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  1. Guess we will know soon enough
  2. No shot clock needed, officials can't handle anything else to rule/enforce. If the TSSAA is going to expend energy and money it should be on improving the ranks of officials. More officials training, more feedback/review of officials with more pay following positive performance reviews through regular game evaluations. ^^^^^^^^THIS WOULD IMPROVE THE GAME- For players, coaches and fans, not a shot clock.
  3. Will likely be over in the first 5 minutes and for sure when MAHS quits after the first QTR.
  4. It's Memphis, they play by their own rules.
  5. Pretty sure the Rockets are going to hear " Houston we have a problem" over the headset in this game.
  6. Lake County is very good, not Huntington good but very good. TCA is a pretty small/light team and always struggles defensively against opponents with size. Offensively very elementary which in turn is very predictable for opposing game plans.
  7. There is ONE contender-Trenton Peabody. Everyone else will be a stepping stone to the Gold ball.
  8. My apologies. I should have clarified more and did not mean you were guessing at the outcome but rather the potential winners to create that scenario weren’t bad guesses for the winners of next weeks games. The least likely of that scenario being TCA winning over LC.
  9. Pretty good guesses right there, would be nice to sweep R8
  10. Agreed, I simply expected a better football game to be played.
  11. TCA had played good D in the film I watched on the last 3 games. Honestly looked like a different team when I watched the live stream last night.
  12. Nah I'm good, just got off the can.
  13. Why yes you did. Honestly the outcome is exactly what I'd expect when a very talented 2A school plays what is truly a mediocre talented 1A sized school.
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