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  1. Ray Lewis is the most overrated player in football, if you ever watch a Ravens game watch him. He might be in on a lot of tackles, but he is also getting his head busted a lot. He doesn't have anything on Urlacher.
  2. Yes, but yea that's a different discussion, totally different circumstances. Mark doesn't care if he makes it in or not, if he did he would have come public by now and talked about everything.
  3. DeAngelo was left off the list because of the whole TO situation with him a while back. It was rumored that Ray Lewis was coming but they decided to not let him due to past problems that Ray has had at parties during the playoffs.
  4. He threw a party it was called "Party with Pacman" and the only people who showed up were himself, TO, and his body guard who wouldn't let TO near him all night.
  5. None of these men have ever been proved guilty of anything, until then they all belong in the hall. And this is coming from the #1 Bonds hater in the world.
  6. I went to Sweetwater a few weeks back hoping to see Mr. Jones but no sight of him, hopefully he'll stay out of Murfreesboro, but I don't think he will. I say he'll be in trouble again before the draft and he'll get in trouble off of Greenland Drive at the "Woods at Greenland" apartment complex where he gets sighted at least once a month. Stay at home Adam.
  7. I hadn't thought about that yet. I'll have to give some thought to it. Maybe we could make a movie covering my 5+ years on the site.
  8. Of course I do, but it's at work now and nobody ever wants to play against me. They must of heard about my legendar status in the restrooms of Lewis Co High.
  9. Here he is to save the day, I didn't know my presence was missed that much...I really do have loyal followers.
  10. Well the football players and band have all been told not to make plans for Christmas because they plan on the team being in Michigan. The loss to Troy last week was devastating but if we can manage to make it to a bowl game the boys will come out pumped.
  11. Jeff Fisher is a darn good coach, you can send him to St. Louis anytime you want. We'd love to have him. The problem with the Titans is they trade or don't even try to re-sign all of their good players. They've been doing this since they went to the Super Bowl. Until they get a new GM they will stink ######. :justwrestle:
  12. After looking over the Titans schedule they could very easily go 0-16. They will have to pray to maybe slip up and beat Houston or catch Buffalo stumbling at the end of the season. They're terrible. They should get rid of everybody except Vince and Bullock and start over next year, maybe to try have an expansion draft or something. Haynesworth should be suspended for the rest of the season, without pay. Bunch of losers.
  13. The new defensive rankings are in: 1. Auburn 2. Ohio State 3. Michigan 4. UT Martin 5. LSU
  14. Adam Jones was sighted in Murfreesboro, TN again this past Wednesday. This time at my apartment complex. My roomate said he was coming home and two SUV's had the road blocked off so he couldn't drive by and when they finally moved the driver of a Tahoe with big rims on it turned around and looked at him and turned out to be none other than Adam Jones. Why he is in Murfreesboro at a college oriented apartment on a Wednesday night is unknown but the guys that he was talking to will only get him into more trouble. Somebody tell this boy to stay home.
  15. The guy on the goalpost was priceless.
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