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  1. Ramos' legacy well reflected in packed Collins Hill wrestling room By Christine Troyke [email protected] Jun 15, 2019 SUWANEE — Cliff Ramos opened practice with some typically dry humor Saturday at the Collins Hill field house named in his honor. “You know, a lot of years I had trouble finding a few heavyweights on the team,” Ramos said. He paused and looked pointedly at more than 75 men — ranging in age from 18 to 60 — sitting in front of him. “That’s not a problem with this team,” Ramos said with a sly grin. The Hall of Fame coach, barely a year removed from being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, invited many of his former wrestlers to participate in Saturday’s event. It stemmed from comments he’s heard from wrestlers over the years about just wanting to have one more practice. He was also inspired by the book “The Last Lecture,” co-authored by former Carnegie Mellon University professor Randy Pausch. “He was a teacher, like me,” Ramos said. “He was battling pancreatic cancer, like me. The difference was, his was terminal. He didn’t have a lot of time left. I owned some hope with mine. “Those two things together made me think of doing one more practice. For 14 months, I’ve been living with pancreatic cancer and, to be honest, when I found the diagnosis 14 months ago, I didn’t think I’d have much time left.” Ramos had surgery at M.D. Anderson last October and has completed his treatment. “I’m doing pretty well,” he said. “The last month and a half, I started improving a lot. I have some things I’m dealing with, but every day I’m so thankful to God for another day.” Last September, when Collins Hill officially dedicated the wrestling facility to the man who started the terrifically successful program from scratch, Ramos was in the midst of his battle with the disease. Almost 10 months later, his voice rang out with renewed strength. Ramos, who needed to sit for much of the ceremony last year, cranked out 20 pushups with the rest of the group during warmups. By the end, everyone was sweating. They were still laughing, though. Ramos said beforehand he wasn’t going to make it too difficult. “It’s more of a reunion than anything,” he said. “I’m definitely not going to kill them. I’m going to tell them I’m going to, but some of them will be done after we do a pre-practice jog.” Rick White was at Ramos’ first practice as a head coach in 1976 in Butler, Missouri. He said things haven’t changed that much. “My senior year, Cliff was our new coach,” said White, who was sporting a cut over one eye and laughed about it. “It, to me, is an honor, just the short year I had him.” He and Scott Smith, who was a junior that season, flew down from Butler for the event. Many others came from around the Southeast to participate, a few on very short notice. “I think it’s a great testament to Coach Ramos that so many people have made an effort, especially on Father’s Day weekend, to come out,” said Jim Gassman, who wrestled for Ramos at Collins Hill before coaching with him there and later at Mountain View. “Then, to participate in a wrestling practice, it’s one of the hardest things you can do. But he always had good practices.” The bulk of the former wrestlers came from his days at Collins Hill, where Ramos had a dual meet record of 626-80, won nine state team titles and had 34 individual state champions. There were a dozen from Mountain View and Meadowcreek, six from Greater Atlanta Christian, two from East Hall — Ramos’ first job in Georgia — and five from Butler. Both his sons, Trevor and Taylor, participated. As did Ramos’ most famous student, Kyle Maynard. “Back in September of last year, we didn’t know how long he was going to be here,” Trevor Ramos said. “Judging by the statistics and what you hear, knowing what the prognosis was, we didn’t know how much more time we had to spend with our dad. It’s just been an answer to prayer that he’s still here and all the glory goes to God. “It’s amazing to see this wrestling family (today). Wrestlers are such a fraternity and it’s amazing. I knew this was going to be hard, but at the same time, I knew it was going to be really special. It’s such a blessing.” Original link: https://www.gwinnettprepsports.com/sports/ramos-legacy-well-reflected-in-packed-collins-hill-wrestling-room/article_59264f3f-b9fc-53cd-93f5-f8796753a1a0.html
  2. Sort of related to your poll cobrakid8..... Being from TN, but living in GA for a long time, I'd like to see a set of matches like Parkview (GA) and Bradley did back in the day. They were the top teams from each state and wrestled before a UTC home match.......and Bradley won big. Here would be my pairing...... Woodland (GA) - Baylor North Hall (GA) - Christian Brothers Camden (GA) - Cleveland Buford (GA) - Father Ryan *tried to pair small schools together Wonder if anyone would pay to see that?
  3. All 3 Juniors!......And you know it's a tough tournament when your Stanford signee and Stampede champ from last year finishes 3rd.
  4. I thought it was cool to see Baylor, Buford, and CBHS in the top 10!!
  5. Just to give you some background.....on me.....(since I sort of stalk CoachT) My 2 oldest went to Collins Hill.......both were part of the wrestling team and those great teams. I still live in the CH district......far as I know, no school in GA has ever have more than 4300 students (largest is Mill Creek)........that's why we keep building new schools. I helped start the feeder team at Collins Hill back in the late 90's. CH is coming back.......so watch them......large numbers in feeder program....and in HS room. New coach is very good....from Michigan. My youngest is at Buford.......and she's a wrestling Manager.....(Buford has the coach that was at Archer...and Parkview before that) My nephew was a state champ in 2002 at Baylor....back when the weight was 189. For those that may know him, he's now a Lt. Commander in the Navy. I went to Hixson.....way back! (with Sommers) That's why I still follow TN wrestling. Not sure why the private schools have never been like they are in TN. (You left out Lovett!) I don't think many are even nearly as old. If you think about it, Gwinnett County only had 20,000 people in 1970. So, everything is fairly new here. Anyway, back to topic......I wish we had a coaches poll!!! Also wish in the ATL metro we had middle school wrestling! Thanks for your reply.
