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  1. Powell has a good team this year, but won't hang with the Falcons of Fulton. Falcons by 13.
  2. West has a good team. Rebels by 30.
  3. Really looking forward to this game. I think it will be a good one as it is every year!!
  4. Taylor Mills from Gibbs in Knoxville put up 41 and 37 point games so far this season. She is the real deal.
  5. why did last years QB Gary Cooper quit the team?
  6. It wasn't the refs and this is coming from an Ooltewah fan. Sure they made some bad calls, but the made bad calls both ways tonight. I don't think that should have been pass interference on the play that Wilkes picked off Morgans pass on the trick play. Ooltewah did enough to beat themselves. They didn't need the refs help. They got beat by a very good Smyrna football team.
  7. I called that too. Don't know why they wouldn't run it. Single coverage, and the guy on hit was half a foot shorter than Rod. Only film I have watched were those highlight films yall' put on here and they ran it twice in that. Knew it was coming, don't know why they coaches didn't. But the again see my post above about that.
  8. Yeah you say that now. But who thinks to kick a field goal with 45 seconds to go and second down inside the 20. Why not go for it and try to with the game? Exactly what we did and Smyrna just put together some big plays with a slip up (literally) by Woods. The play I remember is going for it on fourth down at about the 20 in the first half and not converting. A field goal there would have been huge. But thats why the coaches coach and we don't, and thats why it is so much fun. Easy to say what you would have done if you were at there. I have seen many good coaches fromt he stands. haha. I think I am one of them.
  9. I thought that might have been what could have happend but from the Ooltewah side you couldn't see the ball on the ground. But it did look like he was diving in to recover a fumble but the play had been over for a couple seconds. I could easily see from my point of view where the refs make that call. Thanks for clearing that up though. Any one have just an excellent view of the Ooltewah fumble out of the back of the endzone?
  10. On the last drive Ooltewah got into field goal range, but it was only second down so they obviously were going to try to get closer. Then comes a roll out slip and fall by Woods which puts you back to the Smyrna 27, which is a 44 yarder. Then they had to call a timeout after that play which was a killer. Not really in Ooltewah's kickers range. He did hit a 45 yarder earlier this year, but he had a little wind and I don't think he would have hit the 44 judging he barely got the 35 yarder through. And it would be tough to put the game on the line on third down with a freshman kicker. Then Smyrna just made the big play calling a blitz at the right time. Nothing you can do about that.
  11. I just want to say that this was a great football game. One of the best high school football games I have witnessed. Ooltewah got beat by a football team who was better tonight. Ooltewah had plenty of chances to win this football game but they shot themselves in the foot one to many times. Hats off to Smyrna. Some might say that the refs effected the ball game but I don't really believe so. Maybe a couple of questionable calls, but both teams got a few of those. Smyrna has a great football team and I hope they go on to win it all. For Smyrna I felt like Wilkes was just another level tonight. I know some people have said he has been quite throughout the playoffs but tonight he found a weak Ooltewah secondary to breakout against. He had his way with the football tonight. Grey just had a tremendous game and really looked good controlling things for Smyrna. I was really surprised with the Smyrna O-Line and the running backs, I thought the line did a good job of getting protection. Great coaching and film work by Smyrna too, because all night they ran those 5 and 7 yard hitch routes that I think has killed Ooltewah all year. There defense was very good to and especially stepped up at the end of the game, thought they had some great blitz packages. For Ooltewah, they had plenty of chances to win this game. Second drive of the game the late hit call and the pass interference in the endzone. Which I thought were both good calls, I saw both of them. Then the huge play before the half. And of course the strip of the Ooltewah guy near the endzone where it rolls out of the back. I personally didn't think there was any way that ball went 10 yards and through endzone, but you can't dispute that. I thought Morgan and Woods and Marshall had a great game for Ooltewah. Defese looked great in the second half but couldn't make enough stops in the first. I thought it basically came down to what I said at the start of this post.... If Smyrna comes out throwing the ball alot Ooltewah would be in trouble cause their secondary is weak, and thats what got them beat tonight. Great Game all around. Great season Owls. Good Luck next week Smyrna!!
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