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Everything posted by boyfromsi

  1. Since the bye week was moved to October, we have only lost once.
  2. I agree with all you wrote. I would add, defense needs to play with a high motor from the first snap. They have been a little slow getting going.
  3. I don't know Willie. I hope he keeps up his love for football and keeps playing. This week's picks are a shot in the dark, we'll just have to see. I'm going with the majorities on all of my picks. However, it's GAME DAY! Go CATS!!
  4. 22 was the star of the game. Heyward played well. #11 is impressive. #85 for Jefferson showed out as well.
  5. I've lived here since 2002 and it has not been the case.
  6. My take as well. QB has a good arm though. JMS will struggle come Thurs. night.
  7. It's been better than most years at Robertsville. #69 is a promising defensive end prospect, big kid with good speed. I saw several on the offensive line that were pretty good size. I thought they handled themselves pretty well against Lenoir City. Again, I share your concern. It is hard to be competitive with the best teams with undersized linemen in today's' game. Another thing, middle school teams stack 9 in the box and blitz every play. Hard for 13 years old to block more than one.
  8. I watched the Lenoir City game and he is the real deal. #22 and #11 are as well. Robertsville is loaded.
  9. Good to see them getting ball to #24.
  10. We have real speed with Mr. Williams. Much better effort and execution so far. 14-0 OR.
  11. Something to consider, 09-10 teams had good linemen. We double platooned both sides of the line those 2 years. We were not very athletic, but Blade always had them prepared.
  12. Were you not around in 2009? That was the slowest OR team and it wasn't even close. We are certainly slower than the past several years. I agree with the post above, don't let the first game define your season. 2 years ago, we got waxed by Farragut with a sub-par effort on both sides of the ball. I told my son that you and your fellow seniors need to get together and decide what kind of team you were going to be. They met as players on the following Sunday and decided to salvage their season and finished strong. This team can do the same. They are much better players than they showed Friday night.
  13. That was very ugly. Horrible play calling. Defense was good and gave us a chance to win. Hardin Valley was solid and didn't do much to beat themselves. We have a lot of young guys that need to grow up fast. Hate to say it, but 5-5 will be an accomplishment for this team.
  14. Romano is good to go and looking good.
  15. I'm sorry. AC huge in this one, 42-14.
  16. I'm going to take Powell by 7. 35-28. The senior group for Powell is very good.
  17. A couple of comments and I will be done. First, it is the coaches, not the players, who determine the who, what, and where of positions on the field. Now, if a coach were wanting a player to change positions, I would hope that a real conversation took place about said change. Second, after watching the Wildcats for the past 17 seasons, I can tell you that there are always adjustments (big ones at that) made after the scrimmages. I would guess that would be the same this year. Last year's graduation hit the skill position pretty hard and they have not yet been filled. Our success in the early part of the season will depend on who fills those positions. It sounds to me like a great opportunity for some younger guys to step up.
  18. From my point of view, he was moved so that he and Jackson would be on the field at the same time. He has the best hands of the RB group. Only 1 DB has any experience and his brother was not able to stay on the team. Btw, you also have 1 returning starter at LB. A lot of inexperience there to work out. They have 2 weeks to do it, but I think they will be alright.
  19. Players playing wrong positions? Do tell.
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