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  1. What is truly funny is that the two other kids that attend/attended "another prominent high school in the middle TN area" who actually had sex with the teacher attend/attended Ensworth... Funny how that does not get reported. Also funny that the City Paper is heavily influenced by EHS supporters/parents and fail to report the actual story as it happened. Obviously it's a terrible situation for all involved, but this one made me chuckle.
  2. Yes he was a power pitcher, after he was drafted in the 1st round, doctors noticed he was missing his ulnar collateral ligament in his throwing arm (right) and he needed surgery. This and what many who are close to him hint at "over pitching" while at UT (pitching too much with not enough rest) have led him to find alternative ways to be successful in the MLB. Kudos to him, making that transition is very very hard, shows the talent he is. wish him the best. P.S. had a great year with the Mets this past season...
  3. To both Hoosiers, if you're affiliated in any way with MBA then I am ashamed for our entire community to have you as apart of it. Grow up and quit blaming one guy, who is running basically the exact same defense as coach E did, when EHS just simply had the better talent on Friday. Leave whatever personal vendetta you have with Coach Rod alone and if you are affiliated with MBA act like a gentleman because you're embarrassing our community with ignorant statements you both are attempting to make. Congrats EHS, I agree with the earlier post that while losing, it's at least comforting to know we played a lot of younger guys. Good luck EHS and GO BIG RED.
  4. There are so many things wrong with your statement, if true. How can a school, that claims to be a top college prep school in the state, "know know" one of their kids, especially one of their "high profile" kids, is not doing well before his last semester of his senior year? haha c'mon this is embarrassing for anyone to try and argue that this poor kid was used for his athletic ability and thrown away. I would be mad as He** at EHS if I were this kid and his folks. This goes to show exactly what the priorities are over on highway 100... The argument that the school let him go during season is a joke. They used him for three and a half years, got notability with the kid having his Army All American invite at the school, and failed to actually care for this kid as a person. Also, I know for a fact schools like MUS and MBA and BA and Baylor keep up with all their kids' grades and at every mid quarter (about 6 weeks) if the kid is struggling, he cannot play until his grades are back to passing. Again, I'm embarrassed for EHS and its supporters, but most of all I feel sorry for this kid, I hope he gets his academics in order and surrounds himself with better people in the future!
  5. My mistake, you are right. I just assumed that Charlie, having not played at all in high school, and not being a tremendous athlete from what I can recall, would not be on the team at Vandy... that seems odd to me, but congrats to him. And Reggie deserves to be out there I hope he can stay healthy and have a great career
  6. Everyone saying this game will be a blowout, especially on the Olive Branch side may want to rethink it... The speed issue seems to be Olive Branch's strength and primary factor for those who think they will win. Floyd Elliott, the Defensive Coordinator at BA is a genius. He had a long and successful career at MBA, where he had even less athletic ability than he does at BA. He won several games (Jacksonville Boles in 97, Louisville Trinity 99, Brentwood Academy every year haha) in his tenure at MBA and is used to game planning for a team with less speed or athletic ability than his opponent. I think BA wins this one 35-21, if the defense can execute the game plan.
  7. Reggie Ford is not playing in college from MBA. Charlie Burge? haha he didn't even play at MBA. His brother Mike did I think, but he's a student at SMU... Jubari Tuani starts at DE for Navy from BA. MUS Barry Brunetti- WVU John Stokes- Vandy Tyler Horn- Miami Russ Nenon- Wake Forest Deandre Jones- Stanford Max Prokell- Richmond Drew Alston- Cornell
  8. I first want to say that I have family at this school, but I am wondering when people at Ensworth are going to stop making the same ludacris excuses for losing sporting events. Ricky Bowers everytime he is interviewed says something to the effect of, "we'll we're young, inexperienced, we haven't been doing this long... " etc. That excuse was all well and good when EHS didn't have a senior class, but now that they are in fact a 9-12 instituion (like everyone else) you would think they are on the same playing field as everyone. Also, the "depth" or lack their of issue is concerning to me as I have been to the campus many times as well as heard from SEVERAL people high up at EHS that Ricky can basically go out an get who he wants. I'm not accusing EHS of any illegal recruiting or whatever, merely trying to wonder why the "lack of depth" excuse keeps being used? These are just a few questions and concerns I was having... your thoughts
  9. MBA doesn't "let kids in for academic reasons" like Ensworth does, thus, having to actually qualify and meet the same standards as everyone else that chooses to apply, I don't think Orleans would be accepted.
