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  1. Not sure the exact score but Sunbright was on top by 3 or 4. It was ugly and terribly called from what I hear. Shoemaker was ejected early in the 2nd quarter leaving Hamby taking over. They finished the game with 3 players fouling out no subs on the bench and 3 players left on the floor with 4 fouls. Branstetter went down with an ankle injury during the 4th but luckily was able to return or they would have had to finish the game with 4 players. Shoemakers suspension could be a factor tonight.
  2. As for the tigers being at the same level as Coalfield or Oneida I wasn't stating that they were I was simply saying that they are improving and gave both teams a game. Rumor is Coalfield was in foul trouble but so was Sunbright with less of a bench. As for Oneida they didn't play no were near their best but it also wasn't there worst. The Lady Tigers front pressure defense seemed to give the Oneida ballhandlers some trouble. The Lady Tigers are to face off with Oakdale on Friday night one of the lower seated teams in the district. How do you think that is going to play out? How do those of you who have seen both teams play think they will match up?
  3. The Lady Tigers are suddenly improving. They have given 2 of the top teams in the district quite a scare lately. First with Coalfield, then with Oneida after be down by as much as 20 cutting the lead to 3 with minutes to go. It is my understanding that this is quite a young team and they don't have a very deep bench this season with something like 7-8 players. What's your thoughts on this team?
  4. There has been alot of talk about Oneida, Coalfield, Oliver Springs but what about the other teams in that district? Sunbright, Wartburg, and Oakdale....How are they doing this season?
  5. Scott High and Oneida hasn't played each other for over 15 years or more....I really don't know why but I don't anticipate that to change either.
  6. What is the coaching situation at SHS for next year? Are they going to give Kries another year or not?
  7. Who does this match Oneida up against in the State???
  8. Look at the number of Student Athletes that are excelling on the courts or fields that are also the top of their respective classes. Please name some of your top student athletes that are scholars as well.
  9. I have to agree with you. It is good to see SHS winning some games. Making it to the region was a great job boys. We expect even better next year. GO HIGHLANDERS!!!!
  10. There are stages in basketball and the shot clock is one of the stages from H.S. to College. I don't necessarily agree with holding the ball, but if a team choses to do it the other team just has to step up the defense. Don't whine because the other team isn't taking shots.
  11. I know that Coalfield have won the last games but I do believe that the Lady Indians will take them down this time. I'll take the Lady Indians but 3.
  12. Is there any news on the girls bracket??? Who is playing in the championship?
  13. I'm not by any means saying that he hasn't done a great job. I think he has and in time I do believe that he could turn it around...I don't what anyone to get the idea that I am in favor of him leaving but I have heard by some reliable sources that it is a good possibility and there will be a middle school coach possibly moving up...For the program's sake I hope not...They will never be able to rebuild if they keep getting new coaches every year...But, I don't make those decisions...I hope Mr. Davis is smarter than that...If he wants the program to turn around he has to leave him for a few years at least... But, I wish SHS the best of luck in the tournament. That's a great bunch of girls and are capable of upsetting some teams if they set their minds to it. Let's go girls....No better time than tournament time to start really playing some ball. There are alot of people that believe in you...and I think you gained some respect or at least recognition last night against OS. Keep it up!!!
  14. Well stated No team is just made up of 2 players...its always the team every component. Everyone has a role to play.
  15. What are the expectations for the tourney for OHS?
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