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Everything posted by memphissoccerpimp22

  1. is anybody else having issues when they click the tv on the dashboard and when the match comes up its not the actual match it shows on the dashboard. nfhs to me is garbage but wondering if anybody else has issues with it. wish they could go to something else.
  2. cbg your correct this couldve been handled a totally different way. But it does seem like the coach might have been out to get him and yes the official didnt have a choice. and at first nobody mentioned it was while weighs were still going on. i know ive seen kids try to step on the scale while weigh ins to check there weight and the official asked him in a joking manner havent you been doing this for how many years, you know you cant do that once weigh ins start. lol...
  3. blows my mind that a coach or official would do this. you would think they even though your not supposed to be cutting weight for whatever reason that the coach and official would think about what they did to cut weight and give blind eye. sounds like this coach was making it about him which is sad. i couldnt imagine taking that opportunity away from a kid. worst cause is make him step on the scale right then. sad situation for this young man.
  4. wow! curious about more to this story. how and where was he cutting weight and who the coach was. apparently coach was out to get him.
  5. there a couple that should have some really good finals matches and yes this could be a toss up.
  6. bearcat curious what makes you think marchetti will upset anthony after being pinned in the first period this past week? not saying your write on wrong just curious.
  7. Coach Bray you must be coming back to Ridgeway to bring it back to life? Lol otherwise not sure that’s going to happen.. also Bolton will be moving to A-AA next year for all sports
  8. I’ve watched 100s of daltons matches and he has always clapped just like he did after matches! Plain and simple some refs make it all about themselves and there are posts about it every year! The state needs to do a better job of also having more officials from different parts of the state call the tournament instead of it always being Nashville and chatt officials! There wasn’t 1 official from West Tennessee that was represented and the 2 people that did call the state that now live in Memphis were previous Nashville officials so that doesn’t count! Same thing over the almost 20 years I’ve been part of it!
  9. Should be interesting to see what will be different for Andrew from last weeks Region 8 finals match and tomorrow! He’s got a lot of confidence swung his way after the 3 big upsets he’s already had at the state tourney!
  10. From what I saw there a BS call from the official! The first one was called on both wrestlers which I can justify and agree with that but the 2nd was BS! But yes sometimes officials do too much and well in this case cost him a shot at being in the semis and possibly finals!!!! And NO I’m not a Arlington parent or part of the program before people start talking stuff stuff like they always do.
  11. IF Artiles were to somehow pull off an upset over Cannon in the 120lb finals match he should get OW after beating the 2,3,5 seeds to make the finals!!!! However after watching the last match I still have Cannon on top but Artiles is on a amazing run! Both great young men!
  12. Cockman is no longer in the tourney after getting a crap 2nd unsportsmanlike in a match! Which def shouldn’t have been called at all! So he will finish with a 6th place finish
  13. What are predictions for each weight class finals?
  14. 120lb state Championship both from region 8! Both of these are great young men I’ve known for a long time! Can’t wait to watch 2 guys who used to be practice partners in the Championship
  15. Ha no his dad isn’t a news anchor lol
  16. Just upset the #2 kid wow!!! He’s been a strong wrestler since he was in youth!
  17. Bump... some people just want to try to be heard!
  18. Bump plenty to start the day off lol
  19. My opinion is Dawson from Collierville before Worley!
  20. Post upsets from today on here!!!
  21. Wooten should pin his way through to a championship!
  22. So are you saying Cannon will have a easy way through the tourney? Just trying to clarify what you were trying to say?
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