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  1. Actually, it is exactly like having a sub-state
  2. They have at least some kind of temporary seating that they use for the roller derby matches there. But that may not be an issue if the current executive order is renewed.
  3. That's this week. This is next week. (Things can change fast in the current universe.)
  4. Hillsboro on its own makes more sense in 6 than it does in 7. But if they move, Hunters Lane would go with them, and looking at them together, 7 works.
  5. Any word on where the state tournament will be? The Free Press is reporting that the Ag Expo will be unavailable due to being used for either testing or vaccine distribution re: COVID.
  6. One thing to keep in mind: schools can opt to play up. We really won't know much until we see who does.
  7. Ok, the short-form is a bit hard to read. I think it might be clearer to make thE simple regions vertical. For regions with more complex cases, I don't think I can quite get it as simple as FME's presentation, becauseI am seeking to present all the possibilities no matter how remote. (That said, this year, I could still be crossed up by a region win/overall loss scenario due to a COVID forfeit.)
  8. It is not. In Tennessee, if you choose to play up, you play up, period. (There was one class period where this was not true, because 6A was fixed to exactly 32 teams, so when Maryville asked to play up, LaVergne--the smallest natural 6A that cycle--could have refused to play down. But they in fact agreed to go 5A.)
  9. Moving MTCS and Webb to the middle would really be punishing Grace Baptist, which, although in the eastern grand division, is closer to those than to the greater-Knoxville schools. I might just take those three plus Columbia Academy and GCA(F) to make an East/Middle South region and the rest an E/M North region.
  10. In fact, they will definitely play in the first round, against the #3 and #4 teams from R7. The byes go to to the top two from R7. (Assuming nothing further goes wrong.)
  11. Unlike Illinois' system, what y'all call “playoff points” are only the fifth tiebreaker in Tennessee. And over the many years I've been calculating playoff possibilities, only twice has there even been the potential (going into the final week) for it to come into play—and one of those was under an old system where it was substantially more likely. The bottom line is, with the unusual exception of a key team ending on exactly a 4-5 record (where it’s status as a .500-or-better team comes into play), teams not completing games hurt only themselves, and there's no need for the TSSAA to intervene. If we were using the IHSA's system, then I would agree with you.
  12. There's not really any unfairness across regions as to point scoring, since you only get scored against teams in your own region anyway. In that round, there are no advancements; the place points are balanced (gain/lose 2). The only extras created by the true 4th (other than the fact they’re scoring six places) is the chance for major/tech/pin bonuses. As for why only region 7-AAA, they are apparently the only one whose schools voted for it (other than the girls' regions, which go 8-deep in case the opposite region can't fill its places). I imagine any other region desiring to use the format would be allowed to.
  13. Region 1: South Greene and Happy Valley can each guarantee a home game by winning. Even with a loss, the Rebels can do no worse than third, while the Warriors could drop as far as fourth. Hampton needs a win and a Happy Valley loss to hang onto their title hopes, and stays in the running for the top two with either of those results. A win guarantees the Bulldogs a playoff slot, which will be at least third if Happy Valley also wins. Sullivan North cannot win the league, but has clinched a playoff spot. A loss leaves the Raiders with a ceiling of third, or fourth if Hampton wins. Cosby needs a Hampton loss to keep its playoff hopes alive. Even then, they can only manage fourth. Region 2: The winner between Oneida and Meigs County wins the region. If Oneida loses, the Indians are second; Meigs County, could still lose its home game if they lose and Wartburg beats Rockwood. Wartburg Central, as discussed above, can remain in the race for second with a win and an Oneida win. On the other hand, a loss eliminates the Bulldogs altogether; a win clinches a playoff spot only if Hancock County (from outside the region) beats Cumberland Gap. Cumberland Gap and Rockwood cannot finish better than third, but both clinch berths if Rockwood wins. if both lose, the Tigers (but not the Panthers) are capped at fourth. Region 3 Tyner wins the region. Bledsoe County can clinch third with a win, or fourth if Tellico Plains wins. Tellico Plains can clinch third with a win, or fourth with a Bledsoe County win. The Bears' hope for second place ends if they lose and Polk County wins. Marion County needs a win to stay in the race for third, and also needs a Bledsoe County loss to keep a chance at second. A win or a Bledsoe County win will put the purple Warriors in the