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  1. It would appear that Desselle has been added as an ALT seed at 138
  2. We don't have many seeded but here is what we do have for this weekend. Who has the best shot at getting on the podium? Who didnt get a seed that should have? Lets get this thread going! 106- None 113- 4. Cooper Hilton 120- None 126- None 132- None 138- Alt. Logan Paradice 145- None 152- 16. Max Norman 160- None 170- None 182- None 195- None 220- 11. Noah Todd 285- None
  3. While we're here talking rankings...can someone explain to me why Paradice is ranked 16 and got a seed for super 32 but Desselle has beaten him three times in the last two months and isnt ranked nor getting a seed?
  4. I didnt say Cleveland benefits more than Baylor. Nor did i say that their recruiting is on par with Baylor... I said they recruit. Like Baylor.
  5. Justify it however you'd like to if it makes you sleep easier at night. It's still recruiting.
  6. But, again, to say they're "made in cleveland" is wrong. They moved to Cleveland.
  7. That isnt what you said. You said they were "made in cleveland". Which is wrong.
  8. Sanders is from SH, Symborski is from MidTN, Fowler's were at Blackman for years, Maddox is from GA and i think their 170 transferred in this year too.. but yeah, Cleveland made.
  9. How is Cooper even ranked if he's not wrestling for a school this year? What is he going to do all season?
  10. Yes, we know. It was never even hinted at. Matter of fact they even used Brady's first name.
  11. Roark ended up 0-7. Tough weekend.
  12. If he does well at Super 32 I’d imagine he he gets on there.
  13. LOL nobody is picking on the kid. Not one time did ANYBODY bash him or saying anything sideways about him. Come on now, at least attempt to be smarter than that. Our issues are with the Baylor program and coaching staff.
  14. Does it? Because it sounds to me like he transferred. Then his coach went with him and they DIDN'T get it cleared with TSSAA. It sounds like he went and was hoping it would all not come up.
  15. Same except I’ve got Desselle over Paradice.
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