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  1. Cod

    South Greene vs Gibson County

    Good Luck Lady Rebels!
  2. Cod

    Madison - Hampton

    Congratz Madison! Faulker is a machine..... Hampton we're proud of ya!
  3. Cod

    Westview vs. Elizabethton

    My bad, was listening to the radio and it sounded like Regis, she's definitely one heck of a baller! 28 pts /excl.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":excl:" border="0" alt="excl.gif" />
  4. Cod

    Elizabethton-Westview score?

    Congratz Westview, sounded like a great game... Rechis is a machine... 28 points... misspelled her name in another post sorry about that...
  5. Cod

    Westview vs. Elizabethton

    Congratz Westview, sounded like a great game. Elizabethton, we're proud of ya!!! What a player that Regis must be....
  6. Cod

    South Greene vs Hume-Fogg

    Good Luck SG!!! Cyclone fan here but we gotta pull for our end of the State!!!
  7. Cod

    Hampton vs. Cornersville

    Congratz Dawgs!!!!
  8. Cod

    South Greene vs. Elizabethton Round #4

    Two good teams should be a really good game... Co Cyclones!
  9. Cod

    Unaka Rangers

    Unaka has several things to work out and it's going to take them a year or so. Regarding the coaches........ they have a good one up there who's working with the Freshman, but the others ones are a joke, the head coach worries way too much about what he looks like and the other one..... no one likes him or respects him.... Just my $0.02 worth
  10. Cod

    South Greene Lady Rebels

    They are tough! Another thing I've noticed about this group of girls is that they are a TEAM. While watching them warm up or in the hallways before the game they are all high-fiving each other, talking it up etc. I've only seen them play two times but it was same mentality before both games, you can see it when they come out on the floor. How far will they go, nobody knows but they'll definiltey go down fighting IF they go down.
  11. Cod

    Rechelle Dye 1,058 pts

    Congratz to both!
  12. Cod

    Hampton Bulldogs

    Congratz to Hampton and all the Dawgs!
  13. Cod

    South Greene vs. Elizabethton Round #3

    I agree with you on the Lynn Dugger comment, he is one of the best Girl coaches i've seen and watched. Not everyone can coach girls as they react to challeges in differently each time. To me it takes a better coach for girls than it does with the boys! Hopefully he'll be with the girls for the next few years, eventually he'll move into the Boys coaching position if something should change there. Hats off to him!
  14. Cod

    South Greene vs. Elizabethton Round #3

    Congratz to SG they are definitley a tough team! Elizabethton had the opportunity in their hands but just could not come through on the Free Throws... This had to be one of the worst called games i have ever seen for a championship game. The last foul on Pietrowski was a charge but called a block, the technical on the SG girl (Crump I believe ??) didn't seem called for but i'm not sure IF she said anything or just smacked the floor. It took half a game before the female Ref even blew her whistle but when she started woooo she didn't let up.... Hopefully these three will retire for the season and not be allowed to call any regional action for ANY team... I believe one of the credentials when becoming a ref is you actually played the game at some point in your life it seems to be as easy to become one as it is to bash bad refs on a internet forum / message board /roflol.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":roflol:" border="0" alt="roflol.gif" /> All in all two very good games last night! /thumb[1].gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":thumb:" border="0" alt="thumb[1].gif" />
  15. Cod

    Unaka basketball coach

    I believe Elizabethton is quite happy with Lynn Dugger.