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  1. Yes, but...sacks don't go down as an incomplete pass...Didn't we have about 6 sacks, during pass attempts? Now you know why it's hard to find video of teams passing against us...
  2. Trousdale is bringing pain and grief to Adamsville for Christmas...what y'all getting us?
  3. TC 412 yards...GCA 250...they lucky to have kept it close in my opinion...there were several times TC had chances to go up by multiple scores...we made mistakes that costed us a few drives
  4. We just "outwork" them... ...them rich kids spoiled and lazy you know
  5. I can tell by how hard he practices at practice...he wants to be the best...i've loved watching him play since he was 10...
  6. You just reminded me i have to update my signature...71-19 72-19.
  7. I want to Congratulate TC, SP, Adamsville, Union City...for eliminating all the privates this season in Single A football...and keeping the Gold Balls away from them fellers...Yee Haww...
  8. Dang...i'm taking the week off...now if we can get Antwan to fill in for snoball... wait a minute...that be like, getting Elton John to cover for Toby Keith...just ain't enuff stuffing in the britches to get'er done...
  9. Just be glad y'all made it...and that the West is weak...
  10. We practice against a better one...everyday...his name is...well we actually got 3, but i ain't naming names. btw...TCA has NO LINE...it's junk....TC is at least 3 TDs better than TCA, just in Line play...what he did to TCA WILL NOT happen to us...TC's Linemen will win this game...no matter who carries the leather for the Jackets
  11. 10-4,..he has huge heart...and is a fearless ball player...can't wait to see him strap it up one more time this season.. .
  12. Let me say this... Neary...just ain't Neary enuff....TC will ROLL Adamsville....and i ain't jokin....
  13. You must be from West TN... Only ones dumb enough to make that statement...
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