play this upcoming season and may never play again. He just said he needs a break from football. It's disappointing because he is a very solid center and has been for years but its his decision.
  6. This will be, or at least should be, the best offense since Trey has taken over. 4 out of 5 on the O-Line return, top receivers, and the QB all return. Some upcoming Sophomores with some speed should help on the ground and return game. Defensive line should be solid. Question marks are probably LBs and Defensive back field. Anything less than reaching the semifinal game should be considered a big disappointment.
  7. I believe it's Coach Parks who was already on staff.
  8. MJGB, I know we disagree on coach TP but I actually would love to say your right and I was wrong. Hopefully next year he will prove me wrong cause I know we all want the same thing in the end. A winning program again. With being a young team this year and a lot of returners next year what is your expectations? Unless their are transfers coming in its basically the same team. (Lack of speed). What if its another average team? Coaching change or not?
  9. Yes MJ was lacking speed in the skilled positions but if you coach them to be in the right positions,take the right angles, run crisp routes, etc. it can equal out. Its been mentioned a few times on here that MJ's problem is their too "Caucasian" to win. Well, MJ has always been like that even when RP was coaching and winning. You can have a team loaded with speed and great athletes, but if your lacking a good coach and them kids buying into/respecting that coach, your still going to have a hard time being successful. One example:Hunters Lane. A lot of speed and athletes. It didn't translate into wins for them.
  10. Used to work at SRMC and met her there. I wanted to live in MJ and she wanted to stay in Gallatin. I left SRMC and went to Skyline so we came to an agreement of Station Camp area. She still won but its the best deal I was gonna get. Gotta keep momma happy, right? Always good to read your posts GWave even if we don't agree all the time.
  11. If you look again I was referring to GHS when I stated "glory days"
  12. Welcome Aboard GWave1. Was wondering when you might join in. The fact is RP has spoiled us Bear fans. He came into a complete mess and turned this program completely around. A winning and respected program year #1. TP came into a better situation and has reached at best so far mediocrity. I'll admit patience isn't my strong suit, but when you taste success you want to continue that. Why shouldn't we want a chance at state championships. GBR, you just proved a point. It is possible with the right coach to field a winning/good team at MJ. The money/facilites/size has greatly improved at MJ and there is absolutely no reason to keep being average to below average each year. Plus I'm getting tired of my wife, who is a GHS grad, giving me crap on the outcome of the MJ/GHS games since TP took over.
  13. I'm a MJ grad and want them to field good/great teams each year just like you want GHS to return to their glory days. You have posted numerous times about your current coaches not getting it done at GHS and want them gone. Well Trey isn't getting it done either. I really don't care if you place me in with the rest of the SC posters or not because you mean absolutely nothing to me. What's sad is you call yourself the "greatone". Legend in you own mind I guess.
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