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  1. The good old region 5-3A. As a former Patriot I miss those days. Good luck to both teams tomorrow night.
  2. Thats the answer I had gotten from others as well. Just want to triple check. I have looked online but have yet to find factual info.
  3. Question for the Giles fans. What year did Giles last win the region?
  4. the last win came in 02 against Pickett County 49-0. is that right?
  5. Oakland Brentwood Lavergne Smyrna Riverdale Lebanon WC Blackman MBA Maryville
  6. I think that Tennessee was the best choice for Rod. First of all, it's in state and closer to home. Having his brother, Marsalous, there will help him ease into his freshman year. He'll get pretty good playing time at WR because God knows they need help there. I'm sure hearing that his brother was named the most improved player this spring will motivate Rod to step his game up and impress the coaches the way his brother did. Hopefully Rod can be the player that makes that offense fun again and helps bring a championship to Rocky Top.
  7. Oakland Smyrna Riverdale Lebanon Franklin Ravenwood Ooltewah Giles Co. Lincoln Co. Hunters Lane
  8. Blackman Smyrna Lebanon Lavergne Riverdale Oakland Siegel Coffee County Gallatin DB
  9. Yeah actually, I think alot of us have congratulated Lebanon tonight. Why do you get such a kick out of twisting people's words or put words in other's mouths? Quit taking stuff so literally, it's ridiculous. I know there's a brain in there from that Riverdale education. And I'm not even sure you ever attended Riverdale so feel free to call me out on that. That's about all you ever do. Congrats to Lebanon, Smyrna has their work cut out for them.
  10. Blackman @ Riverdale- RIVERDALE LaVergne @ Oakland- LAVERGNE Wilson Central @ Siegel- SIEGEL Lebanon @ Smyrna- SMYRNA Ravenwood @ Franklin- FRANKLIN Cookeville @ Coffee County- COOKEVILLE Eagleville @ Middle Tennessee Christian- EAGLEVILLE Bearden @ Dobyns-Bennett- BEARDEN Dickson Co. @ Brentwood- BRENTWOOD Antioch @ Hunters Lane- HUNTERS LANE
  11. yeah I was bummed about it being so early. I don't have any control over it so I'm just not gonna sweat it. Looking on the bright side is that its in warmer weather than last year's.
  12. haha dont get too comfortable, I'm creeping up right behind you
  13. That's amazing. I'm proud to say I'm a part of the best region in Tennessee football
  14. What are yall's thoughts? I think Smyrna rolls in this one.
  15. Speaking of blocked punts, both of the blocked punts this year for Smyrna have been by the same player. Sophomore LB/S #13 Andrew Jenkins has been incredible on special teams and has made some great tackles. He is steadily rising in the eyes of Smyrna fans and is letting Shad know that he belongs out there every friday night.
  16. do you know who I am? I don't think you do.
  17. I don't see much of a difference in the outcome of this game compared to last year's. Huh? I haven't heard of these guys before? What grade are they in?
  18. Oakland @ Coffee County- OAKLAND Glencliff @ Siegel- SIEGEL Hillwood @ Lavergne- LAVERGNE Lebanon @ Gallatin- LEBANON Riverdale @ Antioch- RIVERDALE Smyrna @ Brentwood- SMYRNA Blackman @ Lincoln County- LC Wilson Central @ Mt. Juliet- WC Maryville @ Alcoa- MARYVILLE Beech @ Hendersonville- H'VILLE Shelbyville @ Warren County- WARREN CO.
  19. The Bryson kid looked really good for that being his first game.
  20. whats the record BA has? i forgot exactly what it was. Are they undefeated in the county?
  21. Smyrna easily. Sorry Siegel
  22. well I think they showed the state championship game on channel 14 last year, maybe it'll be on there. If not, try 18 or 28.
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