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  1. DB 28 Boone 21 TN High 21 Hill 14 Central 28 South 14 Cougars need a win after all they been through Crockett 32 Volunteer 14
  2. This will be a good game to watch for sure. My money is on the Vikes. The talent is deep, you have 2 D1 signees and a host of other talent. I'm pulling for the maroon/white on this one.
  3. I sure have to agree with this post. What's the deal? You get to be a Senior and you sit the bench? Me and mama didn't go to the game because of the rain so I listened to the radidido. I couldn't figure out who had paid more for advertising: Tony Shipley running for some seat or The Wonderful Outstanding Remarkable Excellent Play Caller Jordan. Shewish. Give us a break! Course most of you know how I feel about that joker anyway. I say bench him!
  4. I really don't know why you are a Harrison (HATER), because I remember you blasting him a few years ago. Either you are a coach that couldn't beat his teams, or you have a Lil Johnny on a team that couldn't beat him. But you would be in a small minority if you think he isn't Varsity coaching material. Better mark it down "he will be a head coach "SOONER than later". As for Vaughn, X's and O's he knows basketball. Has a huge problem on how to deal with kids. Just ask former players. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, on the transfer. Probably the biggest ball-hog I have ever seen play, never tries to get his teammates involved in the game. Doesn't play a lick of defense, has a good PPG average, but shoots probably 20 more times a game than any other player. Most of the blame I put on Vaughn for this. I'm not a "Harrison hater" I just think he has no real coaching abilities. If he has talent he looks good; if he doesn't he stinks. You must be one of his little guys who was a big guy on campus at MIDDLE SCHOOL. I never had a team play him; I was an old high school coach. My collegues were Dale Burns, McCrary, Dickie Warren, real talented guys. There was talent my friend. Not some snotty nosed kid who holds some free shot record. I have no little Johnny who played against him either. I still have friends and colleagues in the system who say he won't ever be a high school coach. Guys at the high school level are a different breed and they are already there jockying for a position. Nathan isn't a ball hog. He can just outshoot, out score and out play the local talent, if that's what it is. It's a shame we lost him from East. He's a good kid; class act unlike some of your other "team" players whose daddies are out there sucking up. In my book, Vaughn is in the league with Burns, McCrary, Warren, and company. Too bad Vaughn didn't let you play; he can recognize talent.
  5. No I think it another Harrison, the one at EAST. The one you are talking about at Holston Middle, should be coaching the varsity at Basketball. Vaughn is a Joke!!!!!!!Plus the assistants are a bunch of clowns. I don't think they even played basketball. This is what's wrong with Central B-Ball. I've known Tony Vaughn for years and he is no joke; he just don't have anything except the transfer to work with. The assistants are clueless I have to agree with you there. That Harrison at Holston Middle couldn't coach his way out of a paper bag. I know I know they win "state championships." Right. Middle school is NOT high school. Over on our side of the county he is not respected very much. Classless in fact. :Likes to run the score up on people and run his mouth. Throws stuff too. Not in Vaughn nor Dickie Warren's league either. Not high school coaching material in my book.
  6. Keep telling yourself that, yep. Keep telling yourself that. I "WANT" be happy? Gimme a break. You are either a little snotty nose dumb #### kid or you must be a Hunter Jordan hater.Because if you don't think Hunter Jordan can coach football...you don't have any knowledge of the game my friend..you know I have'nt seen you around this site hardly at all..Just thinking you might be that dumba$$ Bonnie Blue that would post dumb stuff and everyone would crucify her...so go back in your little hideout..because Hunter Jordan is one of our Coaches...LIKE IT OR NOT... Guess I struck a little sore area there huh? Comp I appreciate your maturity in your answer to me. I was not aware of all the personal drama as WaCo accuratley mentioned since I'm not from your area. Nope, not a snotty nosed kid, just an old coach who laughed at your getting riled up so easy. Jordan seems like a smart a** to me with a big mouth and no, a lot of the kids don't like him. That's what my soureces tell me from work. Big E got the scoop don't you know. I, too, hope the Rebels do well; they seem like a class act to me. I have heard Haynie is a good man and one of my old collegues knows him well. He too will have discipline and run a good show. Wooten may have a ways to go but the kid has heart. Jordon hater? Nah wouldn't waste my time. I may not post a lot but still waters run deep. I been there, done that and got a drawer full of tee shirts. Oh and Jordan can stand on the sideline, wear his headset, look important, scratch his hindend, spit, and learn from Haynie and Jerry if he don't go.
  7. Scott is a fine young man. Know his mama well. Coach Phillips may not want the headaches right now. Another fine man. Who is Harrison you mention? You're not speaking of that yahoooo at Holston Middle are you?
  8. Well I guess you want be happy because I was told last night that Hunter will have alot of input this year...and I think that is a wise choice..because I think Hunter is a outstanding Coach.And most of the kids love playing for him and they should because he's a GREAT COACH!!! Keep telling yourself that, yep. Keep telling yourself that. I "WANT" be happy? Gimme a break.
