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    MBA Football- Class of 2004<br />University of Michigan- Class of 2008<br />Tennessee Football- fan for life
  1. as a former mba player who sat out while the big red played on yom kippur, kudos to both schools for moving this game!
  2. What time will the audio stream began? I never thought I could get Big Red games all the way in Ann Arbor Michigan. Go Big Red!!!
  3. two words: vanderbilt commodores.
  4. I wouldn't throw the rest of MBA's season in the toilet just yet. In 2002 they lost to Baylor at home bringing their record to 4-4. They then proceeded to win their last 5 games as well as a State title. Different team, different year...but stranger things have happened.
  5. This game will be won on the LOS. MBA by 3.
  6. Yes I am. And i can proudly say I witnessed the wolverines upset the irish last weekend in south bend. it was top 5 greatest sports experiences of my life. incredible.
  7. A quick note...the game is being played on Thursday night instead of Friday due to the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah. I have a lot of respect for these two teams for changing their schedules. I hope every other school in Nashville follows their example. On another note, I'll be attending my first MBA game in over two years. Roll Red.
  8. That post made me legitimately laugh out loud. I have no idea why though.
  9. I just watched this show for the first time yesterday. It follows the Hoover Buccaneers from Hoover, AL who are currently ranked #1 by the USA Today poll. I thought the show would be really lame/cliche as it's on MTV. I was surprised. The producers do a great job of capturing almost every element of playing high school football. I suggest watching it. Wednesday nights @9:30 CST I believe. Does anyone else have comments about the show?
  10. Well said. Can you imagine the rivalries? In Louisville, the Trinity v. St. X game draws near 30,000 strong every year. Who wouldn't love a high school football environment like that.
  11. I can help with this one. THe JV team just consists of Varsity players who don't play in the Varsity games. There's not a strict JV roster but it usually consists of the Varsity scout team players.
  12. Shouldn't Briarcrest have to earn their right to be included in the name of the conference? I mean come on. The new guy shows up and we're automatically giving him the same privledges as everyone else? I'd like to see a few state titles before we start calling it the Elite Eight.
  13. How is the O/D-Line for CBHS this year? When we played them they consistently had huge guys on the line. It was nice to hear that Ryan drew a huge crowd in spite of not playing "home" games. Good luck to both teams.
  14. Can anyone update me on MBA's injury status? I'm taking MBA 24-10.
  15. I think it's funny that this comment hasn't been played yet: Who in their right mind would accuse MBA of having "superior athletes?" You'd be hard-pressed to describe great MBA teams as: another order of magnitude in terms of size, strength, and speed. MBA has been winning state championships for 135+ years using a combination of the following: coaching, discipline, intelligence and intensity. Show me a coach who can get players to play harder for him than Ricky Bowers and I'll show you Vince Lombardi (obvious hyperbole, but you get the picture).
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