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  1. JBoskenUSAW


    Junior Dual Camp starts the 13th? I believe. So the team will be busy from the 13th-23rd. That leaves about 10 days before and after. I guess you pick a time that best for your athlete, 4 days before or 4 day after. Im sure you just got back from Akron and need a schedule yours breaks . Its either compete all summer or get some high level training in. Different kids need different training. I am just presenting an amazing opportunity that TN kids don't normally get to the public. We will be there. Hope we get to train with a lot of the kids going to Fargo.
  2. JBoskenUSAW


    Dan Dennis will be available those days for anyone wanting to prepare. I am positive he will be happy with whatever turnout he gets.
  3. JBoskenUSAW


    Capstone Fargo Training Camp JUNE 25TH-28TH @ UTC If you plan on attending Fargo, and want to be well prepared, I highly suggest you make this camp. Camp MAIN instructor is Olympian Daniel Dennis. I promise you this guy will assure every athlete will be ready to go. Your athlete will get 4 days with not only Dennis but coaches who are passionate and knowledgeable. Don't miss out. Cost Commute-$300 On campus-$350 REGISTER AT www.capstonewrestling.com QUESTIONS Message me at [email protected]
  4. JBoskenUSAW


    Shaking up to be a great day of training. If your going to SE Regionals, take advantage of this opportinity. Kids from all over will begin the room.
  5. JBoskenUSAW


    Sunday May 20th 2-6 pm Jones Wrestling Center Open to anyone going to SE Regionals FREE 130 pm Arrive 2-430- TECHNIQUE 430-5 BREAK 5-6 LIVE Instructed by myself and Shane Turner( TN best kept secret. Coached many Fargo AA) Message me if interested [email protected]
  6. JBoskenUSAW

    Mock Grand Championship Results

    8-1 lol.....I know you too well
  7. JBoskenUSAW

    Mock Grand Championship Results

    Scott REALLY?? He was up 2-0, and when Dillon used the leg defense your coach taught him to pin sells. Stop it
  8. JBoskenUSAW

    Bosken Trained Wrestling Camps

    Bosken Trained Wrestling Camp- INFORMATION Bosken Trained Wrestling Camps BT camps are designed to effectivley instill the skills needed to excel in the sport of wrestling. With a combination of proper positioning and a focus on perfect technique, we will drill until it becomes natural. We take pride in EVERY athlete learning the skills taught. CAMP DATES June 3rd-7th– Intermediate Camp– Basic Drilling in all 3 positions. Best for young wrestlers or anyone just starting out. All Ages. Cost is $150.00. Check in the 3rd at 5 pm and Check out the 7th at Noon. LIMITED to 50 wrestlers June 17th-21st– Advanced Camp– Basic Drilling with higher level technique included, in all 3 positions. Handfighting to attacks, chain wrestling, and effective turns on top will be focused on. Must come ready to drill for long periods. Camp will be much more difficult. Cost is $275.00. Check in the 17th at 5 pm and Check out the 21st at Noon. LIMITED to 50 wrestlers. Both camps will be held in the Jones Wrestling Center, located next to Cleveland High School. The wrestlers will stay on air mattresses on the wrestling mats and will be fed ALL MEALS. Please bring proper toiletries, blanket, pillow and sheet for air mattress. Periodically through the camp I will take the kids to the store to get anything they need, send money accordingly. Depending on weather we may go swimming or hiking one day, pack clothes for this. Payments can be given at the first day of camp. To reserve a spot at either camp, please email [email protected]
  9. JBoskenUSAW

    Youth Wrestling Camp- This weekend

    HCWC Weekend Mini Camp Cleveland High School This Saturday, February 10th, we will be hosting a mini camp. Anyone looking for some training, this will be a great opportinity to get some quality mat time in before state. Camp is strictly designed to give our kids individual attention to better prepare them for the last month of our season. Alot of drilling, and ALOT of live goes. Cost is $20 CAMP Schedule: 9-11- session 1 11-12 Lunch (Pack own lunch) 1230-2- session 2 [email protected]
  10. Tomorrow night at 7 pm ET www.clevelandwrestlingtv.com State Dual Talk/Picks
  11. JBoskenUSAW

    Cleveland at Bradley

  12. JBoskenUSAW

    TN WRESTLING TALK - Tomorrow

    1 hour and 45 min until we are live.
  13. JBoskenUSAW

    TN WRESTLING TALK - Tomorrow

    Join us tomorrow at 7 pm ET for our first episode of 2018. Www.Clevelandwrestlingtv.com
  14. JBoskenUSAW

    #1 Cleveland vs #7 Soddy Daisy

    WATCH LIVE TONIGHT at 7 pm ET www.clevelandwrestlingtv.com or Follow our FACEBOOK page to watch live (clevelandwrestlingtv)
  15. JBoskenUSAW

    #1 Cleveland vs #7 Soddy Daisy

    Featured match ups #2 Trae Mcdaniel vs #3 Jacob Allen #2 Cody Matthews vs #1(152 lbs) Tony Wilson