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  1. Not even trying to defend it. Sad.
  2. So you started a post to ask about other youth programs so when people gave an answer about other top youth programs you could come in and post how clevelands program is better? this is a new level of sad, even for you.
  3. Then by this definition every team in the state is a national team.
  4. Josh is an incredible youth coach. Best in the state. And there really isnt a close second. But I've said it before and i'll say it again, if he left they wouldn't have any problem filling that position. If you think he's the only coach in the entire country capable of connecting with kids you're kidding yourselves.
  5. i said i would if he correctly outs my identity, which he apparently already knows.
  6. Just playing into his troll job. Trying to get a rise out of him. Apparently its working too bc he keeps responding to the wrong person.
  7. He's got such beef with me i offered to settle it on a mat, like we as wrestlers do. Not only will he not accept he will only respond with a hashtag pretending he knows who i am. Waiting on you to accept big boy. You wanna back up all your tough boy talk?
  8. you, "i have proof that the call was wrong" us, "cool, let us see it" you, "no" i bet you think the 2020 presidential election was stolen too lol
  9. the overwhelming majority of us on this site are on team good call.
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