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  1. You're assuming he quit because he lost. In the end you, nor I, know what happened or why he mfft. Unless you've talked to Tom or Terry and have information we're not privy to.
  2. Another year, another disappointing NCAA tourney. Rocky Jordan, as the 10 seed, was an impressive letdown. Brayden battled, but in the end did what happens every year to every Moc wrestler. shame.
  3. So a 100% healthy Landon Desselle, you think he only dec Hunley?
  4. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/7996019-140-lbs-cons-round-7-landon-desselle-spartan-wrestling-club-vs-luke-belcher-unaffiliated
  5. Landon Desselle on one leg wins AA 132, 138, or 145. To think he doesn't pin the 138 in A is absolutely insane. Come on now, lets be real....
  6. Not low on the Uhorchucks, Jakobs is just a different animal at 113 and Lipsey beat Caleb this year already at 132. The closest of the three i'd think would be at 26. And even on that one I'm leaning towards Jarvis. Again, nothing against the brothers.
  7. I think Small school only wins 120, 145, 152, and heavyweight. Big school picks up bonus points at 106,113,138,160,182 and possibly 195 as well.
  8. Ok sure, except there aren't any girls wrestling in the state who were once a boy...you're entire argument as to why this is happening is because there is a girl named Ty. And that's why i need you to understand just how stupid you sound.
  9. I know sometimes tone gets lost in text so I hope you understand how serious I am when I say this.... you are the single dumbest person on this message board.
  10. be careful with misgendering. you might upset @notyourmomsmom
  11. They thought by adding Frank Rader it would make it more official. It was greco, it doesnt hold weight to the folksyle discussion .
  12. Imagine being so absolutely stupid you're offended by the name of a girl.
  13. I’m sure he didn’t get worked up like that when they didn’t give Justice the takedown (that was a closer call imo) in the 195 semi.
  14. That doesn’t sound like taking up for his wrestler. It sounds like crying at a call he didn’t like. I watched it. It was absolutely the correct call.
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