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  1. wingman10

    Gibson County State Champs

    Great tradition at Gibson Co. and Greenfield is one of the favorites to win it all next yr.
  2. wingman10


    good camp...Coach Bosken is good
  3. wingman10

    Chattanooga Central Boys BB coach

    Hope they get a good coach
  4. Congrats and glad to see Annie Bass make all tournament
  5. Two good teams..great fan support
  6. wingman10

    Westview vs Cheatham Co

    Congrats..Pat Summitt would be proud
  7. wingman10

    Greenfield v. Loretto (2019 Single A Semis)

    Congrats to Loretto
  8. wingman10

    Greenfield v. Clarkrange (2019-quarterfinal matchup)

    Two good teams..two good coaches..great traditions..enthusiasc fans
  9. wingman10

    Grundy County 2019

    What is the schedule? Is TH still your coach? How is BM doing with the baseball team?
  10. Looking forward to the draw
  11. wingman10

    Gibson County travels to Memphis Business Academy

    could be close for a while..but GC pulls away
  12. wingman10

    District 8-A

    Moore Co has had a better yr than expected...they will pay hard..Coach Rogers team is one of the best and will be tough to beat
  13. wingman10

    Summertown v Loretto Round 5... Who you got?

    You are wrong in saying " You guys are making out like the other teams in the tournament not named Greenfield just ought not show up." and including me in you guys. I do not think that, and haven't. You or Greenfield should be the favorites to win the Gold, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't show up. Loretto has some injuries as does other teams. I have always been a fan of your team.
  14. wingman10

    Summertown v Loretto Round 5... Who you got?

    Pulling for Loretto but I think Summertown wins. The team that plays Greenfield will have a tough go of it.
  15. wingman10

    West Tn Class A

    Huge w by Greenfield