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  1. Some fans take it overboard on here. Some don't. Everyone knows how good Alcoa is. Everyone in this state knows about the Tornadoes. Milan is the best in the West. So far atleast. Still have to prove it for certain in the playoffs... JCS doesnt have the athletes, speed to keep up with Milan. Whoever said that is like measuring CAK up to Alcoa. (For you East TN fans). Good Luck to the Tornadoes and Dawgs. I want to see Milan make it to the Buro personally.
  2. Milan and Huntingdon had their dominant teams for a couple years...when Alcoa was getting thumped..Now Alcoa has had their years...and evidently cannot be beaten in 2A. It all cycles back and forth.
  3. westtn2004state

    USJ Bruins

    This is a little off subject. But can somebody tell me what Gant's warm up/coming to the plate song was at USJ? That song even pumped me up!!..Haha. It started with a fiddle or something..Anybody know?
  4. Looking good for Milan....Gray is out hustling the whole Upperman team. Poston is still wet.
  5. Watching it via Telecast. 26-21 at half I believe. Poston is on big time. Jumpshot after jumpshot, anywhere on the floor. Upperman's Davis is hitting 3 pointers a couple steps in front of half court. Milan was up 12, now its cut to five before half.
  6. rod smith Mr. Football RB/FS terricus davis MLB daylan walker DB/WR daniel beasley WR ricky goff FB george west QB brent ramsey WR antonio williams DE travis white OLB chris burke NG bryce king G pup johnson DT eric coleman OLB micah blount DE Sam Sullivan- PK.. hit 48 yarder that year against Dresden. This team was stacked. A little more on Rod.. For his career he rushed for over 5,100 yards and 72 touchdowns. On defense he had a career total of 168 tackles and 14 interceptions. I hope the 07 team can run deep but the 03 team won't be seen for a long time. Its just too many playmakers all on one team...and not just playmakers.. Gamebreakers. Anytime Rod, George, Daylan or Daniel touched the ball it could be taken to the house..and thats usually what happened. Check out the 03 Highlight tape if you haven't. Whoever made that tape did a great job. I had a chance to see it about a year ago at one of the players houses.
  7. Thamansafan, Come back down to reality. Huntingon has waxed Trenton since football began. Take your "rollercoaster postseason" and be proud. Somehow tonight I don't think your prayer passes will be answered by the big man above.
  8. The same reason nobody can stop West Virginia. You get two backs back there that are raw, your going to score points almost every drive. That offense is just hard to stop when you have the RIGHT people running it. You cant just throw some no name back there and run it.
  9. GP, Milan, and Peabody I would guess are all on the same level. Anybodys game. Probably coming down to whoever has the ball last. LITERALLY. Wouldn't leave more than 30 seconds on the clock if your going to punch it in to win. Although I think if GP gets the lead early, and makes Peabody go Pass over Run, then it will be over. Peabody will have to run the rock consistently and I think they will. Again, whoever has the ball last.
  10. Goodpasture...and if not them, Alcoa. Harper hasn't seen Quarterback until he sees Cobb from Alcoa.
  11. I can guarantee you are not going to find the sportsmanship of each town on CoachT. If your looking for it on here, then your looking in the wrong places. I have a dog in this fight, but I didn't play in it. I got my ring, and the last time I played Peabody we put 50 on them watching Rod Smith toss defensive backs down like fleas. Good season Milan. Yet again, the games seem to be hard to close out. I heard Harper claimed he was going to put 250 yards on Milan at a pep rally. Guess he fell about 100 short. Nice late hit out of bounds lick on Coleman too. The rule needs to be changed on pass interference to the spot of the foul. I mean really with 10 seconds left and someone throws a deep fade I would drag him down too!!!..Heck, its only a fifteen yard penalty about 50 yards back! AND IT TOOK TIME OFF THE CLOCK!.....Ridiculous. Go Goodpasture.
  12. well its time for Milan to push through, and get to the big show. we haven't had our day since dec. 99
  13. Peabody loses. Again. They are going to get beat by Milan twice in the same season AGAIN. Just like last year. Some of these Trenton people amuse me. Trenton is one of those teams that if they get put out friday night they will give out patches to their football players that says STATE QUARTERFINALS. /blink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":blink:" border="0" alt="blink.gif" /> /blink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":blink:" border="0" alt="blink.gif" /> Don't act like you don't know what im talking about. If that were so for Milan each player would have two or three jackets. Milan has been here, and I highly doubt Coach Morris is going to get put out by Trenton, in the playoffs, being 11-1. Milan wins.
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