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  1. Caleb Houston, Kyle Mitchell, George Bullock, Jonathan King, Chris Harris, kid from Baylor
  2. Please tell me where Independence has been cocky
  3. Guess your the only realistic, practical, reasonable, rational Franklin fan. I was actually enjoying the Franklin crap talk...
  4. You're right, it's so tough going against a tough Siegel defense giving up over 23 points a game who only beat ravenwood 21-7.
  5. Might as well get the topic of the trash-talking schools started. Predictions: 31-10 Indy
  6. If indy wins this will it be considered another fluke? just like how they played Blackman to a five point game and held the I-Train and team to 14 points? I just love how Indy gets absolutely no respect, and probably won't even if they do win this game. What do they have to do to gain any respect in the district/county?
  7. Not bragging...just think that we proved a lot of people wrong.
  8. Where did all of the Blackman trash-talkers go after this game!?!? did I read the score correctly in the paper or was it only a 5 point game? Can a Blaze fan please confirm this?
  9. This will be a great game!! BGA has talent in many different positions, they have great linebackers, good tight end, decent line, great QB, and above average skill players. I believe BGA will make a run in their class for the state title. Smyrna, as always, will be good with outstanding athletes. I honestly don't know what to think about this one, two different types of teams, with BGA being the well coached, disciplined private school, but I have to say Smyrna over BGA 31-30
  10. Definitely Columbia Central, I say Knox West has a chance to make a run as well.
  11. Am I the only one confused about your post? 1. You're screen name is Indynation. (Independence). 2. If your screen name is Indynation, why are you trying to accuse "your" school. 3. You say you took your son to the camp...so are you a parent of one of these kids trying to call out the school that your kid goes to? 4. If your honestly worried about their kicker Landon Foster being at a camp at the same time as one of their coaches, then you have a lot more problems to worry about. I'm pretty sure coaches don't try to teach kickers how to kick, especially ones like Foster.
  12. Predict the AAA Mr. Football awards. Back, Lineman, and kicker.
  13. With the talent down in the district, is Matt the biggest D1 recruit in the district? Any quality players on Hillsboro or Brentwood?
  14. Well, to be honest, who knows/who cares. But since I have nothing better to do, I'll take a crack at it. This year could be a pretty good year (7-3) or the worst year yet (3-7). There are many unknowns with Independence so I've heard. As you said, the QB is an unknown and some other positions, the fact that Ty Fetner tore his ACL in the spring and is now moving back to Texas doesn't quite help the situation. The defense should be a strong point for the team, but I do believe that they will score over 110 points this year. And I don't quite understand your concern about the scheduling, it should be a much easier out of district schedule than the last two years, other than opening with Blackman. So, here's my game by game, Blackman- I'tavius, 'nough said. LOSS Page- Cross town rivalry, page lost quite a few players/coaches, I believe Indy will win this one. WIN Brentwood- Believe it or not, Indy somehow seems to play Brentwood close each year, and I don't quite understand why everyone thinks Brentwood will be great this year. I know they are Brentwood, but they lost a GREAT senior class. Indy could come away with this, but I'll go with Brentwood. LOSS Lincoln County- It's Indy's first home game of the year, and I believe they will bounce back to be 2-2. WIN Centennial- Centennial will be small but fast and could be the surprise of 11AAA. With Rector, who knows what Centennial will look like. I believe Indy will come back from the tough, last minute loss of last year and at least score a touchdown in this game unlike last year, and will win. 3-2 for Indy now. WIN Coffee County- Indy's Homecoming, and it's Coffee County. WIN 4-2, not a bad start.... Hillsboro- It will be Hillsboro's homecoming, this could be a very close game as it was two years ago, where Indy came back down from 10+ points in 3 min, or it could be a blowout not shown by the score like last year's win by the Eagles. I'm gonna go with Indy on this one, but I think it will be closer than people think. 5-2. Bye- A well planned bye week by Dyson before a very important final 3 weeks. Gives dyson two weeks to get ready for Franklin. Franklin- Could be close with the two week practice for Franklin. Franklin, I believe, will be a little down as the rest of Wilco will be, but it just seems that Indy can never get it right when playing against Franklin. 0 points in the last 3 games against Franklin. Even the kicker missed a FG in the playoff game in '09. Have to go with Franklin. LOSS 5-3 Siegel- Always a close game between the Stars and Eagles. The past two years Indy has won by a point each time. The eagles have been lucky the past two years, and it might stay with them or it might catch up to them. This game is really a toss up. I believe that the leadership in this senior class, unlike last years, will get them back up after the Franklin loss to win this game, as this senior class is really loooking for a good season. WIN Ravenwood- Who knows, Ravenwood just got their coach, what, 3 weeks ago now? We'll see what this new coach can do. This is Indy's senior night and as I said with the Siegel game, this Senior class will make sure they go out with a win against Ravenwood. Ravenwood also lost some key players, Bednar, Leyer, etc, so I believe it shouldn't be too tough for Indy. WIN 7-3 This is how it could shape up, however as I said in the beginning, if things fall apart, it could end up at 3-7, or worse. Only the players can make the decision on how the season goes. Time will tell.
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