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  1. pioneer95

    Oakland Foootball Opening

    Volsrock is afraid of the boro district. He wants to pad his winning prect. with easy competition!!
  2. pioneer95

    Who will be Warren County's next Head Coach?

    I bet he runs the Veer or wing T like his dad does at Cumberland
  3. pioneer95

    White Co vs Warren Co

    The biggest problem warren county has this year is lack of production from the offensive line. They are not getting the job done up front and this is the reason the QB is having a bad year as are the running backs. When the RB's get hit at or behind the line and QB is sacked 7-8 times a game, blame should be put where the problems is.
  4. pioneer95

    McMinn at Soddy Daisy

    Who was ejected from the game for Soddy Daisey? The trade film we got only had 3 qts on it and that was missing plays.
  5. pioneer95

    To the subject of Warren Co. FOOTBALL!

    WOW!!! What a great post. Unfortunately this applies to more than just Pioneer football. I'm sure "ALL" coaches and teachers see this every day.
  6. pioneer95

    Warren county football

    Of the 10 teams we faced this year, 7 made the playoffs.
  7. pioneer95

    Public school coaches told not to pray

    What bothers me the most about this is, "During a student-originated, student-led prayer, four coaches bowed their heads. They didn't say a word. But the principal and the district found out." They are saying that a coach or teacher cannot bow their head even when someone else says a prayer.
  8. Channel 4 had this story. What do you think? My link
  9. pioneer95

    Warren county football

    NO! Pioneer fans are actually looking forward to the last 5 games thinking we have a shot at going 4-1. The team is getting better each week. Maybe you need to just worry about basketball and leave football alone!
  10. pioneer95

    Warren county football

    We need a kicker in the worst way!!!! What ever happened to the soccer guys coming over and kicking for the football team? I know one of them has to be able to kick off past the 30yd line and I bet half of those girls could beat what we have.
  11. pioneer95

    Warren county football

    whitey has always been a hater!!
  12. He could always go somewhere else. LOL
  13. pioneer95

    Job opening at Warren Co.

    No facilities is more like it.
  14. Great kid with an unbelievable work ethic. He will go far as long as he stays healthy.