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  1. Yep, but at least I give enough respect to capitalize CPAy.....
  2. Masterful game by Coach Martin and CPA. We have our best effort, but it wasn't enough tonight. J. Tyson is a winner and will be so where at the FCS level, Mitchell has the grades to go wherever he wants. Alcoa's offense is hard to watch. We need to get more skill players involved in 2015 when we make another run at the gold ball. I guess we will put this one with the one other silver ball we won in 1988.... If we can find it. Congrats again to CPA on a well deserved victory. That are a tough well coached team. Out.....
  3. Out played and out coached so far. CPA is very disciplined. Receivers have been open, just have not connected yet. Soph QB should settle down and Alcoa needs to get back to alcoa football. We should be down at least 14. Maybe more.
  4. Yes. If anyone looking for the Bridge, I will be the best dressed guy in the house and will be flanked by my friend that looks like a male model...... and a Circus Midget, because that's how the Bridge rolls. Go Alcoee. Amen.
  5. Championship Friday. I predicted three in a row before last season, and that prediction stands. Gold ball #14 today and 15 in 365. Alcoa rolls 31-14, Loudon folks eat corn dogs, CAKe is still CAKe ...and Catholic schools will never beat us. Go Alcoee. Amen.
  6. Hi, first time poster, here. I just wanted to say "Go Vols" and I will hang up and listen.
  7. Do NOT concur. CIM played a lot of seniors in the game last year. Many of the "new and improved " CPAy team have not had the hand on F5 experience. Also too many kids playing both sides of the ball. Lions offense is no more explosive than CAKe .....or Notre Lame for that matter. They score no more than 17 on Alcoee and we dance just like we did back in '77!!!
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