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  1. Both A-E and G-P placed on probation for a year and fined $500 each. http://www.knoxnews.com/sports/prepextra/gp-ae-placed-on-probation-after-altercation-involving-racial-epithets_16313975
  2. It was originally planned to be made up tonight at 6:00 PM, but I have since heard it was a forfeit. Not sure why that was changed,
  3. There's another error. Someone entered Sevier County's schedule so there are two GP / Sevier County games listed. Please remove one of them.
  4. Schedule change again, sorry. Drop Dixie SC. They were replaced by William Blount.
  5. I was entering Gatlinburg Pittman's soccer schedule and went a little nuts and entered three games against Heritage. Can you please delete the two incorrect ones? The correct game time is 4/18/13 at 5:00 PM.
  6. Why is this game not in the Big Ones Competition? It seems to me there are none bigger.
  7. VolViking, I believe you may have been sampling some of Cocke County's number one cash crop while posting your predictions. Though I cheer for CCHS and would love to see them competitive, I doubt the team that has won four games in the past three years can finish fifth. Here are my selections: 1) Jeff Co 2) Morr West 3) Morr East 4) Sevier Co 5) South Doyle 6) Cherokee 7) Seymour 8) Cocke Co
  8. It is official. Knoxville News Sentinel reports it is Clark Duncan. http://www.knoxnews.com/news/2009/mar/12/d...e-football-job/
  9. I am a Doyle grad and now live in Atlanta, but will try to answer for the lack of community support. First, there was the merger. I attended all 42 football games (one playoff and one bowl game) and some basketball games during my time at the school. After I graduated and before the merger, I attended several Doyle games but since the merger, only one. You see, my high school no longer exists. No more scarlet and gold, no more Pioneers. On top of that, it was merged with South Young, perhaps our biggest, most hated rival. Imagine if Duke and North Carolina combined to form a school called the North Duke Tar Devils. Would the Duke and North Carolina fans support this new school that is half what they used to love and half what they used to hate? My answer is no. Second is geography. The school is located far out in the county away from the majority of the school's students. I grew up closer to UT than to the high school. It is much more convenient to cross the river and go to a UT game or hundreds of other options available in Knoxville than trek out to the school where there is little else. This has improved over the years and will continue as Knoxville grows and development moves further out. When I was at Doyle, we were surrounded by cow pastures and could frequently smell manure. At least today, there are neighborhoods there. Third is success. Neither Doyle or South Young were powerhouses in anything. Yes, there was an occasional championship here and there, but that was the exception rather than the rule. The merger brought hope of being able to rival the other big schools in the area, Farragut, Bearden, etc, but it did not happen. An average program plus an average program equals an average program. Success cures everything. Develop a winning tradition and the geography won't matter and the old wounds from the merger will fade.
  10. South Doyle Schedule 08/21/2009 Powell 08/28/2009 Heritage 09/04/2009 at Morristown East 09/18/2009 Morristown West 09/25/2009 at Carter 10/02/2009 Cherokee 10/09/2009 at Cocke County 10/16/2009 Seymour 10/23/2009 at Sevier County 10/30/2009 at Jefferson County
  11. Let everyone play at the younger ages. Players develop at different ages. The akward clumsy child at six could be an all-star in high school. The hero at six could be a dud in high school. The last thing you want a player to do is quit playing and resent the sport for life. Also, a lot of players burn out because they are being pushed too hard by parents and coaches. Our desire to re-live our youth through them could rob them of their youth.
  12. From an article titled "Plain Talk staff honored by Tennessee Press Association" published on July 23, 2008 "Finally, the Plain Talk's Sports Editor Paul Meador and Sports Writer Seth Butler received a fifth-place award for Sports Writing in their coverage last fall of Cocke County and Cosby high school football." Fifth place in sports writing for the entire state is pretty good, especially when the award was for the 2007 season when Cocke County was 1-9 and Cosby was 2-8. You can't blame the writers or the paper for the failures on the field. It seems to me everyone is more interested in assigning blame than fixing the program.
  13. The issue for both teams seems to be which team shows up? For Seymour, they were world beaters when they upset Maryville then failed to score in the loss to Heritage. For Cocke County, they scrimmaged good against GP, but laid an egg at the jamboree versus Morristown West. Does Coach Kelley have the Fightin' Cocks ready for week one?
  14. Cosby is much improved this year, and Pigeon Forge has the wrong Hammonds as coach.... Cosby wins !!
  15. I'm going out on a limb and picking the Eagles to win.
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