  9. While I am all for surprises and thinking outside the box in the offense this year, that would not be one of them. Don't underestimate the young grasshopper. He has good instincts and is not a loudmouth. I like the kid.
  10. I agree 100% jhilts. Haynie is a good man and will treat the kids fairly. Young Wooten does a good job calling plays and I hope he will be used more this next year. I'd limit Jordan's input. As somebody else said, he had a cakewalk at CH Middle. Players sometime make the coach, not the other way around. Go REBS!
  11. NETFAN, just got back into town from a Mother's Day trip to take mama to see the kids and grands. Wanted to tell you that your boys played a good game the other night. Archer is sure a good little pitcher. The conditions were not the best in the world but our PATS just ran out of steam. I do send congrats along to SH and Crockett for their wins. I was impressed with Crockett's win over South. Seemed like the Crockett boys wanted the win more. They were sure fired up. So it's been a good bb season and sure enjoyed the chats with all. Reckon, football will be next.
  12. Well sir, Coach Payne (TN High who is one of our rivals) works with the kids no matter where they go to school, East or TN High. That shows me he wants to help the kids hone their skills. That right there is a mature, confident, sincerely interested coach. If he works with our kids from East, he has been known to critique them in the game all in good-naturedness of course. He never belittles the boys. They are all "his" he says. He and Coach B have a good working relationship. I agree with you 100% in that a Coach should take advantage of any extra work a young man is prepared to do. In my opinion, the more a kid works the better he will become. Why discourage a strong work ethic? The facility in the Kingsport area is only about a couple of years old they say and is a pretty nice facility but a particular coach in the area, no names here VMScott, told his kids they'd better not go there or they'd be off the team. My question to my "eastmanite" neighbor (as ETathlete calls him), who was telling me this was, what's the big deal about the kids using the facility? Is he scared they will learn something good? I think you hit the nail on the head with it being a power/control thing. Lack of confidence in somebody there.
  13. I'm laughing my socks off at the pasture jab there VMS. You are too funny. I know you guys buy that high dollar perfume down there in Colonial Heights. Up here we gotta get that knock off stuff. Well, I'd better run out and feed the cows and water the horses. I'll have to scrap a little something off my boots too if you know what I mean. It's gettin real deep on this thread. You have a goodn too and we'll chat after the Patriot Victory. Take care my friend. Where you been hidin there ETathlete? I agree that Archer kid is like that energizer bunny rabbit. Just keeps on tickin and showin up on the mound. I'm looking for them fuzzy ears to peep out from under his cap anytime. He's class that's for sure. He'll do a good job, but we're ready.
  14. Speaking of waffle-ing, one of them IHOP deals sounds good right about now. Ain't had my breakfast yet. Mama's day to sleep in. Well, Dez is a diamond for sure and I support my Pats all the way, we just got a lot of distractions up here right now. Remember waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when we were 17, summer fast approaching, got that little ride all fixed up, honeys looking better every day, perfume drifting in the hallways, carefree breeze blowin, WAIT, it's raining..................anyway you get my drift. I think when they hit the field they'll be okay but your TA is D1 bound so that's a big hill to climb right there. Still, I think our boys are still fired up about that "only 5 innings" statement on the radio and you know what the score was then 15-3. I reckon that's why I'm a little raw too since Mr. RebelsBaseball asked me about it. I just hate for some yahhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooo to down my Pats. We're just common folk up here on this end of the county. Boys underestimated a lot by the press and them high falutin daddies down your way. It'll be a good game so my prediction is Pats 13 Rebs 4. So there ya go. My hats off to the boys for providin us with some good games so far.
  15. Yeah, this loggin in at the same time and sharing viewpoints is beginning to scare me! I may have to take another aspirin to settle the old ticker! Again, I agree that it will be ace vs ace. Showdown at the OK Corral (Orange Krantz Corral). I also agree that the rain delay is playing with minds and attitudes. Some of our boys want to get to football now and some also have signed up to play AAU Basketball so that's on their minds too. End of school is upon us and that's gotta figure into the mix. Any coach worth his salt knows when you give out the caps and gowns in a high school.... it's over. Time to take up the books and go to the house. I just can't call this one--too many variables this time. No realationship to Dave there Mr. RebelsBaseball. I just respect and admire the gentleman for his professionalism on and off the field. I've known him for many, many years. And Johnny McKamey from down at Piney as well. We're all from the "old school" and I suppose we just don't like the "new motivation tactics" used by some of the coaches today. You can take a horse to water, you can't make him drink, but you don't have to beat the crap out of him to motivate him either. Just a little sidebar there. Maybe the rain will subside today. I was up at 3 A.M. making sure the creek didn't rise above my retaining wall out back. So far, we're ok but mama ( who I DO agree with all the time make no mistake about that) is watching for me now. Quick lesson: if mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy and I learned that way before that country crouner belted it out. You need to learn that lesson son before it's too late.
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