  10. As an MBA supporter, this game scares me a little bit. I am very uneasy to sit here and claim that MBA's toughness and physicality will prevail because so far, this MBA team hasn't shown that grit that previous teams have displayed. Yes Bars is a freak against Pearl... big deal, not to discredit his talent, the kid has a ton of natural ability, however if MBA is going to win this one, the Brad Bars' and the Fitz Lassing's and the Tee Griscom's are going to have to all step up and display some physical prowess against a good and big football team. Make no mistake about it, if they do not, then Maplewood wins this one and it could be big. However, even though Im feeling uneasy I'm saying MBA- 24 Maplewood- 21 in a nail bitter.
  11. MBA will be led by and depend heavily on seniors: Luke Colbert (QB), John Fitz Lassing (LB/FB), Brad Bars(LB), William Tanner(WR). This team will do alright, but lacks the grit and determination as well as the overall physicality that most MBA teams possess... This team is softer than what the Big Red normally puts out there from what I hear. It's going to be up to the seniors to determine what kind of season they want to have. Coach McGugin is a great young coach, maybe he can get them going.
  12. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe the boy you guys are talking about is Deon Gains... Deon started at MBA in the 7th grade and was very intelligent in addition to becoming the student body president his senior year, where he earned an academic scholarship to Vanderbilt.. As for these two basketball "recruits"... from what Ive heard their father is a coach at UCLA and they also play football... so this was not just a basketball recruit for the big red. Looks like a state semifinal loss this year has started the search on the gridiron as well as the basketball court. Yes, MBA is a fabulous academic as well as character building environment for young boys, an obvious eye grabbing and aspiring school for any parent who wants their kids to succeed, but this kinda looks like he's had some people helping him search... well done MBA
  13. Couldn't agree more Gerry... well put.
  14. Barry Brunetti should win the back award hands down. Jefferson is one heck of an athlete and a great, shifty runner, but Brunetti is the total package. He is a big, physical, athlete who has a great arm to go with his exceptional scrambling abilities. He determines how far the MUS offense will go in every game. MUS's success depends solely on how well he can manage and execute on a daily basis. As their record clearly shows... he has done that day in and day out. He is one of Unapproved Website top 250 to watch for next year's class and holds the attention from several major top programs around the nation. After seeing both of these two players play, I give the nod to Brunetti regardless of the fact that he is a junior and Jefferson is a senior. Wesley Johnson should win the lineman award. He has a motor that never stops, sometimes even going past the whistle. He plays with an edge and truly has that nastiness that is necessary to be a dominate lineman. Nothing against Long and McHaney, but Johnson has to be the clear favorite. He also has offers from Vandy, Georgia Tech, Auburn, Duke... This kid could be special if he adds a couple pounds at the next level.
  15. Couldn't be happier that Brentwood Academy won this game. Ensworth, a class-less team led by their class-less coach, had this coming to them. relying too much on talent to bail them out finally comes back to bite them. Congrats to the COACHING from BA Potter threw a curveball on offense, switching to the wing t, and Elliott's defense seemed to have Ricky's number on offense. BA finally showed what many thought they would be all season, they are peaking at the right time and have another tough opponent in the championship game with MUS who absolutely dominated MBA. Good luck eagles! Im going out on a limb and saying IF BA wins, it will be because Cody Nelson manages the game well, and DJ Luna has a solid game.
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