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  1. wingman10

    4A Playoffs

    Maplewood had some transfers that helped..better team than last yr
  2. Tullahoma has improved with influx of talent..Maplewood is better and the new players helped..
  3. wingman10

    Cloudland vs the longhorns

    Congrats to the Longhorns
  4. wingman10

    Alcoa @ Gatlinburg-Pittman

    This is a very good Alcoa team..may be best in state
  5. wingman10

    Giles at Tullahoma

    Tough yr for the bobcats..former Coach Gordan hopes it gets better
  6. wingman10

    Dekalb Co vs Cumberland Co Week 11

    DC should win..but, "Go Jets"
  7. wingman10

    Giles at Tullahoma

    talent has improved and some good players are on way up ( if they stay with football)
  8. Coach Joslin is a good coach
  9. wingman10

    Huntland Hosts Moore County! Take the Poll!

    Yes sir..he is doing ok at a place that is tough to Do it at
  10. wingman10

    Huntland Hosts Moore County! Take the Poll!

    One of the best rivalries in the state. Goes way back, even before the Majors Days. But the Majors part of it is classic.
  11. wingman10

    [email protected]

    good performance by Alcoa's golf team. Congrats
  12. Smoked bologna? I need to get back to Tn and make the trip