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  1. @iknowbetter your mom is terrible.
  2. Dragon crew or die. Cliton is going all the way.
  3. Look for CAK and Pigeon Forge from east Tennessee
  4. Holy Macoroni! Clinton again yall can you believe it. They are playing extremly well under a first year coach and they may make a push for this championship. Beat AC! Whoo
  5. oh my lawd would you look at that. Another Clinton postseason victory. Go Dragons! They are starting to remind me of the USA hockey team from the movie miracle. Holy Moses this is awesome.
  6. The young cat Tommy Wheiler aka RG3 from Hardin Valley academy.
  7. Haha Ainge was great. And I really don't know or care who is gonna win but it's gonna be rowdy. I'm expecting 10,000 fans and a dad Jim good game. Thank you very much @sweetscience haha.
  8. Also the KPD needs to make sure they have hundreds of officers there Thursday night to help pevent "Criminal trespassing (hahaha) because i'm hearing rumors that the studnts of HVA are going to storm the field if they win. WE NEED PEACE.
  9. I said a down year because of how well they did last year. It's a down year when you lose a TB by the name of Mobley. HVA has a what i would call an Eric Ainge type QB. Watch for a surprise. Though still Oak Ridge is #1 in this district.
  10. Clinton has a very good team! Stop doggin them PERIOD!
  11. I'm thinking a W for the hawks. They have a young stud at Quarterback and #32 at running back has some stunning speed... for a white guy. Powell is young this year and having a down year (which really isn't down) and you have young Brock Oswiler back there at QB (refer to past tweets under basebal forum). The Hawks win 23-19.
  12. Well holy flipping crap. I didn't see this one coming. Well darn, I guess I need to transfer my son before all heck breaks loose over there. Smh. Of course this is all IMO. Btw there were better options within own coaching staff but... Go Bobcats get MGK!
  13. I don't know if any of you guys have got a glimpse of the future Cu Young winner, Tommy Weyler. First off he should have been pitcher of the year in his district but I mean he is like a wild puma out there on the mound. He comes after batters and runs the game with authority like Oboma. One of the parents from Karns said, "Tommy looks a lot like he is in middle school but he is truly amazing and he really does deserve to be all state. Should have come to Karns!"
  14. Ya I had offers from ESPN and Sports Illustrated to be a sports writer and analyst but when my girl friend got pregnant I had to settle here in east Tennessee working for the News Sentinel. I'm graduated Memphis in 1994 cum laude
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