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  1. Remember Jack 's first game at BHS. . .against Franklin? Bruins open up in a spread offense, Whittemore in shotgun. Never before seen in Williamson County( particularly since we had run nothing but I formation in our history). I think Palmer burned all his timeouts in the first 5 minutes. Bruins won something like 31-0.
  2. The school board just approved a purchase of 100 acres for a campus for a proposed k-8 school with the Nolensville High School. I'd say within two years, with borders being redrawn all over the district because of the domino effect. Ravenwood hasn't had consistent coaching, which is a huge factor. It also hasn't had the most supportive administration. It is earily following the history of it's predecessor, Brentwood. Brentwood started fast in football, administration didn't like it, and "de-emphasized" the program to place more emphasis on other athletics and extra-cirricular activities. It took BHS numerous coaching changes and terrible programs for years until it righted the ship with the right hire, aka Jack Daniels in the mid-90's. The rest of the story is well-known, and is an athletic model for success in many sports while maintaining superior academics. It will happen at Ravenwood with the right coach and right administration.
  3. Also, coaches oftentimes interview with the sole intention of strengthening their hand at their current position. In the previous coaching search, one outstanding candidate had all the credentials the committee wanted- but did not have a Tennessee teaching certificate and thus could not be hired. WillCo has strict criteria for being a head coach; possibly the "first" candidate could not/would not fulfill the requirements. All that being said, it is unimportant at this point: The Bruins have their new leader who is excited about the opportunity, tradition, and challenge. DAD1, the only thing worries me is that "WingT" comment- what in the name of "Air Whittemore" is going on????? Do we need to get back involved again????
  4. Fact: Aydellott was on the list to be interviewed when Daniels was hired (1 of 3 who applied; but never was seriously considered, and the impression was he never seriously considered the job. He was not interviewed when Crawford was hired. Fact: BHS parents, nor the booster club, have a sense of entitlement towards the football program. They have traditionally been engaged and supportive of whatever the program needs. Boundries are set and seldom crossed. Crawford, Daniels, or any member of the coaching staff will support that statement. And despite Williamson County's status as the 17th wealthiest one in the country, my experience is there is no tangible connection that statistic and what ever happens with the program. They are no more or less concerned about their son's playing time or what type of offense/defense is run, or what the uniforms look like than any other school's parents. The relative enthusiasm for contributing to needs for the schools above and beyond what is required is a hallmark of all the schools that feed into BHS; from the elementary level through high school. Fact: BHS or Franklin never regularly scheduled BA or any other privates, nor were they compelled to play them at anytime: pre-or post Carlton Flatt. Scheduling is all about relationships, and during Crawford's tenure, Rutherford County teams were the regular out of district opponents- not the privates. Opinion: The three premier (by tradition)programs in Willco are BA, BHS, and Franklin- in that order. BA is more concerned with Ensworth than BHS. Good stable programs, atmoshphere, opportunities, and academics attract players. Public education is not for every family. BHS holds their own quite nicely against the competition.
  5. Although I am saddened by Ron's departure, he leaves the Bruin program as the longest tenured- and most successful- coach in it's history. When Jack Daniel's arrived in the mid-90's, he changed a losing culture into a winning culture, which was accelerated under Crawford's tenure. They now have a program of excellence on all levels when there wasn't one pre-Daniels. This job will attract much interest from all over (like it did when Ron arrived), and it is a program that can offer the best coach available a tremendous opportunity for success. You seldom find this kind of situation- superior athletics, superior academics, good coaches at all levels, supportive administration, active and well placed parental involvement, and above all- outstanding young men who want to win and know how. Good luck Ron, Good luck Brentwood, I know you'll find a winner. WillCo now has three premier openings at the same time.
  6. Only thing Memphis brings to the table is good hoops and leading the state in teen pregnancies. Germantown and White Station have gold balls, and who else in the last um, 20 years among the big boys? Same old story every year. Crawford's team will be tenacious and very well prepared. Limit turnovers, get it to the fourth quarter and see what happens. Good luck Bruins.
  7. In my way of thinking, it wasn't broke when we had regions, but they changed it for economic reasons only. Brentwood got hosed last year in the way it was drawn up; at least there was a compelling enough reason to rectify that mistake. It is strange playing two teams back to back that you've already played, but that scenario could've played out under the previous system as well. Good job Friday night Bruins, play each snap like it could be your last-which is what the playoffs are all about. Trust me, once it's gone, it is gone forwever for the vast majority of players. No more tomorrows or next years. I have to chuckle. . .each year there is always some knucklehead poster who is giddy about Franklin, aggravating posters with their illogical posts, and then have to eat crow. The names change, but I promise you, they sseem to be written by the same guy each year. Things never change.
  8. From a long-time WillCo perspective; For a long time, Riverdale was the standard bearer for Rutherford County. Oakland came up from time to time and made some noise, but under Rankin, Riverdale was the undisputed leader. At that time, WillCo probably had more depth and would challenge Riverdale from time to time. However, in the last ten years the population exploded in Rutherford- which brought more families and more athletes. Schools like Smyrna, Blackman, and Siegel suddenly got a lot better- which wasn't the case earlier. Rutherford County football has since exploded into dominance. WillCo grew as well, subdividing great programs (Brentwood and Franklin)and hurting newer programs (Centennial). Had Ravenwood not been created out of Brentwood, the Bruins would have had a couple more gold balls in its case. It is not debateable: WillCo has been in the last few years less talented football-wise than in the late 90's early-mid 2000's. With continued population growth in both counties, it will be up to the school systems as to how they subdivide these schools and whose programs suffer more. Nothing lasts forever.
