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  1. Here's the thing, though. The alignment you are showing is based on the earlier votes. But then an item after those indicated accepting another proposal. That suggests that something else is changing... Here's what I would have done. Three regions. The true Eastern teams (Grace Baptist, Silverdale, and King's) plus the two clearly east of Nashville (MJC and MTCS) form an East region. The middle would be seven (Columbia, Clarksville, Davidson, NCS, GC-Franklin, DCA, and Ezell-Harding), or move one of those (probably Ezell, maybe Donelson) to the East. The west would be the five in Jackson and Memphis. Use essentially the same playoff bracket as is current in AA.
  2. Indian: what you're describing is basically what Illinois does. Adapting it to Tennessee would give you five classes, which would mean a minority of 5-5 teams qualify if you include Division II, or all but one if you exclude D2. (If you draw the lines based on next year's classes, you can only have four classes and still have to exclude some 5-5 teams.) This will take me a day or two to work out.
  3. Word is that Sullivans North and South are about to join the list, with the new West Ridge High taking their place.
  4. The school itself closed (and the university attached has since also closed), but Chattanooga Girls' Leadership (charter school) has opened on what was its campus.
  5. Rule 5-1-4 applies: "Unless first touched by R beyond the neutral zone, if the kickers recover a scrimmage kick in or behind the neutral zone, the ball remains live and belongs to K and the down counts." Thus, if it was fourth down, the receiving team takes over on downs; if not, the kicking team keeps the ball, next down.
  6. Region 1 Sullivan North wraps up the title tonight if they beat Happy Valley. The Raiders are already guaranteed a home game. Happy Valley needs both a win and a Hampton win to clinch first. They have clinched at least third. South Greene clinches a playoff berth (indeed, third or better) tonight with a win. They remain in contention for second even with a loss. Cosby and Hampton are both playing for third at best, and lose even that possibility if Hampton loses. Neither would be eliminated from the playoffs tonight, though. Region 2 Meigs County is in the playoffs. A win tonight takes the region. If they lose, they still clinch top three if either Cosby or Rockwood wins, and can still win the region unless Wartburg beats Rockwood. Oneida can claim the region by beating Meigs County if Wartburg wins, and is out of the race with a loss. A win or a Wartburg win is enough to get the Indians into the top three, and a playoff berth is certain. Rockwood maintains an outside shot at the title with a win if Oneida also win. A loss plus an Oneida win would eliminate Rockwood from second. Rockwood clinches playoffs with a win. Cumberland Gap's best case is second. To stay alive for that, if they win, one of Oneida and Rockwood must win and the other lose; if they lose, then specifically Rockwood must be the one winner. Cumberland Gap is in the playoffs if Rockwood wins. Wartburg Central must win to stay alive. If they do, they can reach second if Oneida wins, or third if Meigs County wins. Region 3 Tyner is the winner. Marion County is in the playoffs, and clinches third with a Polk County win. Polk County clinches third with a win. Bledsoe County must win to remain in contention for second or third. Tellico Plains cannot finish second, and needs a Polk County loss to stay in for third. Region 4 Trousdale County is in. A win or a Jackson County win guarantees a home game for the Yellow Jackets, while a win plus a Watertown win is a gold plaque headed for Hartsville. Jackson County remains alive for the title with a win, or if Trousdale County and Westmoreland both lose. A Blue Devil loss with wins by both Trousdale and Westmoreland would eliminate Jackson even from second place; on the other hand, a win and an East Robertson win guarantees the top two for Jackson County. A win clinches the playoffs, as would wins by both Trousdale and Westmoreland. Watertown needs a win and a Trousdale loss to remain in title contention. A loss can eliminate Watertown if East Robertson wins, but a win can clinch second if Westmoreland wins. A win or a Jackson County win gets the Purple Tigers onto the bracket. East Robertson is the last team in title contention. If they lose or Jackson County wins, the Indians can at best finish third; a Trousdale County win would eliminate East Robertson only from first. If East Robertson loses, they can be eliminated if Watertown and Trousdale both win; if they win, a Jackson County win would guarantee the Indians a playoff slot. Westmoreland's best possible finish is second; to preserve that hope