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  1. South Side and McNairy are definitely the top 2 teams out of the West. South Side has defeated McNairy twice already so they appear to have a stronger pitching staff.
  2. Congratulations to the Germantown Red Devils for finishing as Runner Up yesterday at the ASA 16 Under National Championship Tournament in Montgomery, AL!!! What an AMAZING accomplishment for the team and the organization!!! Congrats to the other Tennessee Teams who attended Nationals: TN Fury - 7th (T) Knoxville Speed - 33rd (T) Nashville Cruisers - 33rd (T) Team Worth 96 - 65th (T) Team Worth 95 - 65th (T) Tennessee IIllusions 96 (T) A complete list of the brackets and order of finish can be see at http://lagoonparksoftball.com/
  3. Probably a little too early to be making predictions since the season just started and you could not possibly know about all the teams throughout the state.
  4. UPDATE: Ashley Hitt - Weatherford College - IF Congrats to Germantown Red Devils Claire Clark and Jess Taylor for making the Adidas Futures National Team. Congrats to Andrea Kindrick for making the Adidas Futures National Team as an alternate. There were 65 athletes from Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi at the tryouts.
  5. Congratulations to the following Germantown Red Devils - Class of 2011!!! Taylor Barklay - University of Central Arkansas - Pitcher Shelese Arnold - University of Illinois - Pitcher Swayze Hollenhead - Mississippi State University - IF Ashley Phillips - Mississippi State University - OF Laura Beth Ray - Henderson State - C
  6. CONGRATULATIONS to Shelese Arnold for signing with the University of Illinois - The Big Ten Conference! Shelese attends Lexington High School and plays for the Germantown 18U Gold Team. Apparently changing pitching coaches a couple of months ago got you to the next level!!! Great Job Shelese!
  7. The following Tennessee teams are in College Station, Texas this week for the 16U ASA Nationals: Knoxville Fury Germantown Red Devils Mustangs 94 Fastpitch Tennessee Fury
  8. Not likely!!! Beech beat Collierville 12 to 2! HoganKnows needs to change his name and Canesoverhere will probably never be heard from again.
  9. Beech Beat Collierville 12-2. No one is suprised...except maybe Collierville.
  10. Agree...plenty of good lodging in Goodlettesville, only 15 minutes to Drakes Creek.
  11. Here is your "TOP 7" in no particular order Thunder 93 Frost Falcons Athletics Mustangs Germantown Red Devils Chat Force Chat Fury [/quote Teeball knows his stuff...list still looks good.
  12. Don't hurt yourself. Collierville has avoided competition since 1999...the proof is in the pudding...what is their record at state? Thinking somewhere around 2-14. Just a guess... have not seen them win a game at state.
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