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  1. What happened to Knox Fuller at Army?
  2. Ummmno

    Super 32

    Why would you ever tell an athlete to go to a tournament and expect to lose? How is that productive to the athlete? You're smarter than this.
  3. Ummmno

    Super 32

    Wait, wait, wait...did you just...did you just tell someone to go to a tournament and expect to do poorly? The heck is wrong with you?
  4. That's a bold statement. They may be loaded but there isn't a team from TN in the last decade that cracks the top 10 in the country list.
  5. that was written three years ago sommers. what are you even talking about
  6. take your political agenda to facebook. nobody cares about it here.
  7. so because no other state does it we cant? we've seen what one person pushing his own agenda has done to our state. why not give the power to the board as a whole instead of one specific person?
  8. what about no leader? what if everything was set to a vote and there would be nobody to veto the votes and implement their own rules if they want?
  9. about dang time. al miller is the best person for this job
  10. 2013 - Jr Fs -3-5 Jr Gr - DNC 2014 - Jr Fs - results not listed on flo Jr Gr- results not listed on flo 2015- Jr Fs - 3-5 Jr Gr- 3-5 2016 - not listed 2017 - Jr Fs- 2-6 Jr Gr - not listed 2018 - Jr Fs- 3-5 (Tn1) 0-7 (Tn2) Jr Gr - 4-4 (Tn1) 1-7 (Tn2) 2019 - Jr Fs - 3-5 Jr Gr- 4-4 If you're not moving forward you're moving backwards. Please explain again to me how we're progressing and moving forward competitively as a state? bUt WE hAVe FuLl rOSTerS nOW Shut up. We've had full rosters the entire time going back to 2013 since I could find results online. BuT wE hAVe MoRE eVEnTS EaCH yeAR NoW from 3 events to 4. woooooowwwww.
  11. More than you know. However, I choose to stay anonymous. I don't have to get on here and tout my credentials. I know what I've done. The simple fact is so long as Bowers is in charge we're going to go backwards. As evidenced by our dismal performance at Jr Duals. We've been saying this for a while now and you come to his aid everytime. You're the only one. Nobody likes Bowers.
  12. Suggesting that we are capable of better than 3-5 (apparently should've been 2-6) and saying that if the coaching staff was subpar then we need a new director IS making a suggestion to better build TN wrestling. Saying Bowers needs to go is not breaking it down. Its stating something a majority in this state already know and would be a step forward for our state. As opposed to an obvious step backwards.
  13. I'd hardly say that 3-5 (and if Indiana had 4 forfeits then we really would've been 2-6) is worth putting the word success anywhere near this post. Who coached the teams this year? Was it Jeremy Welder for freestyle and Pete Miller for Greco? They're the best two coaches in the state in those disciplines and if they're not the coaches anymore then it's just another thing Bowers has screwed up. Last year we had a fantastic showing at Jr duals. Finishing top ten in Greco. What happened?
  14. who were the coaches of the teams this year?
  15. If this is you trying to rationalize him refusing to pay people for hosting tournaments for years and short checking refs then you're a joke. Again, stop sticking up for the guy.
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