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  1. Adamsville High School is accepting resumes for the position of Head Boys Coach for the school year 2011-12. The desired applicant would need to have a Technology and Industry endorsement or certified in Science or Math. Interested parties can send their resumes via e-mail to Principal Greg Martin at [email protected] Resumes will be taken through March 16th.
  2. Adamsville High School is accepting resumes for the position of Head Boys Coach for the school year 2011-12. The desired applicant would need to have a Technology and Industry endorsement or certified in Science or Math. Interested parties can send their resumes via e-mail to Principal Greg Martin at [email protected] Resumes will be taken through March 16th.
  3. Middleton and Adamsville advance to the Championship game, while Madison and Scotts Hill play for 3rd and 4th
  4. Yes you're right. A few of the starters didn't play until late in the second quarter against Riverside. I heard it was because they showed up late for practice, but I could be wrong. At Adamsville it was just a dog fight throughout the whole game. At least 10 lead changes and a highlight reel finish. I'm excited for the tournament, it should be a good one.
  5. In my opinion: 1st- Adamsville 2nd- Middleton 3rd- Riverside 4th- TCA I feel Adamsville has something to prove to Middleton after their last loss. Riverside is starting to play better ball and I think they could slip into the 3rd spot for Region.
  6. Please dont waste my time talking trash. I just want to examine the horrible display of refing that was held at this game. I truly believe in home court advantage, but this was the worst display of officiating I have ever witnessed in my life. Im not the type to make excuses, but this was pathetic. If you were at the game feel free to throw in your imput!
  7. They have potential..good size and play well together. They just dont seem to be physical enough and fall apart when something goes wrong. Adamsville is a good team when they play together and Chester County is having a great season.
  8. All of this is rediculous. I can agree with some of the post from SH, but I can also disagree with a lot. You might have a good school, but acting poorly at school sponsered events overshadow everything good your school has done. Yes, you may be back to back district champs..take a seat along with Adamsville who has been back to back and even Middleton who has been back to back. There is no need for "you suck" chants or dumping water on the court. You won the district championship, do you see NBA teams dumping water on the coach when they win the NBA Championship? No...play hard and act civil. Congratulate the other team for making it this far dont tell them they arent as good as you because any othere day they just might be.
  9. Im not sure if they have played much competition, but to have a new head coach, being undefeated so far sounds pretty good. Any predictions?
  10. I'm one of those parents and show me where I have put anyone down on here that is playing Friday. I have said both teams will play hard and may the best team win. I have NOT put down anyone in or around Adamsville. They have put together a great year and deserve to be where they are. Past games don't mean a thing and I personally could care less what we or you have done to teams that we have each played. These are teenagers we are cheering for and I would not degrade anyone of them from either side. These kids from both sides work hard to do what they love and deserve the respect I will be glad to give them. Sounds to me that you are disrepecting our kids with your comments. Your saying no one from McKenzie puts an effort into the game they love as well. We may win or we may lose, but I promise you this our kids will give A-ville all they want and more.[/quote/] None of those words were even mentioned in my post because im not putting down any player at Mckenzie...Im just stateing the fact that Carroll will be prepared like he always is and he will be getting the D ready too. And the first series when Mckenzie's offense gets shut down everyone will know that Adamsville is foreal....But dont think im trying to put down anyone a Mckenzie because im not.
  11. I love getting on here and looking at all the trash that Mckenzie PARENTS talk.....Let the kids do the talking on the field. You have no buisness to be putting down another program that is on the rise. If you knew Adamsville has been playing bigger teams for the past 10 years, Mckenzie has been in 1A for as long as I can remember. You talk how yall beat TCA worse than Adamsville...you also gave up more points than Adamsville did too. Adamsvilles defense will be ready because of the coaching staff and a kid named Josh Carroll. I can gurantee nobody in your program cares more about the game of football than this kid...I wish I could see this game and I wish I could see your faces when the horn goes off and Adamsville takes the win, but until then keep feeding yourselves the bull that Adamsville doesnt have a chance!!!
  12. Oh yea, I got my info from unapproved website and I didnt see anyone from HC on there, sorry and I wasnt saying yall dont have top players, but you know good and well that none of them are a Milligan, Ghilchrist, or a Schutt. And we also have a player....his name is AJ Damron and he too returns kickoffs and punts.....for touchdowns lol
  13. He doesnt have height, but he has heart! Ask Darren Sproiles from the Chargers, The guy is 5'7 and is killing in the pros. But Aville s ready Ive heard some big things and they are fired up, they have more of a rivalry in football like we had a rivalry in basketball. Except none of them talk crap lol
  14. All this talk cracks me up! Clent is this all you have to do? 1. Aville is a 1A school that plays in a 2A playoff system who has played good non district teams 2. HC is a 5A school who is looking to keep a rivalry up with a rejuvinated now 1A team 3. Last time I checked Josh Carroll is the best linebacker in the state and ranked 15th in the nation! He also carries the ball this year, I have seen him and he RUNS people OVER 4. HC isnt the same HC team from the past..... nowhere as good! Lets name a few people from the past few years. Adam Milligan, Will Ghilcrhist, Sam Shutt thats three players who are playing D1 ball, besides Milligan who will soon be playing in the MLB.....my bad(sarcasm) I look forward to a hard fought game. Though I have only seen Adamsville play a couple of games this year I cant pick a winner....To bad I wont get to see it....Fill me in on the winner and Good Luck to both teams!!! Go Cardinals!!!
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