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  1. Tullahoma in a blow-out......62 - 14
  2. Such a true statement Old Dad !!! If that happens it will be another great game.
  3. NCS -- Dont act like Columbia gave Tullahoma this game. You must have forgot about the whistle that was blown in the first half that cost Tullahoma a touchdown. Such a good play the refs thought the running back had the ball but all along the QB had it on a sweep. Would have been 20-0 instead of 13-0 at the half. Give credit where credit is due.....Two great teams that played a great game that came down to the last play of the game. High School Football at it's best.
  4. Cats playing a good game in the first half !!! THS 13 - COLUMBIA 0
  5. Could not have said it any better Coach !!!!!!!!!
  6. Good showing in the 16U and 18U this year. 18 Gold down only 7 teams. You can go to www.musiccityhits.com and click on teams and results and follow that and can see all the teams and pool play times. Hope the weather is good!!!!
  7. Thanks, gives me something to start with...will leave early just in case, if we get there to early gives me a good reason to have a good meal....haha
  8. Is the game at Soddy Lake ?? Anyone have an address for my GPS ?? Would like to go but have never been there.
  9. You are correct. Lost a couple of good players but they have already been replaced with some quality players. Will still be in the hunt. Its almost time, can't wait.
  10. Wow never seen a bracket where the winner of game 1, then play Sat. and if they should lose that game play Monday at 5:00 before the loser of game 1 even plays there 2nd game. Winner of game 1 could be out of tournament before the loser plays there 2nd game. Something not right about that !!!!
  11. Columbia hosts Tullahoma at 6:00 on Thursday. Winner travels to Lincoln Co. Saturday I think.
  12. Great tournament!! Good job GURU! Same here GURU !!! Also the Ribeye sandwich's were awsome....
  13. You are not the only one baffled by that loss,Law co ladies are a good team ! i believe them ladies can pull it together if they can get a little support from the men in charge !! Guys don't be baffled by the loss. Yes we are a very young team with only 3 seniors. Think you guys come into the game after a 17 run win the night before and felt like it should be another easy win. We are young with a sophmore and a freshman pitcher. But what we do have is a good defence and as it was that night we played a error free game with a freshman pitcher. Yes you do have a good team but as we know, never take any team lightly. Our district losses are 5 to 4, 2 to 1, 3 to 2 and 5 to 2. Not bad for a young team. There is still a lot of great softball yet to be played. Good luck to all..........
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