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  1. This was not a forfeit, there was a scheduling issue and Hart County had RBS and another school scheduled on the same night.
  2. I've looked over the entire playoff scenarios and this is what I come up with as well.
  3. That is correct, it should be Region 4 (Districts 7 and 8), or that is how it has always been. Regions 1 and 2 play, 3 and 4 play, 5 and 6 play, and 7 and 8 play in sub-state.
  4. Alright let's move on! Congrats to Pickett and good luck in state!
  5. I had been told a little while back by a former player that Macon has a lot of talent coming up I've seen him coach for a long time and Coach White can take a team with less talent and do good things, I'll never forget when he took a 15 win team to sub-state. I hope he does well in Macon Co. because with as much time and effort as he's put in coaching I believe he deserves to have some success.
  6. I believe NCS and TC takes the top two spots. The next two playoff spots will be an absolute dog fight. Only PC will be overmatched in the region games they play this year, the other region games will be good ones to watch. I expect a few shockers and surprises this year.
  7. Congrats to JC and Goodpasture for making it to Sub-State...
  8. I'll take Watertown over JC 9-5 and Goodpasture over Clay 11-1! Good luck to all the teams!
  9. Bulldog718

    7A baseball

    Congrats to Coach King and JC. First time I can think of that a team from the losers bracket won the tournament...
  10. First time I've seen a team come from out of the losers bracket to win the tournament...
  11. Bulldog718

    7A baseball

    Jackson County won the district tournament last year which is why I was referring to that. I am glad it has changed then because that is how it should be. A team should be rewarded for finishing 1st in the regular season other than a #1 seed in the throughout tournament. It might be a competitive region tournament this year. Goodpasture dropped their first game of the tournament to Watertown and hasn't really dominated the tournament like the private school in 8a normally does.
  12. Bulldog718

    7A baseball

    Unless thing have changed, the teams in the softball district normally rotate from year to year as who gets to host the tournament. In baseball the winner of the district from the previous year gets to host the tournament the next year. Since JC won it last year they get to host the entirety of the tournament and Clay has no choice but to play this game at JC. Like I said unless it changed this is how it normally goes.
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