requires a win and at least one loss between Trousdale and Watertown. A Westmoreland loss and a Jackson County win combined end the Eagles' playoff chances; a win gets the Eagles in if Trousdale and Watertown win too. Cascade has a glimmer of hope for fourth, which dies if they lose or East Robertson wins. Region 5 Columbia Academy is in the playoffs, and clinches second with a win or third with a Community win. Lewis County is also in the playoffs, and clinches second with a win or a Columbia Academy win. Eagleville can at best finish third with a loss, and at best second if Lewis County wins. Wins by Eagleville and Community get Eagleville into the playoffs. Loretto needs a win and a Columbia Academy loss to remain in the chase for second; a loss eliminates the Mustangs from the playoffs altogether. Community can do no better than third, and needs a win plus an Eagleville loss to keep that alive. Forrest is also third at best, and needs Columbia Academy to lose to hang onto that. Summertown is at best third and at worst out. That cannot be changed in week nine. Region 6 Riverside clinches a playoff bit with a win. If they do so, then Waverly Central can also clinch with a win over East Hickman, who would then be eliminated. East Hickman retains a shot at second place with a win, or at fourth if they lose but so does Riverside. Houston County can still win the region with a win, but is at best third with a loss. Nothing interesting can be said about Hickman County or Scotts Hill. Region 7 Union City wraps up third place with a win, or second if either Gibson County or Peabody wins too. Trinity Christian clinches a playoff spot with a win, or third if either Union City or McKenzie also wins. A Peabody win also gets Trinity into the field. A loss and a Union City win would end Trinity's shot at first. Peabody clinches the playoffs with a win, and needs either a win, a Gibson County loss, or a Union City loss to remain in the race for first. Adamsville remains in contention for first with a win, or for second with a Trinity Christian loss. McKenzie can finish no better than fourth if they lose. Even if the Rebels win, a Trinity Christian win would cap them at second place. Halls cannot get a first-rounder at home. To finish third, they must start with Peabody and Union City having opposite results. Region 8: Douglass and Fairley will be 1-2. Their game (not tonight) will decide in which order. With the Thursday win over MAHS, Mitchell clinches third, and Hamilton's playoff dreams are burninated. The MAHS-Manassas game (again not tonight) will decide the final qualifier from the Bluff City.
  7. (Note: I'm assuming we don't get previous results overturned by ineligibles. If that happens, all bets are off.) Region 1: Straight up, the Cloudland-Jellico game decides first and second. Hancock County is third. Region 2: Coalfield is in, and is guaranteed top three with a win from Sunbright or Oakdale. Greenback can clinch with a win (in fact, would clinch third), and gets a home game if Sunbright wins too. Harriman must win to stay alive. To keep a chance at third place, they also need either Oliver Springs or Sunbright to lose. Midway's playoff fate will not be decided tonight. They do need to win to remain in the title race, and if they lose and Greenback wins, they cannot even finish second. Oakdale, like Harriman, can at best hope for third. If Greenback or Sunbright wins, they can only hope for fourth, and a loss ends all hope for the Eagles. Oliver Springs can clinch a playoff bid with a win plus a Midway win. To remain in the hunt for the title and the unusual first-round bye, they must either win or get a Greenback loss. Sunbright's best possible finish is second. This drops to third if Greenback wins, and to fourth if the Tigers themselves lose. Region 3: South Pittsburg and Copper Basin will almost certainly finish 1-2, in order of their result tonight. Lookout Valley can maintain a small hope of the top two with a win, and even stays in the title hunt if South Pittsburg also wins. The Marion County pair and the Lookout Valley-Copper Basin winner will be the top 3, with the LV-CB loser fourth. Sale Creek was out even if they'd won last night. Region 4: Clay County will still be in the title hunt after tonight, and will still not be sure of qualifying. Gordonsville is already in, as third or better, and wraps up second with a win. Jo Byrns cannot clinch a bid tonight, but a loss will cap their finish at second. No one else can win the region. Monterey and RBS have to win to stay in the hunt for a home opener, while Pickett County can hold onto that hope even with a loss if Jo Byrns and RBS both lose. Monterey also risks elimination from the top three if they lose and Jo Byrns wins. Republic can only sneak into fourth; a loss or a