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  1. Gville80


    I think Da Bears will dominate the district this year. Hendersonville will be good, as well as Gallatin. The Bucs are going to have a rough year.
  2. Hate to see that, Coach. You did a great job there and kept the Wave competitive. Best of luck to you wherever you land.
  3. I see da Bears smoking this district this year with Commandos in 2nd, Gallatin 3rd & Beech 4th. Hansen's all Beech has on the mound this year and he can't throw them all. The other 3 are returning some strong players with depth. Prove me wrong, Bucs (like the football team did).
  4. Went to the state championships this past weekend at Tech and thoroughly enjoyed watching Columbia's band play - not only did they play for their crowd, but also for the vistor side. The band from Mitchell High School was extremely enjoyable to watch and listen the previous weekend as well. I was actually embarrassed to see Beech High School's band stand and play in one spot and couldn't even hear them in the stands. For a team that wins the state football championship - that's all they got?? Couldn't they have done something special for the event? My next question - How may kids get scholarships playing in concert bands v. marching bands?
  5. Congratulations to the Buccaneers!!! That was a great game watching from the stands. Seeing it live was better than viewing on TV. Great season, Columbia! Trying to figure out what it is about that team is simple - heart, chemistry, talent and never giving up, no matter what the naysayers think. I hope that Beech finally gets the recognition it deserves regarding their athletic programs and not just being named a "softball" school. Now, it puts more pressure on the basketball and baseball teams to follow suit............ The "naked boys" looked like they were frozen......
  6. Way to go, Bucs! Sumner County's bringing home a state championship this weekend! For a team that no one thought would have anything but a "rebuilding" season, they sure have proven everyone wrong. Get ready, Columbia - the Shackle Island Boys are coming for you...............
  7. Indeed, the one and only - and not to forget Emmitt Smith's mentor................ Of course, obviously, talent plays a major part, but some of these kids develop later than others. To be able to have 6 years developing a player instead of 4 pays huge dividends. Again, take a look at Gallatin and White House over the years. Everyone's on the same page.
  8. It has been a disappointment to see the stands half full at Beech and Hendersonville. I hope it's not a new trend here. There was a time not too long ago where, in a 5-year period, Beech had 3 different HCs. Hopefully, Mr. Crabs gets to stay put for awhile. Beech's program started being successful because the feeder school with "The Legend of Long Hollow" finally has gotten with the program to develop their middle school players so they have some sort of clue of what high school football is about. White House and Gallatin have had killer programs where their feeder schools are all on the same page. Williamson County has a coach feeder program with the Titans residing there. Great coaches developing players to the best of their ability is nothing but a formula for success in a program.
  9. As Rod Stewart sang, "Tonight's the night", the Bucs have certainly come a long way, particularly since this was supposed to be a rebuilding year. It's their time now - Sing with me - "It's gonna be all right............." - just forget the basis of what this song is about..........
  10. Surprisingly, I don't think the Bucs have peaked yet. NE is tough, but I think the Bucs live to play another day.
  11. All right guys, let's place nice in the sandbox. It's one game at a time and it's about tonight and moving on after. We're not playing futuristic football just yet.
  12. Great time of year for high school football! Okay, Wave, ya'll gotta go take care of business for us back here in Sumner County! Good luck!
  13. Gallatin comes out with a vengeance - whether it's against NW or anyone else on this night. There's a lot more to what they're playing for than just a game. Prayers continuing for the Lassister family.
  14. H'ville will get the job done, whether it's 3 points or 30, it's still a W for them.
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