  6. You see....little old Buford, from Buford GA, there at #8......1100 students....and wrestled the Stampede last year without a full line up. Been a while since Collins Hill (GA) won the Stampede several years in a row..... But....seeing you guys argue on here makes me laugh a bit.........check out the first and second place teams, Woodland and North Hall, from the McCallie Inv. and then look at their school size.......and money. And if you dig a little deeper, at other tournaments last weekend, Collins Hill (GA) was second place by 13 points at Beech, without their 3 time state placer at 285 (who committed to NC football yesterday)........and Camden (GA)....won the Capital City Classic in Tallahassee by 212 points!!!...placed all 14 wrestlers......with only one as low as 4th. (I know someone will mention Mountain View at Bradley last weekend........but they only entered 7 due to illness...and finished 8th) It's got nothing to do with money.......I'll agree, yeah.....it helps.....but build your feeder!! (guess I'll get my fire blanket now)
  7. I think it's maybe Dade County..... FYI.....says 5pm on Dade County's Coed wrestling schedule. https://dadecountyathletics.com/teams/2435618/coed/wrestling/varsity/schedule
  8. North Hall from Atlanta??? North Hall....is north of Gainesville, GA.....65 miles from Atlanta. FYI.....Woodland is from Cartersville, GA if anyone was curious. And I see at the Beech tournament that old Collins Hill did fairly well. Wish they would have had their 285, but I understand he was on a college football visit. He's a multi time state placer.
  9. Whoops....you are correct.......and I was mistaken.........appears he will stay at 160.
  10. Then it should be a good match if he meets up with Lucas Desilva of Collins Hill....GA AAAAAAA state champ.
  11. CH has a couple of kids on par with the D1 kids of the past......and I'd say they are on their way back. They've got a new coach this year from Michigan that brought a career record of 516-94. The numbers are back, not only in the HS room, but the younger kids too. I'd love to get my daughter's school up to TN, like my son's old CH teams. Buford is really tough; the coach started at Parkview, then started the Archer program, and hopefully is at Buford to stay. One of the reason you don't see teams,in GA, like Cleveland or Bradley, is the exponential growth and the new schools popping up. The tenured teachers and coaches move to those new school.....with better facilities...and most of the time a better student population. Since I've been in Suwanee (1996), I'd conservatively guess there have been 15 AAAAAAA schools built in a 15 mile radius of my home. I guess the Nashville area is seeing that same kind of growth. And CBG, I know you're an old timer........please pass on we need prayers for former Collins Hill Coach Ramos and his battle against pancreatic cancer.
  12. Collins Hill has some tough kids: Powell Gilbert, Joey Felix, Lucas DeSilva, Cody Hutchison, Clint Gilbert, Elijah Griffin, Fredrick Carson
  13. Keep an eye on the Mountain View....182 - 220.........Garrett Spikes, Luke Hennebaul, and Harrison Spikes.
  14. Posting because Bradley Central was at this tourney: Mountain View wrestlers second at challenging duals tourney Mountain View’s wrestling team finished second at the challenging, eighth annual Compound Sportswear Mountain View Duals. The Bears went 4-1 against difficult competition, losing only to Woodland-Cartersville 50-18. They posted wins over Forsyth Central (34-27), Vestavia Hills, Ala. (38-33), Richmond Hill (33-32) and North Hall (38-31). Harrison Spikes went 5-0 at 220 pounds to lead Mountain View. R.J. Aguirre (113), Mason Askew (120), Garrett Spikes (182) and Luke Hennebaul (195) each went 4-1. CMP Sportswear Dual results 1st place – Woodland 2nd place – Mtn View 3rd place – North Hall 4th place – Richmond Hill Rd 1: Mountain View def Forsyth Central 34-27 Richmond Hill def Pope 41-34 Woodland-Cartersville def Valdosta 44-28 North Hall def Thomas County Central 60-16 Rd 2 Mountain View def Vestavia Hills 38-33 Richmond Hill def Mountain View-2 56-12 Valdosta def Sarasota Military 50-17North Hall def Bradley Central 40-27 Rd 3 Vestavia Hills def Forsyth Central Pope def Mountain View-2 72-4 Woodland def Sarasota 78-6Bradley def Thomas County Central 75-6 Rd 4 Mountain View def Richmond Hill 33-32 Woodland def North Hall 49-19 Pope def Vestavia Hills 50-27Bradley def Valdosta 38-24 Forsyth Central def Mountain View-2 54-21 Sarasota def Thomas County Central 54-21 Rd5 Woodland def Mountain View 50-18 North Hall def Richmond Hill 39-38 Valdosta def Vestavia Hills 38-33Bradley def Pope 48-20 Forsyth Central def Sarasota Military Thomas County Cental def Mountain View-2 Rd6 Mountain View def North Hall 38-31 Woodland def Richmond Hill 40-29Bradley def Vestavia Hills 37-35 Valdosta def Pope 32-30 Forsyth Central def Thomas County Central *info gathered from Gwinnett Daily Post and GNWA wrestling web site
  15. Buford senior Logan Ashton to wrestle for Stanford University From Staff Reports [email protected] Buford senior Logan Ashton has accepted a scholarship offer from the Stanford University wrestling program. Ashton, a three-time state finalist, has one state championship and a 137-11 record in his high school career. He is a two-time National High School Coaches Association All-American, as well as a Flo Nationals All-American and a champion at the Kansas City Stampede. Ashton, projected as a 125-pounder at Stanford, also maintains a 3.9 GPA. He is the son of Eric and Caroline Ashton.
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