Monterey win will mean the end of their trail for the year. Region 5: Congratulations to the region champion Cornersville Bulldogs! The rest is a scramble, with Fayetteville, Grace Christian, Moore County, and Mount Pleasant all being able to finish anywhere from second to out. Nothing tonight can falsify that statement. In addition, Richland can reach third, but only if Moore County loses tonight. Elsewise, Richland can only get to fourth. Finally, Huntland is also alive for third, but is eliminated outright with a loss tonight. Region 6: Collinwood is out of the first-place race if they lose or Huntingdon wins. Hollow Rock-Bruceton can at best finish second, and that drops to third if Wayne County wins. Huntingdon is guaranteed a home game, and can win the region outright with a win or with losses by Collinwood and Wayne County. McEwen is out of the title race already; to stay alive for second, they need a win or a Collinwood loss. Middleton and Perry County each need a win to stay alive, for fourth only. Wayne County loses its chance at the title if they lose or Huntingdon wins. If they win along with Collinwood and Huntingdon, they clinch a postseason appearance. Region 7 Dresden is in. A Greenfield win assures the Lions of second place, while a Lake County win means at least third for Dresden. Gleason needs a win and a Lake County loss to stay alive for the title. A loss means the Bulldogs can do no better than fourth. Greenfield cannot finish first, and a loss eliminates them from second place too. Lake County clinches a playoff spot with a win; in fact, this would guarantee them third, or second if Gleason also wins. They can be eliminated from the title race with a loss if Greenfield wins. South Fulton's best possibility is second; to keep that requires a win and a Lake County loss. West Carroll will still be alive for the title if they win; a loss means they can at best finish third. Region 8 Booker T. Washington is already out of contention for first. If they lose, they cannot hope for second either; third would then be out of reach if Freedom Prep, KIPP, or Oakhaven wins. If it's Freedom Prep, or both KIPP and Oakhaven, then they are out altogether. Even if the Warriors win, they can be eliminated from second by wins from Hillcrest and Westwood. Freedom Prep needs a win to keep its shot at first. Hillcrest cannot clinch anything nor be eliminated from anything. KIPP is out of the title race if they lose or if Hillcrest wins. They are out for second if both. Middle College is also out for first if they lose or if Hillcrest wins. Oakhaven can at best finish second; to retain that hope, they need a win and at least one loss between Hillcrest and Westwood. A win keeps them in the race for third no matter what, as do losses by both Freedom Prep and KIPP. Science and Engineering is already playing for no better than third, and must win for any playoff hope to remain. Wins from Freedom Prep and Middle College would eliminate even a victorious MASE; either Freedom Prep or KIPP winning knocks MASE out of third-place contention. Westwood cannot clinch anything nor be eliminated from anything
  8. The point about bowling is that it only has one class, so nothing would affect it anyway. But I have to admit it will be hard on their other sports, having Baylor and GPS/McCallie as their only region opponents.
  9. From Chattanooga, mainly do wrestling stuff. Went to Baylor, but now consider Red Bank and Silverdale Baptist "my" teams.
  10. Semi-related opinion: Tennessee should offer eight-a-side football for the small schools.
  11. Actually, Southtowner, it could have been, because according to the previous posts, he didn't play in any previous game; therefore even if he was too old, it would only have mattered for the one game he appeared in.
  12. And for the small class, you have five teams in the West, eight in the Midstate (my autocorrect wanted to call it the Misstate ), and three in the east (Concord, King's, and Grace Baptist). Do you go with a region of just three, or does someone get sent east? That someone would be Zion, probably, or maybe MTCS, or both. (upon further review, it could also be Friendship, since they face Knoxville).
  13. Triple tie, everyone 1-1 in the group. Next tiebreak is overall wins. Ensworth and McCallie would have 7, BA 6. So the Eagles drop out, and you go back to head-to-head, which gives Ensworth second (MBA is clear first). Then McCallie gets third on the head-to-head over BA. (In the east, the importance is that 3rd or better earns a first-round bye, and 2nd or better a home quarterfinal.)
  14. Chattanooga. And by the way, it's now updated for the Howard/Red Bank forfeit (which means the Musket Bowl no longer affects the standings down here).
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