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  1. Real nice post there Stan. You have to work on it sometime, right. I bet 3 yards and a cloud of dust is fun to watch and play.
  2. Antwan what he is sayin is that prolly somewhere in neighborhood of 90% of the schools it wouldnt effect them. The only effect would be the names on the front of the jerseys of the school that where kickin their butts.
  3. Division II 3a: 14500 Ya um now u see why Division2 is considered the elite league.
  4. Pujo, I have said from the beginning that 1a represents less than 10% of the total students in the TSSAA.
  5. The proposal was denied by a vote of 5-4.
  6. Well this will prolly sound terrrible coming from someone from Ezell, because imma be the Pot here. From what i saw last year from Boyd and #1(Nelson Mr Olympia) i dont think they have that much class to begin with but they might have gold ball togo witht hat silver one this year.
  7. Ezell wasnt as bad as you thought is more like it.
  8. If they do win with their thrid string runnin backs in the game i will laugh. They prolly think this because they play in the best region in the state. Hmmm if you played 5 teams a year that where better than any in east TN would you think you would win YES YES YOU WOULD>
  9. I dont read all the posts on here anymore, so if this is a repeat im sorry. On my way home today i heard a story that was interesting and pretained to our subject here. Over the last couple of years, we have disucussed the challenges and the pros and cons of public education. Maybe the stupid lawmakers have finally started to listen. Kids in metro Nashville may be given the opputunity to transfer schools without sitting out essentially giving open zoning rules. The only thing i have heard is that they will have to provide their own transportation to and from school. It is about time our system of education has fallen soo much something had to be done especailly in Urban areas. Tennessean Article Children accepted into an open-enrollment school can stay there through the final grade of that school. However, parents must provide transportation. ''There are schools on that list that people in my district I know will prefer because of proximity to one thing or another,'' said school board member Kathy Nevill. ''I think there are schools all over the city that will be popular for this policy. It's an important piece because we are, in fact, thinking outside the box and trying to be consumer friendly.'' Times They Are A changin Boyz. Elementary schools Brookemeade, Cumberland, Gower, Cora Howe, DuPont, Ruby Major*, Dan Mills, Andrew Jackson, Tom Joy, Rosebank, Shayne*, Shwab, Tulip Grove. Middle schools Oliver*, Two Rivers, Martha Vaught, West End, Dalewood. High schools Maplewood, Pearl-Cohn, Stratford, Whites Creek. That 4 high schools in Nashville might as well throw them into the Division 2 as well. Along with schools in Maryville, Memphis, Knoxville, and Chattanooga. By the way guys, public schools with closed zones will be the minority soon. Be careful what you wish for cause you might just get it. As far as sports go i dont know what the TSSAA is going todo with this policy change, but if they havent already said it was ok for student athletes to transfer without sitting out.... its the next logical step.
  10. Murray Rhodea is my cousin and we talked yesterday about the two teams and agreed the lines will decide this one.
  11. I just arrived in from China setting up a manfacturing facility in China and to give u some real numbers. 33 cents an hour is minimum wage in China. We make all the electric and gas powered scooters you see around. 75 a week is a supersivisor.
  12. Chakra20


    if Maryville played in 5A they would get more recognition. Or played in Division2 AAA because those are the best teams in the state. They prolly should play in division 2 since they can take kids from outside of Maryville but thats another story.
  13. DCA has a better defense and a better line they win. You can talk about all those guys u want in the backfield but we all know what wins championships.
  14. iTS 1A fdOOTBALL IN EAST tn.
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