playoffs. Polk County can do no better than third; that possibility ends if Marion County wins, and a Wildcat loss means outright elimination. Region 4 Watertown's Thursday win was half of what they needed to clinch the region. A Westmoreland win will finish the job. The win also advanced the Purple Tigers' floor from fourth to third; a win by Cascade would guarantee a home game for Watertown. Trousdale County now needs a win to stay in the title race as well as a Westmoreland loss. A win and a Westmoreland win would land the Yellow Jackets in exactly second place; a win guarantees third place, while they clinch a playoff spot with either that or an East Robertson win. East Robertson needs a win and a Trousdale County loss to stay in the hunt for first, and one of those two results to stay alive for second. The Indians clinch third with a win, or fourth with a Trousdale County win. Westmoreland lost its chance at the title on Thursday. They now need a win to keep even third place in their sights, and to stay alive for second also requires a Trousdale County loss. Cascade is capped at fourth with a loss and at either second or third with a win (the former requiring also an East Robertson loss). Jackson County had to win Thursday to avoid playoff elimination, and they didn't. Region 5 The most complex yet. Forrest is in the playoffs. The Rockets can clinch third with a win or if either Lewis County or Summertown wins; second with either a win or a Lewis County win, either accompanied by an Eagleville win; or first with a win and a Loretto win. If Summertown loses, they are out of the title race unless Forrest and Lewis County both lose. A win, on the other hand, guarantees at least third place, and if Forrest and Loretto also win, then the blue Eagles are exactly second. Lewis County clinches a playoff spot with a win, or third place if Summertown also wins. A loss plus a Forrest win would take the Panthers out of the title race, and if Summertown also wins, from the second-place race too. Eagleville needs a win plus losses by Forrest and Lewis County to have a shot at first. The maroon Eagles are capped at third with a loss at all, or fourth if Lewis County wins too. Loretto can do no better than second. A loss lowers the Mustangs' ceiling to fourth, while a Summertown win limits Loretto to third. Community must win and have Loretto and Summertown lose to avoid playoff elimination. Region 6 Houston County has clinched a playoff bid. A win gives the Fighting Irish the region; a loss could eliminate them from first place (if Scotts Hill wins). On the other hand, a Scotts Hill win guarantees the Irish no worse than third. Waverly can win the region tonight with a win and a Scotts Hill win; a loss immediately eliminates the Tigers. Waverly can finish no worse than third, period. Riverside needs a win and a Houston County loss to stay in the title hunt; a loss and a Waverly win would lock the Panthers out of the top two. If Riverside wins, they finish no worse than third. Hickman County can at best finish second; they are capped at fourth if Houston County and Riverside both win, or at third if one of them does. On the other hand, a Riverside win clinches the playoffs for the Bulldogs. Scotts Hill needs a win to stay alive. If they get it, their best possible finish is third. East Hickman is dead in the water. Region 7 Peabody clinches first with a win and an Adamsville win, or second with a win or a Union City win. The Golden Tide has already clinched at least third. McKenzie needs a win and a Peabody loss to stay alive for first. A win locks the Rebels into the playoffs; if Gibson County or Peabody also wins, McKenzie is at least third. Gibson County stays in the title race with either a win or a Peabody loss; elimination from a home game would require both of those to fail and also a McKenzie win. A win or a McKenzie win guarantees playoffs for the Pioneers. Union City and Adamsville each have a cap of second place with a win and fourth with a loss. In addition, Union City can seal a playoff berth with a win plus wins by Peabody and GIbson County. Halls can do no better than third. The Tigers can be eliminated in two ways: (a) they lose and either Adamsville or Union City wins, or (b) Adamsville and McKenzie win (even if Halls itself also wins). A loss or a McKenzie win limits Halls to fourth place. Region 8 Fairley clinched third place with their Thursday win. The same result means that Mitchell clinched fourth. MAHS missed a chance to clinch the playoffs Thursday (indeed, since Fairley also won, they would have clinched third with a win). Douglass was eliminated from first place by Fairley's Thursday win, but by winning their own game, the Red Devils preserved their shot at second. Trezevant was also eliminated from first Thursday, by their own loss, and would have been locked out of second had MAHS won. Hillcrest kept its ceiling at third place by way of MAHS's loss. KIPP retained its chance at third place with the MAHS and Trezevant losses, and must now win to continue holding on. Hamilton and Manassas were out even before the Thursday games.
