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  1. It does. Imagine going to do all that and being super successful... ...then losing to a team across the city in a different division. Some people care about those instate rankings significantly more than others.
  2. So if one team wants it to happen...and the other team ignores the requests of the first team... what would we call that? Bc, to me, i call that dodging.
  3. Regardless of why we think Cleveland is the best in the state they are. I'd be inclined to say Baylor may be this year but the rumor I heard is they're intentionally dodging Cleveland. I'm sure its because they know they probably wouldn't win and like to keep the illusion alive that they're still the number 1 team in the state.
  4. Nobody is doubting the work ethic of the kids. Nor are they doubting he work it took to get where they are, The issue has, and will apparently always be, the Cleveland coaching staff (and fans on this board) refuse to acknowledge the money and above average facilities exist. They refuse to admit they have resources, and access to resources, that almost no other programs do. They say they got where they are SOLELY because they outwork everybody. THAT is the issue.
  5. I dont disagree with you. We can go on all day about it but its going to end the same. It always does. Here's how it plays out We all talk about how Cleveland gets transfers in every year that make an immediate impact on their team (I think they got two more in this year) and how they have more money and resources than the rest of the state. Someone from Cleveland then comes on and disputes it and says that having more money and resources doesnt make them a better program. That they're better because they "outwork everybody". We all then laugh at them. That said, Im agreeing with you when it comes to dual championships. Personally, i think, as a whole, small school titles aren't as valuable as big school titles. But again, thats my personal opinion.
  6. Could have, but didn't. Even with the kids that transferred out they wouldn't have had a real shot. Nobody does.
  7. a shot at finishing 3rd or 4th. not a shot at winning it.
  8. Disagree with Cleveland. They may win, not saying they won’t, but if there was a year a different team upsets them it’s this year. They aren’t going to walk away with it.
  9. Halls number 2 and Summit at 3 is a bold decision.
  10. Dude, come on. Give the kid his platform. It clearly says he's going to make the announcement tonight.
  11. Hopefully its Chattanooga. If they don't start landing recruits, especially in state recruits, I don't know how that program will ever survive. We have a good number of AA's in the state currently. This is the right time to start signing our own kids.
  12. Ummmno


    I dump on Cleveland when kids transfer in to them. But mainly becuase we always get the same "we work harder than everybody else" line instead of just admitting they lucked out in some good transfers. But its a low hanging fruit. I GUARANTEE you if they would just say "yep had a couple good transfers in and that helped us out this year" people would stop hating on them so much.
  13. Ummmno


    I'm with you here. Let the kids move and wrestle where they want to. People on here cry about that way too much.
  14. Personally I think Flo is missing a few of our kids who should be ranked but here are our TN kids that are ranked on FloWrestling 113- 15. Jojo Uhorchuck - Signal Mtn 132- 3. Cooper Hilton - Boom Ranch 145- 7. Logan Paradice - Baylor 160- 16. Max Norman - Baylor 17. Logan Fowler - Cleveland So who did Flo miss?
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