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  1. If this is you trying to rationalize him refusing to pay people for hosting tournaments for years and short checking refs then you're a joke. Again, stop sticking up for the guy.
  2. someone gave the very very specific example of the incident at junior duals. it may not have been on this thread but it was mentioned on coachT not long ago. Him holding money and refusing to pay tournament hosts and referees is another specific example. I think YOU"RE the one confused on the difference in the two words. How can you even begin to defend him? You keep saying that we're wrong in what we're saying but aren't actually saying anything about him. What are your experiences with him that make him so great and suited to hold the position he holds? Please explain to me how you think Ben Bowers is a better person to hold that chair position than Al Miller. Don't answer any questions until you answer that last one. I will wait.
  3. yeah its not like he was run out of Cleveland or anything. I've never ever heard of him having issues with parents or wrestlers, especially last year at the junior duals. Not to mention nobody has ever had a bad thing to say about him. but by all means, just because YOU like the guy he should absolutely stay in his position.
  4. Which is exactly what I would expect Bowers to say. Nice try, Bowers.
  5. Or the far more plausible situation....Bower's created multiple accounts.
  6. Capitalizing random words in you post doesn't make you sound and smarter.
  7. lighten up bowers. this is exactly what we want. someone else to run for office.
  8. Is it really a public position if he makes everybody sign papers ensuring if they speak about what goes on in the meetings they'll be dismissed from the board? He's trying so hard to keep his secrets.
  9. I mean its not like the coaches weren't already known. Its pretty well accepted who they will be, for both styles. We have extremely established coaches in this state with extremely well established set of credentials. These guys would be coaching no matter who was in charge of the TWF.
  10. This specific example is a reflection of the coaching staff, not Bowers. There are issues within the board that need addressing. Funds, ref pay, coaches pay, etc that are a direct reflection of the chair of the board. The fish rots from the head, so to speak.
  11. Please tell me one person, any single person in the entire state of Tennessee that thinks that Ben Bowers is a better choice for the chair of the board than Al Miller. Please, just one. Ill wait.
  12. Well, Ben Bowers, because the person we are all complaining about IS the problem here. He is the one who decided the price for Fargo. He is the one that nobody trusts with money. He is the one putting kids and parents in awful situations. HE/YOU are the problem. Also, how is nobody discussing he made everybody sign Non Disclosure Agreements for KIDS WRESTLING. If that isn't a huge, massive, nuclear red flag then I don't know what is.
  13. Stop making new accounts to defend yourself bowers. We all know its you.
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