  14. (Note: When I say that something is possible, I only mean it is mathematically possible. In other words, it is possible for Red Boiling Springs to beat McCallie...) Region 1: It is known that all four will qualify, Unaka fourth. If Cloudland beats Jellico, they are first and third respectively, with Hancock County second. If Jellico wins, it's chaos for those three. Region 2: Coalfield is in. If either Sunbright or Oakdale wins, they're guaranteed no worse than third. Greenback can clinch a playoff berth with a win. If Sunbright also wins, the Cherokees will get a home game; if not, they are still locked into the top 3 if they win and Oakdale also wins. Oliver Springs retains all possibilities if Greenback loses (anything from first to out). If Greenback wins, then the Bobcats can clinch a bid with a win, and are eliminated from first place if they lose. Harriman cannot win the region. A loss ends the Blue Devils' chance at second place, and even at third if Oliver Springs also wins. Midway needs a win to remain in the title race. If they lose and Greenback wins, the Green Wave cannot get a home game. Sunbright must win to keep its playoff hopes alive. Even if the Tigers win, they are out if Harriman and Oakdale both win, and if one wins, they cannot reach third. In no case does Sunbright host the first round. Oakdale can finish as high as second, although that possibility requires both Greenback and Midway to lose tonight. If the Eagles themselves lose, theirplayoff hopes are destroyed altogether. Region 3: Copper Basin will finish at least second. South Pittsburg is the only other team with a chance at first place. If either the Pirates or the Sale Creek Panthers win, both clinch playoff places, and whichever one won (or both) are guaranteed no worse than third. Whitwell and Lookout Valley can finish no higher than second, and both must win for either to keep that hope. Either team is capped at fourth place if it loses (whatever the other does). Region 4:Monterey and Clay County have clinched top-3 finishes; Gordonsville clinches a playoff spot with a win. Any of these three can win the region. Jo Byrns, Picket County, and Red Boiling Springs can finish no higher than third. In fact, RBS can finish no better than fourth, and a Gordonsville win would also end Pickett County's shot at third. Region 5: Fayetteville has won the region Cornersville clinches a playoff berth with a win, and it will be at least the #3 if Huntland also wins. Huntland cannot clinch tonight, but also cannot be knocked out of the race for second and a home game. Mount Pleasant needs losses by both Huntland and Cornersville to remain in contention for second. Richland and Moore County need to win to remain in the hunt for second. Moore County, in fact, cannot even finish third with a loss. Region 6: Huntingdon will host in Round 1, and can clinch the region with a win. Hollow Rock-Bruceton is thus eliminated from first with a Huntingdon win; a McEwen win, on the other hand, guarantees the blue Tigers postseason play. McEwen must win to remain in the first-place race, and also needs for Huntingdon to lose. The Warriors clinch a playoff spot with a win, and at least third place if HR-B also wins. Collinwood can at best finish second; if HR-B and McEwen both win, the Trojans' ceiling drops to third. Wayne County can finish as high as second with a win, but no better than fourth with a loss. Perry County needs the upset of Huntingdon to remain in any playoff contention, and even then can only hope for fourth place and the trip to Fayetteville. Middleton is out. Region 7: Lake County will finish at least third. Greenfield and West Carroll are also guaranteed to make the playoffs, and each can clinch third place tonight. The Yellowjackets need a win to do so, while the War Eagles' own result does not affect the question: what they need is a Humboldt win. South Fulton and Gleason cannot make the top two; each drops out of the third-place race with a loss, and South Fulton can even be eliminated if the Red Devils lose and Greenfield wins. Dresden and Humboldt can finish no better than fourth, but cannot be eliminated tonight. Region 8: I haven't yet redone the analysis to account for Freedom Prep's forfeits.
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