  9. What should've happened (Bud or the GM getting in VY's grill after the locker room incident)didn't happen- and the crisis began. I don't know if anyone could get away with publically castigating your boss like that in the real world. It had to have caused factions in the squad, with apparently the Texas boys and the young WR's taking Vince's side, and the older players shaking their heads. With VY's and Britt's injury, the offensive line having issues, this team couldn't score points. Plus, the LB's can't cover in space and the D-line is way too light. IMO, Vince has pretty much hit his ceiling. You can't become Peyton, Brady, Breese or the like on just talent alone. VY is a 9-5 QB-period. He is what he is. He will win you some games, but Lord help us if he struggles, gets booed, or gets hurt. Jeff needs to clean some house on his staff- and get fully staffed for next year if he wants to stay. Talking heads are drumming up the ignorant blogoshphere sycophants to fire Fisher. First of all, 95% of the people who say he hasn't won in 17 years can't realistically discuss the Houston years, the Oiler team makeup- they should only comment on the stay here in Nashville. The last two years have been rough- one winning streak, one losing streak, one winning streak, one losing streak. That has to be addressed. But I do know what he did with a consistent QB- and not the circus of PacMan, Albert, and VY. If I were him, I'd say the heck with this. I don't think the Titans want to lose Washburn, Munch, and Dinger. But you would if you lost Fisher. If VY stays, might as well make him the player coach!
  10. It must've been printed when they were 5-2. Last year's card just had the logo.
  11. Keep believing that Brentwood has inferior athletes, and they'll keep making plays- and outcoaching you again. If you truly believe this line of reasoning, check out which school has had more state and individual championships in the last ten years-or so. I do believe that it takes more than coaching to acheive that level of excellence. What ever feeds your delusions, have at it. The facts just don't support the claim. Good luck to the Inferno Boys going forward.
  12. This will be an interesting choice, as Willco expects the head coach to fill a position within the school, and have a teaching certificate in the state. I know at times qualified coaches who could not be considered because of this ruling; others because there was no opening for in that school for their teaching certificate. Aydelotte might like it because he would eliminate his commute; however I don't think the community would take to his offense. Winfree might be best staying where he is- his son is in line to be QB next year at BHS. The school is also in the crossfire of rezoning to fill Centennial,as well as a projected new high school for Nolensville-so numbers can't be counted on. The talent should still be there as new people move in as it probably ranks as THE high school with the highest per capita income per family in the state. Rector's biggest failing was (successfully) rolling the dice on the program for a championship run- meanwhile neglecting to install a freshman team, and totally neglecting the JV's. Those decisions have come back to haunt the program. Wonder what he will do when is GA at Western runs out? I'm not so sure being at Western now is going to be such hot stuff on his resume'. But the truth remains- have to beat Brentwood and Franklin to make the locals happy.
  13. Yes, one of the backs did hurt an ankle. We put him down last night. Good horse; tough to do.
  14. The problem I see with this poster is that he is solely relying on statistical analysis to dismiss others positions, as "statistacally" the middle part of the state gets to play in too many championships. Las Vegas lives for people like this. Statistics are fine as a tool, but they cannot accurately predict any outcome with certainty if the outcome is less than 100%. It is a common maxim among mathematicians that if you could just get the right algorithm, then you could explain human behavior with certainty. The TV show "Numbers" is more entertainment than fact. There are more 6A schools in this part of the state than in others. The largest school in this state is in Nashville. Statistically speaking, McGavock should have shown up SOMEWHERE on the list of champions. Matter of fact, statistically speaking, someone in Nashville should have shown up statistically more often than say, Williamson County schools (they have more schools with more students, yet no championships).Or any other sport How does THAT compute? This is how: better coaching, better staffs,better schemes, better turnout of the student population for the sport, better feeder systems, better resources spent on the programs, tradition, expectations. This is why Maryville excels, despite moving up in classification. This why Williamson and Rutherford County have similar successes, despite the explosive growth in schools which tend to be a delutive factor, not an additive factor. That is not a number you can feed into your hierarchal multiple regression analysis, probability density functions, or Fisher F-Distributions ( I took statistics as well). The reality is that it will all be played out on the field. I do predict that there will be, statistically speaking, some results that could not be predicted. Good luck to all of the players- may your dreams survive for another week.
  15. Most years this could've been a final. At the very least, this will have the flavor of a semi-final matchup. This is the most compelling first round matchup in the whole shooting match. In my memory, I've never seen two higher rated teams match-up in the FIRST round-ever. To the winner, you may think you won't play a tougher game until the finals, but according to this year's quad system, you've just begun. Enjoy your victory for the weekend. To the loser, your tremendous season you've just accomplished means nothing now- but in reality, the odds were stacked against you by the TSSAA. Realize your season's accomplishment IS something special. In most years, you'd have more games to play.
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