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  1. Exactly, an 8-2 team and the district runner up to a team that may win 1A is just garbage and not very good. Of course, he thinks that basically every team out there is terrible. I'd say something about Liberty, but it's got nothing to do with the school or their fans. It's just about him "putting over zealous fans in their place." Whatever that means.
  2. Thank you BigBlacknGold. He really does need to stick around and learn. Although I'd prefer, he'd just move along since his posts have nothing to do with the topic at hand.
  3. Oh Goody! I can't wait. I gave you examples of how you're nothing but a troll and an example of what you wanted. You want to try to educate every west Tenn fan on this message board but then want to get mad at someone for reading you. Sit down, little one.
  4. I'm calling out someone who's only purpose is to demean other teams, not a fan. Who are you supporting in this case? No one! So it's not even the same situation. But thanks for playing! Do you even know what that saying even means???
  5. I rest my case. Nothing substantial to add. Just like the rest of your posts.
  6. An example? The BTW coach's grandson transferred to Mitchell and plays basketball there. He felt threatened with gangs at BTW, which is understandable. But that is the same reasons people come to privates. They do switch schools. There are new examples out there. Read some threads and get educated please.
  7. I know all about open enrollment. If you had any reading comprehension, I said they don't have room to talk. Examples? How about the Lexington thread where you telling them how bad they were. The trinity soccer thread last year. Talking about Trinity's athletes cursing out liberty players. Do I need to go on? You're just a crap stirring little troll who thinks he's some Messiah to the messages boards. Stomping out over zealous fans everywhere!! Good for you!! You're awesome!
  8. TCAIntense may be a little over zealous but that's called being a fan. Every fan thinks their team can we win. I have to laugh at someone who thinks it's their "job" to call people out. Please, it's called being a troll in your mom's basement who is looking to act big on a message board. What a big man you are, DHS! You really put TCAIntense in his place!
  9. Any Memphis school fan who wants to talk about hand picking athletes has no leg to stand on. Open enrollment and kids switching schools yearly, and you want to talk about private schools? Sit down. TCAIntense, you're not suppose to talk about anything good on your team. God forbid, you should say that you're gonna win. It's called being a fan of a team, DHS, which you're not one.. You're a fan of trolling other teams. Your purpose is only to come on to other threads and start crap with other teams. Must not be much going on in your life if you take that much pride in putting other teams and their fans down.
  10. "tca looking for game for Monday or Tuesday. April 18 19. Call coach craft. 7316096336
  11. 7-1 on the season. Lost to Brighton 4-2 in tournament semi-finals this past weekend but beat them yesterday 8-2. Anna does pitch, and she is 6-1 on the season. They'll still have something to say this year I believe.
  12. They're a good team no lie. I'm proud of Trinity. You guys worked hard.
  13. You must feel soo proud beating up on teams your three times bigger than! Congrats!!!!!
  14. LOL yep you play every single down in a game, and you might get tired. He doesn't have the pleasure of playing on a 4A school that can sub players in and out. LOL!
  15. I was wondering cause they just have boys coming in and out of the game! LOL
  16. LOL this is David vs. Goliath! How many players does Signal have on their team?
  17. Okay first things first, please try to address the correct poster. IF YOU'll actually read what others wrote, you would see TCAMOM said nothing about Humboldt; it was TCAEE. Secondly, if the kid is soooo weak, then why has just about every major program out there offered him a scholarship? Yes, any freshman coming into college has to learn to adjust to the college game and get stronger; Jabriel is no different. Don't go around acting like you're trying to compliment the kid because you weren't, unless you consider backhanded compliments an actual compliment. An ACTUAL compliment would have been he played a great game, he is a phenomenal athlete, etc. Instead, you had to write about how weak he is, and how someone else was much better than him. That's okay though, he'll still be playing next week and for four more years at Bama(wish he was going to be a VOL). So by all means keep hating away if that makes you feel better.
  18. Trinity comes back after losing the first game of the tournament to win the championship in 10 innings 2-1. Congrats TCA!
  19. Just for the record, that's not coming from someone involved with Trinity.
  20. My question is this: How do you know they didn't give more credit? They could have told the reporter a lot more than the few quotes they put in there, and the one quote from him said that your pitcher did a good job and that the wind had an effect on both teams. I think if anything you should be upset with the reporter who decided to take that angle with the story and put those quotes in there, not Craft. I would bet you anything that the team and Craft realize that Riverside has a good team. They've proven that on the field the last few years.
  21. First let me say, coming onto a board and bashing people and/or teams is very tasteless. Of course, coming from the same person that implied Ivy and Cat were token pitchers at TN in another thread, I do not expect any less. Most of your posts wreak of jealousy, and this one is no exception. Let me assure you Robert Craft is a good man. He cares about his softball players and always has their best interest at heart. He coached my cousin from when she was in the 5th grade until she graduated. She would gladly vouch for him anyday. What's funny is that Craft is even quoted as saying that the other pitcher did a good job of moving the ball around on the mound, but you make no mention of that. Just because someone is confident in their teams abilities does not make them a jerk. Coming onto a message board and anonymously spewing venomous stuff towards someone instead makes YOU a jerk. Quotes in newspapers get mangled most everyday because the reader does not know the question that was asked or the context in which it was said. Everyone involved with the Trinity softball team respects ALL of their opponents, from the parents to the players to the coaches. Hopefully next time you will show a little more of that RESPECT to other people.
  22. That's what I love about Trinity's team. They don't need people on here bragging on them or dogging other teams. They just let their play speak for itself and keep on working hard.
  23. Trinity won. Outscored opponents 42-0 and beat Covington 5-0 in championship game.
  24. That's awesome for Hailey! She has such a great attitude and works so hard. Congrats!
  25. There's a difference in being proud of your team and belittling another. I love it. Every year Forrest loses their fans yell about them being public school champions, but when they win, they are CHAMPIONS and giving Trinity a public education. It's okay I'm sure that 2009 STATE CHAMPIONSHIP trophy will look great next to the other two! /thumb[1].gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":thumb:" border="0" alt="thumb[1].gif" />
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