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  1. wingman10

    Sequatchie FB

    As usual, Pirates are the best team in the valley
  2. wingman10

    Too soon to start football !!

    LOD is ok..
  3. wingman10

    Baylor School Boys Basketball

    they have strong assistants
  4. wingman10

    Cornersville Bulldogs 2018

    Coach Randolph will have them ready. Will be very good. May not make it as far as they did last yr. Game with Eagleville will be interesting. Only regular season loss last yr.
  5. wingman10

    Lake Co 2018!!

    Coach Barger will have them ready
  6. wingman10

    Dresden 2018

    Go Lions
  7. wingman10

    Friday Main Event YouTube Channel Launching!

    Always preciate it
  8. wingman10

    2018 Sequatchie Valley Jamboree Schedule

    Grundy has two tough ones
  9. wingman10

    Red Bank football 2018

    Good school..new coach but still good place
  10. wingman10

    William blount offseason thread

    Jets had a lot of tough yrs..last good season was probably 83 or 84
  11. wingman10

    Da Haven

    Good news..didn’t understand why Jones didn’t recruit Memphis
  12. wingman10

    Franklin Rebels

    Coach Webb still there?
  13. wingman10

    Red Bank football 2018

    Red Namk should be solid.
  14. wingman10

    Friday Main Event Spring Wrap Up!

    Thanks..looking forward to the season. You get some very good interviews. Get Derek Rang on again. Team will be better but in a tough spot.