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  1. I could be wrong because I've been out of working the GA state tournament for a while, but I'm pretty sure for at least the larger classifications here the sectional brackets here are 16 man. And I mentioned the hotel because for a team in Gwinnett like Collins Hill or Mountain View their sectional is often in Camden county or down in Valdosta. The driving force here for sectionals was the cost of the venue for state and the smaller brackets mean less days at the venue.
  2. Ok....commenting here because we (GA) moved to sectionals several years ago and from what I've seen there has been no drop in participation. The plus, you can wrestle a 16 man bracket in a day. The minus, you still probably have to get a hotel for wherever your sectional is located. And if you want your kid to participate in a state tournament....come to Georgia.....since I think we have 7 of them. (kidding....don't blast me for that)
  3. His freshman state finals match against Ryan Millhof was epic.
  4. Pretty sure 2020 was his last year of eligibility.
  5. You'd think UNI would include his 28-2 senior year....with him ranked #2 at 184 going into the NCAA that was cancelled. https://www.wrestlestat.com/wrestler/39506/lujan-taylor/profile
  6. Make it a TRI meet......add in Camden County, GA.
  7. BCB....oh man.....I haven't heard that name in while. Hope you're doing well and keeping the pubs open. RMC
  8. https://www.gwinnettdailypost.com/sports/legendary-beloved-gwinnett-wrestling-coach-cliff-ramos-dies-after-long-cancer-battle/article_fe0fe790-0f55-11eb-adfb-df1b4635fb41.html
  9. Some of you might remember this guy.....hope he does well. Collins Hill hires Ryan Millhof, Gwinnett's first NCAA wrestling All-American, as head coach https://www.gwinnettprepsports.com/sports/collins-hill-hires-ryan-millhof-gwinnetts-first-ncaa-wrestling-all-american-as-head-coach/article_589945c0-10c0-5643-afad-0189dfb6ab42.html
  10. One of our local kids was caught up in this.....Nick Stonecheck.
  11. I wanted to say...I don't like the 7 divisions either. It may make sense for some sports, but they don't do it in GA. for lacrosse......so why not use those divisions for wrestling. Then it would be 1A-5A and 6A-7A. I helped run the state tournament here for about 10 years. The reason for the 16 man brackets was to shorten the length of the tournament and reduce cost of places like the Gwinnett Arena. So, now we have sectionals ahead of the state tournament. So you go region, section, state.....top 8 from each section to state. And to keep focus on this thread........I also had a nephew that was a state champ at Baylor. I'm guessing had he not gone to Baylor, he was probably zoned for Soddy Daisy. Odd how Corday was at Buford last year??......where my youngest was....but she was a manager.
  12. Agree.......I wasn't sure if Woodland and Baylor saw each other this year. I remember when my son was a senior at CH......we lost to Blair.....33-30.
  13. Collins Hill had 6 in the state finals and won 5 of them.....check out their new coaching staff.....and I think had 11 medalists......in 7A.
  14. CBG......I'm with you on this one. But I am glad someone didn't inform the private schools in Georgia they were supposed to be better. I'm not as close to sport as I used to be, but I'm thinking Camden County or Collins Hill would still hang with any Tennessee private school.
  15. Sorry durdon. I went the Hixson High....had a nephew state champ at Baylor.....some people used to like to hear about Ga. on this board....since you may wrestle them I had something to do with Collins Hill for a while too.
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