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  1. They have no seniors, only one junior, start freshman and sophomores, have two expected starters out with ACL, and currently only have one girl on the team old enough to drive! Hard to do much when you are that young going against upperclassmen.
  2. All of this garbage makes me not want my children to play sports at the high school level. Good or bad, the kids play the game and NO ONE has the right to say ANYTHING about them. Suck it up, let go of your past, and let these kids play without making them feel bad about some post where you hide behind your screen name. I KNOW that you would not say these things about her to MY face so dont try to say them behind a screen name either. You know exactly who i am talking about (Sportslover88).
  3. You misspelled "Mama". It is actually "Momma". You just called her "Mam-ah" Spelling must not be big in the UC. It is surpising that even though this big girl is "No Good" according to you, UC is still only going to win by 8 from free throws? Doesnt sound like much confidence against a team with only a big kid inside. I hope they have fans with more confidence than that! Also, you must not have a daughter/sister/mother because calling a HIGH SCHOOL GIRL "Big MAMA" is just the nicest thing you can do. You sir ruin sports. I'm going to go cry into my tissue now because I am sure your reply will have something witty to say with me being a crybaby, whiner, or something like that. Quite creative on your part. Enjoy the loss.
  4. Coe = Kentucky Leonard = MTSU Davidson = UNC-Greensboro or UNC Charlotte? I grant you that UK is top notch. Mtsu is coming up but has never made too much big time noise. Other than that I cant think of anyone that went to a major D1 school in the Coach Brown years. Did I miss someone?
  5. Coaches dont hit shots or play defense. I have never seen Coach Brown score a single point or get a single rebound. The man knows how to put players in the right positions but to say someone is not a good coach based on the outcome of a particular game is wrong. If that was the case, Coach Brown would not be considered a good coach because he lost the championship game last year. Do I think the team that beat them had the better coach? Heck no! I think Coach Brown is the best in the mid-state by far but on that night, the JCHS players were off for whatever reason just like SCHS. Kids have nights where all the coaching in the world cant buy you a bucket. Coach Brown is by far the top dog around these parts but it doesnt mean that Coach Smith is not good either though.
  6. All you've done is prove my argument. If taking a good player off a mediocre team makes such a difference then taking a good player off a good team should not make such a difference. Yet, take Sissom off her team and it falls just like SC would without Hackett. Sissom just happens to have better players around her at the moment. Sissom is an EXCELLENT player. Callie just takes top honors in my opinion because of her overall game. I would start my team with Hackett!
  7. I thought MVP was most valuable player, not most valuable team winning percentage. Callie means more to her team than any other player in the district. MVP should not be based ona team accomplishment. While I agree that a good players turns teams into contenders but the facts are that Callie is the best PLAYER in the district whether she plays on the best team or not.
  8. Coe from JC is the real deal but would her numbers be as good without Hensley's presence inside to draw attentnion away from her? Could Coe put up the same numbers with constant double or triple teams that she would have if the post game of Hensley wasnt so strong? I'm not knocking Coe at all, just wondering if the two of them actually hurt each others chances in a contest liek miss basketball.
  9. I've had to watch Callie play since she was in the fourth grade. There hasn't been a harder working kid in smith county sports history in my opinion. She does it in every sport she plays and does even better in the classroom. Callie can lead any team. I expect several colleges to be calling her up by the end of her high school career.
  10. Hensley or Coe from Jackson County would be good choices.
  11. JC wins at home. Hard for the home team to lose these games. Big games = Bigcrowds = Big Advantages.
  12. SC by 8. Hackett is just too much to handle. If she gets any help at all this year SC could be something in the district again.
  13. Hey no worries! Didnt take it that way at all. LA is tough as nails. I think LA is going to win but I agree that SC is much improved.
  14. SC always plays well at Livingston. I can see it going down by a score of 48-40 LA. Callie Hackett can play some basketball!
  15. Not a fan of G-ville but Agee will get tossed out of the gym before he lets them lose by more than 30. JC has alot of talent but lost alot with the Warden girl being gone. Hard to get the ball into Hensley and Coe when you dont have alot of experience at the PG.
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