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  1. Are you talking about Cleveland? Or did I just disprove that entire statement?
  2. They’re all at the state tournament today.
  3. It’s small school. Who cares?
  4. That's literally the definition of an upset. A lower ranked wrestler beats a higher ranked wrestler. By definition its an upset. Add in the fact that Calvin is a 2x runner up and Bradford hasn't medaled at all makes it even more so. Doesn't mater if you "knew" he was leaps and bounds better.
  5. not an upset to you, but the # 3 pinning the #2 and two time state runner up, is absolutely and upset result.
  6. Justin Bradford of Blackman pins Chris Calvin of McGavock
  7. Click information at the top tab then Event Schedule
  8. Morrisette gives up a 5-2 lead by stalling and loses in overtime to Pietarila 7-5
  9. I’d give that nod to Skylar Coffey
  10. oh wow, I didn't know you were THE coach T
  11. No the growth of TN wrestling as of late is directly related to the growth in youth programs. Start young and grow with the program and the high school program grows. It has zero to do with adding a small school division.
  12. Tell that to the multitude of coaches who don't.
  13. Having more divisions doesn't ensure the strongest go, in any capacity. Its more like its giving out participation ribbons. Look at small school division here. Besides a very small select handful in the last x amount of years that it was implemented (2012 I think?). The other medalists are weak. Its not making the state stronger its making it weaker. if you want a stronger tournament and if you want stronger state champs cut the divisions completely. Don't add to them.
  14. There's 7 divisions in Georgia. You'll never ever ever be able to convince me its more difficult to medal in that state than in Tennessee. I've seen kids go to tournaments in Alabama and beat state champs and medalists bad then come back here and not even hit the podium. More divisions DOES NOT mean stronger wreslting.
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