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  1. And yesterday, the Board of Control cut the field for the large school tournament to 16, adding a sectional round (what other states would call a super-regional). Small stays at 16, girls expand to 16, no decision yet on D2. This makes me wonder if they're planning to cut the event to two days...
  2. Even if region 8 has zero teams, the state field will still be full as long as region 7 can supply two. This actually happened in single-A volleyball.
  3. TSSAA does not allow homeschool teams to join, but generally has no problem with its members playing against them.
  4. They actually have a one-division sport now (girls' wrestling).
  5. It's a home school team. https://www.bradleyknights.org
  6. There is no such requirement. Quoting from the Wrestling Regulations: “Teams which qualify for the state dual tournament who placed in the top four in the previous year’s state dual tournament, shall be seeded according to their previous year’s finish.” Nothing about winning the region. (This is in contrast to the rules for traditional state, where you do have to win the region to be seeded.) But since Bradley is same-region with Cleveland, and there is no #4 seed (since Blackman did not qualify), it comes to the same thing.
  7. As I see it, all three of last year's placers who are back will be seeded. (In sports with a sectional/sub-state round, no distinction is made between region winners and runners-up.) So Cleveland goes top half, Wilson and Bradley Centrals in the bottom half. The rest is random draw, except that Science Hill and Dobyns-Bennett are separated because they come from the same region.
  8. Grandparents are no longer prohibited by the state. School districts may of course make more restrictive rules.
  9. Indiana dropped the single-class tournament in 2007. Kentucky and Delaware are the last holdouts.
  10. Actually, it is exactly like having a sub-state
  11. They have at least some kind of temporary seating that they use for the roller derby matches there. But that may not be an issue if the current executive order is renewed.
  12. That's this week. This is next week. (Things can change fast in the current universe.)
  13. Hillsboro on its own makes more sense in 6 than it does in 7. But if they move, Hunters Lane would go with them, and looking at them together, 7 works.
  14. Any word on where the state tournament will be? The Free Press is reporting that the Ag Expo will be unavailable due to being used for either testing or vaccine distribution re: COVID.
  15. One thing to keep in mind: schools can opt to play up. We really won't know much until we see who does.
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