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  1. Mark it down- Rossview will win it this year. I see them and Station Camp locking horns in a Region 5 championship. The Guru of Coaching and if they stay healthy means they will be there at the end. Not sure about the rest of the league......Northeast has athletes as does Clarksville (Coaching at Clarksville is good too) and Kenwood is no slouch either. Northwest graduated a core group of guards, West Creek graduated 5, Henry County and Springfield not sure what is left.
  2. Central Magnet looking for a playday on November 7th. I know Ravenwood has one that day. Any other playdays in the mid-state area that day?
  3. Whites Creek is terrible- saw them this summer at Belmont and they looked bad. I like everyone on the list except Whites Creek and Hunters Lane. Saw both and neither impressed. Whites Creek is AA, and Hunters Lane is very small and looked very young. They will get better as they always do but I think this is a rebuild year for them. Don't forget Clarksville-Northeast, Al Cooper does a great job there and I hear he has a guard who can shoot the lights out to go with his big man this year. Rossview may shock quite a few people this year too- that District will be really good.
  4. Anyone know if McMurry transfered to Lebanon? That could hurt if he did.
  5. Coachwo


    Clarksville has great basketball and this year should be no exception: Northeast should be really good with Alex P, CHS- great coaching and solid guard/post play, Kenwood is gonna be really good (darkhorse), Dickson- solid coaching and the 1-3-1 is tough. West Creek-? New coach and lost a D1 player, Henry Co- good coach but not sure, Northwest- new coach and lost best 2 players, Rossview- good coaching, 6'9 player, any guards? Springfield- ????
  6. Are they looking for an East Tennessee guy or are they open to someone outside the area?
  7. Why the sudden opening? This is awefully late in the year for the coach to leave. Did he get a better offer somewhere else? Who are some possible replacements for the coach?
  8. Waht is the word on the Lenoir City coach? Saw that is was posted on TSSAA.org and wondered what happened to the old coach? This is late to be getting a coach isn't it?
  9. I just saw that the Forrest High School head coaching job is posted on TSSAA? What is going on there? They had a pretty good year didn't they? Anyone have any info on this? Did the head caoch get a better job? Seems that it is a pretty good job.
  10. Wow, Macon Co beat White House again! I believe that someone told me that I was thinking about last year- cause this is this year and would not happen. Sure wish I knew something about the game of basketball. Like I said early in the season, anyone can beat anyone on a given night. Westmoreland beating White House, Sycamore beating Macon Co, Goodpasture taking White House to OT, and White House beating Sycamore at Sycamore prove that. Should be fun come tournament time.
  11. Sounds like that CPA, Whites Creek, East Lit, and Maplewood will all be fighting it out. Who do they cross with in Sub-region pairings? Is it the winner and conselation teams from 11AA and 12AA region?
  12. Lipscomb really looks like they are gonna be at the bottom of the district dont they? For all those doubters out there- I guess the system does work after all. I could be crazy but I might know a little about this topic.
  13. Coach T, The Sycamore Station Camp score is backwards, how do you change that?
  14. This is the most wonderful time of the year- it aint Christmas, but when you hear the roundball bouncing in the gym! What a sweet sound, college and high school basketball is getting ready to kick in to high gear. Want to wish everyone in District 9 and 10 a great season.
  15. I stand corrected- That is the correct way to quote Mr. Flair!
  16. What is your brother doing now? Is he at school playing? Didn't know if he got a scholrship to play anywhere. Great competitor, did it all for WH.
  17. You must be looking at some other thread's page 2 cause there is no mention of Cannon Co. on this threads page 2. I would be real careful about talking up a team that you dont play on anymore. Since you will not be in practice everyday- you have no idea what they are capable of this year. If I have read your posts correctly- you played last year? Cause that was Sycamore's 1st year in District 9. I thought WH brings back 4 of 5 starters? Are you Mr. Pointdexter? You still think WH is a top 10 team? With that list of teams in AA- I forgot to add Mannassaas in west ten. and Tyner in Chatt. WH must have got some great transfers in cause they were not with them when I saw them at Gallatin Team Camp.
  18. Name a good team that you have beat in the last 3 years? No one and the only reason you might be in a game with a good team is the lack of quality refs that want to travel to Stewart Co
  19. Don't know where you got your info on Cannon Co. but they are not even close to a top 10 team! Livingston Academy is the class of that district and will role through Cannon Co. like they always do. Was Marshall Co. at full strength? They had a couple of injured players this summer who missed camp. I don't think anyone in District 9 is even close to being compared to teams in the top 10 in AA. Think about who you are comparing them to: Boliver, Liberty Tech, Marshall Co, Spring Hill, Fulton, Sullivan East, Unicoi Co, Carter, Austin East, Brainard and Howard(Chatt.)Livingston Academy.
  20. 5-sport dad, what was that about? Seems to me he must be doing something right. He won the District and was Coach of the year in District 9. If you were just joking I might get that but didn't come across as a joke. As a fan of Coah K- true that! Duke will be fun to watch this year and next year. Coaching the USA team has helped Coach K over the last couple of years.
  21. Gentry will be back the first of January and no- the pg did not tear his acl. Saw him play in the cpa league on saturday and he looked fine to me. It is going to be a great season, no doubt. WH will be very good and with their length and 1-3-1 zone they probably are the favorite in District 9, like the saying goes "to be the man, you got to beat the man!" CPA and Maplewood are leaders of District 10, but I would say that a "darkhorse" in that district is East Literature, at least according to an assistant coaching friend who's son plays in that district.
  22. Interesting stat for those who care about stats,according to the Tennessean.com: WH beat Sycamore by 7 and by 4 last year. Pointdexter had 35 and 29 in both games. In both games, only one other WH player scored in double digits. It is gonna be hard to replace that type of player. And for the arguement about "defending champs", I quote Mr. Kobe Bryant, "As Phil likes to say, We are not the defending champs-nobody can take last years championship away from us. This is a new year and we have to be deserving of a championship this year". Defending champs is talk for announcers and is fun but it isn't real life.
  23. Correct, Player of the year, 2 all-district selections and one was honorable mention. Doesn't matter what happened last year. New year, new team- for everybody. That is why nobody is the defending champs- everybody is working to be the champ! It is a waste to argue about last years teams.
  24. The question is, can Sycamore show the consistancy throughout the year to challenge for the District and Region? Everybody knows that hard work and hustle beats talent that won't work.
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