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  1. Tenntex

    Does DCA have what it takes

    Has anyone seen DCA this year, How is Chris Wooden doing after his injury last year, Do they have what they need to go all the Way??????
  2. Tenntex

    DCA vs Perry County!

    DCA has a very intense press and with the DCA fans getting into all the PC girls head tonite PC will turn the ball over 15 time before halftime. THey have a great out side shooting game and a deep bench that will keep fresh legs on the court.....DCA by 13. The Private school shall win again
  3. Tenntex

    The great high jump

    I just want to know who to be watching this season
  4. Tenntex

    CPA over Goodpasture again

    DOnt count out DCA just yet they beat College Heights lat night by 14 and are playing good again
  5. Tenntex

    9A falling in place

    That was also known as last year ill admit 9a was surprised by the less talented 10a but 10a does not have a chance this year
  6. Tenntex

    Cpa vs. Dca

    This is going to be a good game ,because dca plays great team D and does not allow to many one on one matchups and everyone on dca's team can score unlike CPA
  7. Tenntex

    Dreams @ Adidas Classic

    Hey this is derek good job in the this weekend im sorry i couldnt be there but i will be this weekend that a way to play brandon and zech
  8. Tenntex

    hey GOMAB

    thanks i did Tsoutho7 is my screen name
  9. Tenntex

    hey GOMAB

    hey gomab im a 17u guard looking for a team in the middle TN area do you know of any teams that are short handed. the thunder organization is too full and if i could get the team names and a way to contact them it would be great
  10. Tenntex

    dca shocked 9a

    thanks he has done a good job
  11. Tenntex

    dca shocked 9a

    Who would have thought the dca wildcat would be sitting in the second place spot going into the tourney. an automactic bid to regionals these boys have worked hard to beat many great teams like ezell cpa and goodpasture good luck in the future [Edited by Tenntex on 2-22-03 9:48P]
  12. Tenntex

    Ezell, fire your coach!

    Ezell and burnett deserve each other, Please do not break up such a good situation, Lets see what kind of coach he is when he has no race horses. We will be watching
  13. Tenntex

    Ezell Harding " A Long Season"

    You know what they say, Its a long way from the top to the bottom, Long season is an understatement, whats up I hear the players ( also some of the decissons made not to play were made by parants) will not play for the coach that is there now. Is he that hard to work with, Why ? any feedback :confused:
  14. Tenntex

    Scores from Harriman Classic.......

    DCA won by 12 against oneida and lost by 5 to harriman
  15. Tenntex

    DCA hows it looking

    How will the Lady Cats do this year, I understand that they lost a good player in D1 danelle baskin, do they have anything else, How do you feel the 9a finsh rankings will be