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  1. Looking for two more teams. Only accepting 2 more teams. Please email me at [email protected] Dates are March 15-16th.
  2. Baylor is looking for one more girls team to enter the Baylor Tournament on August 26-27, 2016. Tournament includes GPS, East Hamilton, Notre Dame, Baylor, Collierville, Houston, and Briarcrest. The team could play East Hamilton, ND, Baylor, or GPS. Would play three of these four teams. Please contact Curtis Blair at [email protected] if interested.
  3. Baylor Invitational in Chattanooga, TN, March 13-15
  4. I am not saying the tournament should be held in Chattanoga. I just wish they would think outside the box and have a quality location to host the games. We all agree that TSSAA is going to do two things: 1) Do whatever makes them the most money 2) pick the easiest choice so they don't have to work. I think over the next 5 years could be very important for high school soccer as club players are going to start having choices to make; whether to play club or high school soccer? It's coming but again thats another topic for later. If we can put a quality state championship tournament that the players remember and not remind them of a club tournament then it helps to keep those quality soccer players playing high school soccer. For example the girls state tournament could be held: AAA at Siegel Soccer Complex Stadium Field Only A/AA at MTSU Soccer Complex DII at Vanderbilt Soccer Complex Rotate the locations every year. Just my thoughts!
  5. I understand all of your arguments but you must start to think down the road a bit. The state tournament for the boys is no different than a club tournament for the boys. Now that we move closer and closer to players starting to decide whether to play high school vs club (that is a different subject at a different time) that we need to make each state tournament (girls and the boys) special but different than a club tournament atmosphere. As a spectator, it is easy to see many games at a complex but for the players, it is just like another club tournament. Talking to many players on the boy’s side, they think it reminds them of a club tournament compared to talking to the girls. The girls enjoy being the only team playing at one field. Can this be accomplished at Murfreesboro? Yes, but I think it needs to be looked at before you move the tournament. Just my opinion.
  6. Does ND even have a soccer field? How can one of the best teams in Tennessee not have a field.
  7. I can not speak for every class/poll but I do know that DII AA (Large School) sends an email out to every coach once a week and the coaches vote for the top 6 teams in the state. With school being out on Monday(Labor Day) we are one week behind. For this poll the coaches do vote which is the way that it should be since the coaches play all of these teams and gets to see them on a regular basis.
  8. doctn

    Eurosport Rankings

    If you check the DII rankings on eurosportscoreboard it is now updated.
  9. Baylor Tournament (Aug. 29-30) in Chattanooga Any team that is looking for three quality games that is not in a tournament and is not full. We had a team drop out at the last minute and need to fill one team. You would play one game on Friday and two on Saturday. Tournament includes: Notre Dame, Baylor, JPII, Ensworth, Hutchison Please contact Jimmy Weekley at [email protected]
  10. Should be out by this Friday.
  11. doctn

    Coach Plummer

    I heard that coach Russ Plummer (Hendersonville High School) was in a accident at Drakes Creek Park today. I am not sure all the details but please keep him in your prayers. If anyone has details of his condition please share.
  12. CREE, lewis ledbetter or Daniel Tackling. Who is better?
  13. I know their was changes in the coverage at the paper but I felt like soccer took a back seat this year. Jamie Lackey did a good job when she did it but I just felt like they are getting spread so thin and soccer suffered this year with the new changes. Did anyone else see that as well? Do you think it will get better?
  14. doctn

    MJUHB All-State

    Their are alot of great players that have had wonderful seasons but the best player in TN is Susannah Dennis from BGA hands down. The Good News is Georgia is getting a great player! The Bad News is she is only a junior and still has a season left for the rest of us to play against!
  15. Baylor 5-0 over Hutchison GPS wins in PK's over St. Agnes Anyone know the BGA-Father Ryan and ECS-Brentwood Academy score?
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